Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hospitality is easy . . . when you live on a lake

Yesterday, my dad and his lovely wife Dorothy began their vacation by spending the night at our home. They are coming back again to enjoy July 4th at the lake.

(Ok, sidenote here ~ dad is 80 and Dorothy is 83. Together they weigh about 3 pounds. And look at that head of dark hair. Dorothy does not color it, yup, that is her natural hair color. If they had taken off their jackets, you would see their 2010 Bloomsday shirts, which they did under 2 hours. Oh, and they have been married for three years and have been on trips to Viet Nam, Nepal and Mexico, training pastors. And three times a week they do jail ministry in Spokane. Didn't mean to get this sidetracked here . . . but aren't they amazing.)

So here is how you entertain when you live on beautiful Lake Washington:

1. make a yummy summer salad

2. sit on the deck eating, talking and enjoying the view for hours

3. go for a long walk to Coulon Park (which is where this picture was taken)

4. make a peach crisp (earlier in the day)

5. sit back on the porch  for dessert and watch the most amazing sky for over an hour.

6. go to bed

We had a delightful evening together. As we were falling asleep last night, my husband said to me, "Well, the lake  beautifully provided tonight's entertainment."

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


"Summertime and the living is easy . . ." This George Gershwin song has been stuck in my head for a couple of weeks. It keeps showing up in conversation, in a friend's blog, and still in my head. When I was in highschool, I played a fun version of this for a piano recital. 

Just one of the many things I like about summer is ~ SUMMER BEVERAGES. I love drinks on ice. All those many summers of travelling in Europe with students on mission trips, I missed ice more than almost anything else.

Here is a Childers Women favorite:


4 bags Celestial Seasonings Lemon Zinger Tea
4 bags Celestial Seasonings Red Zinger Tea
4 cups apple juice

Steep tea bags in 4 cups boiling water for 10 minutes. Discard tea bags. Add apple juice and refrigerate until cold. Serve over ice.

This makes 8 servings. I like to double it and it fits perfectly in a sun tea jar. This delicious summertime drink has no caffeine or added sugar.

recipe credit: I think I got this recipe on a Celestial Seasonings tea box. Can't remember for sure.
photo credit:

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Works

Recently, I

          went to the doctor
          went to the dentist
          visited my counselor

I also
          had a great coffee date with my

          video skypped with our daughters

          had an amazing time with my prayer
          partner, C

          processed "stuff" with my friend, A

          went on an hour "walk and talk"
          with D

          had some great mornings studying
          the Bible
And today
          I got a pedicure.


"This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it." ~ Psalm 118:24

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Friday, June 25, 2010

IDEAS ~ number three

In my March 6 post, I gave you my philosophy  on ideas. I also promised to come back with further ideas for you to ponder. Well here it is . . . my third installment.


Let me give this to you in our youngest daughter, Jenny's words:

"In May, I was a bridesmaid in my friends Adrianne and Ian's wedding. Adrianne and I have been friends for ten years. After many long-distance phone conversations during Ian's two battles with cancer, this was seriously a wedding to celebrate."

And celebrate they did! I loved this idea of having a photo booth at the wedding reception. Jenny came home with an amazing momento . . . Jenny and Ian (the groom) ~  Jenny and Adrianne (the bride).

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Two adorable wordsmiths

There is no other way to say it . . . I simply adore these two women.

Besides all their other great traits, they are both wordsmiths. I believe it started when they were little, because they both loved loved loved to read.

this was in our tent in Europe

I also think it was because they have always been such good friends, and they never (and I mean never) quit talking.

in Glasgow, Scotland

You may not know this, but both of our daughters were blogging before me. I often heard,"Mom, you have to start blogging. You will love it." And they are always the first to read my blog. (I love that.)


Check out their blogs . . . you are in for a treat!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Only in the world of blogging

My friend Emily blogs at For many years, we were ministry partners with Emily's husband, Craig (before they married.) We took highschool students to Europe on short term mission trips with Royal Servants. Craig was one of Dave's assistants. We never got to travel with Craig and Emily, but they both hold a special place in our hearts.

