Friday, October 29, 2010

Exhausted . . . but Grateful

Moving day is tomorrow. We have been blessed with lots of help and many sweet times with friends. I am truly exhausted and truly grateful. 

So, did this . . .

and this . . .

                              and this . . .

                             all fit ... into this?

YES! (Praise God and our friends that helped.) We move into our condo on Tuesday. Appreciate your prayers for safety as we travel 2,000 miles.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

How to Say Goodbye Well (to Seattle)

I have a long history with goodbyes. And it was not always good. I am sure that it has a little something to do with saying goodbye to our parents, when we left for boarding school, as kids. Some good emotional and spiritual work over the years has helped me learn to do a better job at saying goodbye well.


1. We are having fun saying goodbye to all of our favorite Seattle spots . . . our favorite pizza place across the lake, a trip to Pike Place Market, hours enjoying our lake view and a few too many trips to Seattle's Best Coffee.

2. I have purchased a few Seattle mementos for our Chicago condo. . . a darling tea towel with the Seattle skyline, the Pike Place Market cookbook, and a tea tray from a favorite Seattle artist.

3. Amidst the flurry of packing boxes, we have saved time to spend with friends. Dinner at Buca's with our small group, a final dinner with Gene and Anne, coffee with the Thursday Girls, Wade and Carol, Betsi, Becky . . . the list goes on and on. Today we head to Spokane to spend a few days with family. We are blessed with so many wonderful friends, so we started early. (dinner with Renzelmans last month etc.)

4. We both scheduled doctor and dentist appointments, so we arrive in Chicago all current and have plenty of time to find new providers.

5. And finally, keep a tissue handy . . . for those moments of truth ~ saying goodbye is hard!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Missing Todd

Just read this on a favorite blog this morning:

 "Somehow, in the midst of our mourning, the first steps of the dance take place.
Somehow, the cries that well up from our losses belong to our songs of gratitude."

Of course, I thought right away of our dear friends, Linda, Jack and Kelsie and Katie - whose journey with loss is just beginning. Their grace and strength is such an example to me and makes me dread my future losses less.

Praying for you, lovely friends. Wish we could be with you tomorrow.

Friday, October 15, 2010

No Space Left in my Brain . . . for Blogging

I am realizing in a fresh way, that I need a bit of space in my head and life . . . in order to write a creative blog. Right now my brain is full, full and full.

With the help of my friend, Anne, we have sorted and repacked all of our boxes in storage. We got rid of all the ripped boxes (from those pesky thieves that left their ugly mark on our stuff.) There are now 118 neatly packed and labelled boxes ready to go. (That was a combined total of 24 hours of work and we both enjoyed it.)

We took a mini-break, since both of our husbands were travelling and spent one day putting the finishing touches on two rooms at Anne's home. So fun.

Both of these kinds of projects give me energy and make me feel creative. But my brain is still too full of lists, to daily write something worth reading on my blog.

Dave and the girls and I are also grieving the loss of a dear friend and ministry partner of many years. Todd went home to be with the Lord just three short weeks after a diagnosis at Mayo Clinic of a rare brain disease. Grieving takes up space in my head, too.

And I am a forward moving thinker . . . so life in Chicago is there as well. How will I decorate our darling rented condo? Where will we attend church? and on and on it goes.

Oh yes, and those goodbyes . . . they are looming as well.

All this to say . . . I LOVE BLOGGING and look forward to the days ahead when I am settled, enjoying a view of trees and snow (yes,we will miss the lake), and finding new places for coffee dates with my husband . . . and the return of daily blogging. I miss it and you a lot.

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pizza Pan Hospitality

Yesterday, I began the daunting task of sorting through our boxes that have been in storage for over two years. (75% of our belongings) Last  Sunday, sweet friends with strong muscles and dollys came to help us after church. We rented a second unit directly across from ours. This unit "just opened up" - last week there was not a single unit on our entire floor. So, step one was moving all of our furniture into the new unit and arranging the boxes so I can get in there to sort.

My sweet friend, Helen, had just one hour, so we headed off to Public Storage #220 with tapers, labels and sharpies in hand. Wow, it is going to rather like Christmas morning. I have forgotten about our beautiful pottery from Ireland, the tea cup set Dave brought me from Columbia etc.

In one box I found our large and small pizza pans. I was instantly drawn into a fun memory of a year of pizza pan hospitality. Every Sunday night, Dave and I would make two homemade pizzas . . . one large . . . one small. As soon as they came out of the oven, we would jump in our car and race to a friend's house for a surprise pizza delivery (the small pizza) and hurried home to ours while it was still hot (the large pizza.) Each week we chose a different family ~ someone we wanted to honor . . . a couple with a new baby . . . our kids favorite childrens pastor etc.

Today, I head back to unit #220 with my dear friend Anne. We plan to work for about eight hours . . . I wonder what memories we will discover today?

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

BREAKING NEWS . . . and some thoughts from Glenda

God is just so cool. No disrepect intended in using this casual phrase, but this is just how I feel this morning.

Dave and I have been on an interesting journey these past five years and this journey has just taken another turn. WorldVenture, the mission agency we have been with for two years has approached Dave to consider a new position as Director for the North Central Region (from Minnesoata and Iowa across to Michigan and Indiana.)

As Dave's wife of 33 years, I could not have written a better job description that maximizes all of Dave's gifts, experiences and passions, as the job description that WorldVenture just wrote.

As a mom, I could not have planned or even imagined a better location. This job requires a move to, you guessed it, CHICAGO, where both of our girls currently live. It is closer to Dave's family as well.

So it is with joy and gratitude that we announce our move to Chicago around November 1 (hopefully before too much snow in the mountain passes.)

The month of October promises to be wild and crazy and it would mean so much to have your prayers for our family.

We will miss this beautiful skyline and many wonderful friends.

Oh yes, and this . . .

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