Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gg is for go on a mission trip (part two)

I told you yesterday, about how hard it was for me to set aside my fear and say yes to a mission trip to Moldova. What an incredible trip I ended up having, as God met me every step of the way. I loved Moldova and the amazing opportunities to serve. I did three things:

1.  We put on a two day pastor's conference. While our senior pastor and my husband taught the pastor's, our senior pastor's wife and I taught the women. It was my first time to speak through a translator and I really loved it. These dear ladies had all travelled in from their villages where they serve. On the second afternoon, we did a craft together and taught them how to make chocolate chip cookies, which they devoured. Our church women, made amazing gift bags for each pastor's wife. Here are a few of the lovely ladies.

2.  My friend, Cathie, had been to Moldova before and had a passion to do something for the hard working village women. They work from early morning to dusk out in the hot fields, to provide food for their families, even women in their 80's.

We put on evangelistic tea parties for the village women. Each tea was so fun and amazing. Our team women each shared stories of God's faithfulness to us and I had the joy of sharing the Gospel. We had a small gift for each woman.

I have a sweet memory of an older woman closing her eyes and savoring a pastry we had brought from the big capital city. For each one she ate, she put one in her pocket, to savor the next day. Here are a few of the beautiful village women.

3. I also enjoyed the fun children in the villages. A little of the "first grade teacher Glenda" came out, as we put on Bible classes. Our church had meticulously saved every left over craft activity for years, and these kids loved every one of them. Again, we shared the Gospel through translators and showed the children's version of The Jesus Film, in Russian.

Dave and I have a favorite memory of watching 6 young boys on their haunches as they watched the movie. They were glued to the screen and barely moved a muscle. Their eyes got huge when Jesus healed the blind man. Those same eyes filled with tears, when Jesus was crucified.

I believe God used the pastor's conference, the teas and the Bible times with children, but I can't say exactly what God did. One thing I know for sure though, God certainly honored my obedience and every day He gave me strength, courage and creative ideas. I am so glad I went! Thanks to the wonderful Belev family for hosting our team.


  1. Thanks, Arlene. I love the pictures of painting those darling faces. As I was painting I would pray for each child. (They didn't understand English, so they didn't know it, but God did.)

  2. Thank you Glenda! This brought wonderful memories. It was so great to minister with you and the whole team. I always think of that trip with the most fondest memories.


  3. You were a wonder on the trip, Ludmila. Helping us everyday, while you were pregnant and had a very sore foot. At the same time you were spending hours helping your folks prepare to sale their home, all the while doing your job (on the computer.) I also have the fondest memories of being ministry partners with you. Oh, and your mom's cherry cordial . . .

  4. I would love to someday go on a mission trip if it would be His will. I loved your retelling of your trip. I also like how the women wear there a reason for this?
    I am thinking that just being you said..and experiencing life in others shoes opens the door in so many ways for us and them. Who knows what God can do with that:)


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