Emily is posting a creative series on "my favorite things." Emily is a great and passionate writer. You will enjoy her love of her lovely family.

My friend Sandy blogs at She is practical, godly and funny, three traits that I highly value. I always look forward to her posts. She just completed a fantastic series on balance. Sandy is a blogging friend.

I told Emily at about Sandy at and now they are also blogging friends.

Every time I get on to comment on Sandy's blog, Emily has already commented. Several times, my comment has been right after Emily's comment.

So, why am I telling you this long story ~  because I really care about both of these beautiful  women  and I find this amazing and intriguing. I started blogging for a lot of reasons, but I never knew I would reconnect with old friends and make brand new friends while blogging. It is a wonderful surprise.

I would also like to introduce you to Maria and Jeannette and Sharon and Jeanne and Mary and Sarah and Lynnet and Debra and . . .

Are you making connections through blogging?

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Boy and his Dog

This is for all my friends that live in the Pacific Northwest who are tired, weary, discouraged, disappointed, annoyed and down right ticked . . . at the crazy non-summer weather that we have been experiencing. I am rarely affected by weather and this morning, even I was really tired of this rain. I have a little something to cheer you. And if you live where the sun is shinning, you can enjoy this too.

Meet my adorable great-nephew, Jax and his dog. This photo was taken in April.

Two months later . . . they have both grown, but I guess dogs grow faster than little boys.

Are you feeling better?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Seattles Best

at SBC (ages ago)

Seattleites love their coffee. I remember years ago, when we came home from a summer of ministry in Europe and it seemed the coffee culture that now defines Seattle, had exploded over night. There were coffee carts on many corners and in front of grocery stores. Along with the rest of Seattle, we were learning a new vocabulary that included latte, and tall, grande and venti. It was so confusing in the beginning. Why was "tall" the smallest size drink?

That was the first time we lived in Seattle. Our girls were young and they loved coffee, too. Dave and I had a standing weekly Monday morning coffee date at Seattles Best Coffee.  We occasionally supported that other small Seattle coffee company - Starbucks, but SBC was our favorite.

Well, we have been back in Seattle again now for five years and we still love our coffee dates. And our favorite is still Seattle Best Coffee.

The reason I started this blog post is to tell you two ideas . . . two of our coffee traditions that I thought you might enjoy.

1.  In January, Dave and I were meeting up with S and J, because Dave was going to perform their wedding. Our coffee shop is small, has rather hard chairs and can be crowded. (You know the coffee is good, since we keep going there.) S and J had a great idea ~ we took our delicious SBC coffee into the Fred Meyer store that is attached to SBC. They had just put out their summer patio furniture. (Yes, only in Seattle, would patio furniture come out the last week in January.) We found the most beautiful set and enjoyed our coffee while planning a wedding ceremony. We even spent time praying together . . . in Fred Meyer with our SBC coffee. We loved the idea and that is exactly where Dave and I have enjoyed our coffee every week since then. We will be sad when all the patio furniture is sold. 

2. SBC has punch cards and when you are buying coffee two cups at a time, they fill up pretty fast. We have another tradition that we enjoy. When it is time to get our free drink, we split their venti sized amazingly delicious coffee milk shake. YUM.

Do you have a weekly date tradition that you enjoy?

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Friday, June 18, 2010

To do or not to do . . .

My husband is travelling . . . and I am not. I am often an all or nothing type person. My tendency when Dave travels is to be hyper-productive or to be hyper-inactive. Last trip, I rested a lot, so I have predetermined this trip . . . I will set some goals.

Here is my list:
  • have a long and leisurely quiet time each morning - studying my Bible, praying, journalling and processing
  • exercise three times each week
  • weed, dead-head and fertilize my flower beds
  • watch "Young Victoria"
  • continue sorting and filing my huge stack of unread magazines
  • make my file cards for keeping track of all my new blogging friends (I will share this idea later.)
  • clean fireplace
  • read "The Wonderful Weekend Book", which should arrive in the mail any day
  • organize closet, drawers and pantry
Of course, I still have my part-time cleaning business, friends to see and other normal life stuff.

Dave left this morning. I just got a text that his plane just landed in Chicago. I am already glad for my choice for this trip. Hurry home, Dave. I miss you.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Bouquet of Freshly Sharpened Pencils

My family has always loved school supplies! Some people can spend hours and hours in a fabric store (fabric stores give me a headache!), but I can spend hours in an office supply store. When Jenny was in high school, she was chosen for a market research group on . . . post it notes. The next day a car pulled up to our house and delivered two large bags of everything brand new from 3M post-its. Imagine our delight! 

Well, besides post it notes and index cards, I also love pens. I was introduced to a new pen and wanted to recommend it to you. Jenny uses this pen for her art work. It is the Faber-Castell PITT artist pen. I purchased (and love) the extra fine, but you can purchase a packet of several sizes together. I am using it for journal writing and letter writing. (Yes, Virginia, you can still write and mail a "real" letter these days.) So, check it out and see what you think.

What about YOU ~ if you had a free hour this afternoon, would you head to a office supply store or a fabric store?

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Lake Living

Welcome to our home on the lake. We sold our large home, just as the market began shifting and rented a tiny place overlooking beautiful Lake Washington, Mercer Island and the Olympic Mountains. (in Seattle) Lake living is a privilege and joy I never thought I would experience.

Every day for two years, my husband and I have said to each other, "I can't believe we live here."

Every day for two years we say, "look at the clouds, look at the sunset, look at the white caps, look at the color of the lake, look at the eagle, look at the geese" etc.

Every day when we walk down the side of the big house (our landlords'), down the path to the patio that leads to our entrance, we enter what we call "the bubble." It is nothing but us and the lake.

Every day it is nothing but us and the lake . . . and on sunny weekends, some sailboats, and some kayaks, and some speed boats, and some jet skis . . . these and the birds are the only neighbors we can see. We love lake living.

You should stop by for a visit . . . but not every day.

WORLD CUP . . . in my head

Sickness has hit our household. Dave went to Chicago and got it from the girls and brought it home to me. (This family sticks together ~ we always have ~ we always will.)

I grew up in a pretty practical family, where you did not go to the doctor unless it was "real stuff," like stitches or a broken arm. You would never go for a cold or flu.

After three nights of hardly any sleep due to a rather nasty cough and my ears hurting, I bit the bullet. I called our great doctors office, who got me right in.

Bad cough, fever and ear infection was my diagnosis. So, I got some medicine and headed home.

Two days later, I realised that I had developed a very strange buzzing in my ears. I was trying to describe it to Dave. (If you are a former Royal Servant that travelled those many years with us to Europe . . . it kind of reminded me of night noises on the hayfield at training camp.) But that wasn't exactly it.

Yesterday, Dave and I sat down to enjoy the USA vs England World Cup match. THERE IT WAS . . . the sound I was trying to describe. That annoying sound those big yellow horns are making all through the match . . . THE EXACT SOUND THAT IS IN MY HEAD.

Dave told me that the fans there are complaining and people watching on television are also complaining. They are thinking of banning the horns . . . please would you also ban the horns playing in my head!

world cup logo credit:

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Remembering Hallie (part nine) ~ just for fun!

Two girls that adore Hallie.

Hallie, my mom, was sweet, really easy-going, and very very fun. She was a "gamer." So I want to end this series "Remembering Hallie," with a story that she always thought was funny.

When my youngest brother was five (about the time that Dave and I got married), the neighborhood was full of 5 year old boys. They were over at our house a lot.

One day, the neighbor across the street came over to talk to my mom about something funny her son had said. Here's the conversation that had just happened at their house.

little 5 year old neighbor: "Mom, I don't want to go to Tim's house anymore."

his mom: " You love going to Tim's. Why wouldn't you want to go over there?"

little 5 year old neighbor: "Everytime, I go over there, Tim's dad  swears at his mom."

his mom: " Honey, Tim's dad is a pastor. He wouldn't swear."

little 5 year old neighbor: "No, I am not kidding, mom. It happens all the time."

We were laughing and wondering what in the world happened to make him think that . . . just as my dad yelled loudly from the back room . . . his favorite nick name for my mom. "HAL!" 

Dad was always calling Hallie "HAL," so poor little neighbor boy had had it with a man who went around calling his wife HELL.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Remembering Hallie (part eight)

Jenny and Grandma Hallie at our home in Minneapolis.

These are the words I wrote for my mom's memorial service:

"As I have reflected on my mom's life these past few days ~ two words consistently come to mind:

          faithful and friend.

My mom was faithful. First, she was faithful to the Lord ~ no matter what country He called her to, no matter how hard the task.

Second, she was faithful to my dad, to whom she was married for 55 years. I know no couple who did more things together ~ they ministered together, they gardened together, built their house together and then cleaned it together. They worked out together and travelled the world together. For goodness sake, they even became Christians together on the same day.

Third, she was faithful to her children. My mom supported us in so many ways. One of my favorites is that mom used a prayer list to pray and she prayed for all of us. My day was Tuesday.

(I didn't say this in the funeral, but the morning after my mom died, I sat in the rocking chair in my parents bedroom and read through all the prayers she had written in her journal for the last year of her life. This took a couple of hours and believe me, it was a profound experience.)

The second word that describes my mom is friend. On her 70th birthday, I sent a card that said, 'A girls best friend is her mother.' My mom was a great friend to me, Dave, Christy and Jenny and she was a friend to all of our friends, as well.

What an amazing legacy she leaves of faithfulness and friendship.

My mom was the kind of mom everyone wishes they had!"

Remembering Hallie (part seven)

                         The Obituary ~ 

Hallie, passed into the arms of Jesus on October 12. The date that most marked her life was October 2, 1955, when she and Glenn met that same Jesus introduced to them by Rolf Hansen, pastor of Beacon Chapel.

As graduates of Prairie Bible Institute, they served ten years as missionaries in Vietnam (1965-1975). Glenn was the founding pastor of Northview Bible Church, where Hallie faithfully served with him from 1975 to 1988. In 1989, God led them to the Philippines where they spent eleven years training Filipino pastors. For the last five years, they have served Chattaroy Community Church.

Hallie was, first of all, Glenn's beloved wife of 55 years. She was also the precious mother to their five children. Hallie's great joy was her family. She is loved and survived by . . . (for privacy I will leave out this long long list.)

Hallie treasured her relationship with the Lord and nurtured it with daily Bible study and prayer. She expressed her love for the diversity and colors of God's creation through gardening, sewing, quilting and decorating. She kept a written and pictorial record of God's blessings in journals and scrapbooks. Many friends were the beneficiaries of her hospitality. Her life expressed the reality of her favorite verse from I Thessalonians 5:24, "Faithful is He who calls you, who also will do it."


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Remembering Hallie (part six)

My mom, Hallie, was an adorable, energetic, in shape, 71 year old, when she was diagnosed with cancer. She had been feeling sick for about three weeks. Her doctor thought she had the flu and a sinus infection. But she kept feeling worse, so dad took her to the emergency room one night. After a CAT scan, we got the news, no one ever wants to get. Our beloved mom, had cancer. 

We are a big family, we all love each other (on most days) and we have a long history of trusting God, so we all rallied together to support our dad and mom.

Then the unexpected happened . . . just three days after diagnosis, she developed a blood clot in her leg. That afternooon she  went to the hospital to prepare for a minor surgery in the morning, so they could insert a sieve, so a clot could not reach a major organ. That night she threw a clot and before morning, she was gone. We were all gathered around her ~ a room full of love.

Sadly, my husband was in Africa, on a missions trip. And my was in Russia, on her first missions trip. And our youngest daughter was in college in Chicago and a couple of other cousins were gone, too. It was really tough not having the entire family there the night mom died.

One week later, everyone was home and we had mom's amazing memorial service. With our family and over 800 friends, we honored one of the most amazing women I have ever met . . . my mom, Hallie. My equally amazing, dad, did the service. He said he couldn't live with himself if he didn't do it, because "no one else could do my mom justice." He was so awesome. It is a day I will never forget.

P.S. I realize that in this little "Remembering Hallie" series, I jumped from Hallie as a young mom to the day she died in 2005. If you are a regular reader of my blog (and I so hope you are!), you hear more about her and my other family members. 



Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Remembering Hallie (part five)

my brother and me

The generous and practical love shown to my mom by the lovely ladies at Beacon Chapel Church, deeply touched my parents.

Wanting to express their thanks, they called the pastor and asked if he would baptise their new baby. He explained that they did not baptise babies, but they would love to dedicate her.

The next Sunday, my dad dug out his high school graduation suit and arrived at church with my mom and their growing family of three children. They were nervous when the pastor called them to the front of the church.

The pastor explained what an important and exciting day this was to dedicate this baby to God. Then he turned to my parents and asked them, "will you do everything in your power to raise your children to know and love God?"

My strong, hardworking, alcoholic dad surprised everyone when he burst into tears and said, "I have no idea how to do that." Sweetly, the pastor said, "That is okay, we can help you."

I talked to my dad last week, and he remembers driving away from the church that day with a feeling that the people at this church had something he and mom wanted.

He didn't know it at the time, but what they had was a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. They had the Gospel which means GOOD NEWS.

Seven weeks later, Pastor Hansen came to the house and prayed with my parents to accept Christ into their lives. And my parents began a new life as Christians (followers of Christ.)

My legacy changed that day . . .

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Remembering Hallie (part four)

Dad and Mom and our girls on their 50th wedding anniversary in 2000.

We begin part four with Hallie getting pregnant again. So now my brother and I are being taken to the nursery, while my pregnant mom is still  . . sitting in the car.

When my sister was born (18 months after me), Mickey (the nursery worker) and Darlene (the next door neighbor) put their heads together and decided to throw a baby shower for my mom.

I have always imagined the phone calls that were made ~ "We want to invite you to a baby shower for Hallie . . . no, you don't know her . . . no, she doesn't really go to our church . . . If you have  ever noticed the beautiful young gal sitting in the parking lot . . . that is Hallie."

This was a small church of around 200 people and as word got out, of this young mom who needed to know that God loved her and that Jesus had died to have a relationship with her  ~ this little group really rallied together.

The night of the shower, when shy Hallie arrived ~ there were fifty women at the shower and they all had come with beautiful gifts. My dad had to come out and help her carry all the presents in the house, because the trunk and the entire inside of her car was filled to the brim. She always said that my sister was the best dressed baby in all of Spokane.

(Stay tuned for part five.)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Remembering Hallie (part three)

Glenn and Hallie (much later)

Sweet adorable Hallie was sweet 16 when she marries her prince charming and is determined to create a perfect life for her family . . . wanting nothing that  resembled anything from her childhood. Hallie was painfully shy . . . but she was a woman on a mission.

Hallie tried hard to do everything right. She completed high school and brought my brother to her graduation. My dad, Glenn, was a hard working carpenter and provided well for his young family. By the time I was born (18 months after my brother), dad had even built my mom her dream home.

But they were so young and had both brought their baggage along. Once again the abuse of alcohol reared its ugly head, as my dad began drinking.

You can imagine the disappointment and fear my young mom felt. She was willing to try anything to protect her family. So when Darlene, her next door neighbor, invited her to church, this presented quite a dilemma. My dad wanted nothing to do with God and Hallie was much to shy to go alone into a room full of strangers. But what if this was the one thing she could do to give her children the life she craved for us to have?

She came up with a solution. She would take my brother and me to church and she could sit in the car until church was over. How sweet is that ! We were little and basically went into the nursery. Another beautiful older woman, Mickey, entered my mom's life. Mickey cared for the children in the nursery. She loved on my mom and never once said, "You know, you can't just bring your babies into our nursery and then leave." This went on for months and months. The two babies in the nursery and Hallie in her car.

Stay tuned for part four.

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