Thursday, April 28, 2011

Brown Paper Packages

Brown paper packages, tied up with string, these are a few of my favorite things . . .

Last month I won a generous giveaway from The Old Block House. Gertie has a beautiful blog about turning  a house into home. She often includes the things she finds at the thrift shop, or on the side of the road and shows the transformation into something useful for her home.

This lovely brown paper package arrived at my home, because out of 236 entries, the random generator chose my number, number 77. Such a fun package . . . full of an item that has been showing up all over blogs and decorating books.

Since they arrived right before Easter, I used them for my dining table decoration.

I wonder where they will show up next . . .

          on the top shelf of my hutch with my red
          pedestal plates?

          on the back porch as hanging candles?

          in my old fashioned pantry holding staples?

Time alone will tell.

There was another surprise in the brown paper package, too. Gertie knew we had just moved to Chicago, so she included brochures from her part of Illinois. Turns out we only live about four hours apart.

Thanks for your thoughtfulness and generosity, Gertie.

ps. Your heart warming response to my post about my sweet dad and his upcoming heart surgery, means so much to me. Thank you for your prayers.


  1. Wow! What a cool thing to give away. I can't wait to see more pictures of what you do with the jars.

  2. your opening sentence is from one of my favorite movies! I'm just so thankful we have each other and our circle of friends. Thankful for you the sun is shining and it is beautiful! Praying your day is filled with His joy. Keeping your dad in my thoughts too...

  3. I love brown. Brown UPS trucks that bring brown packages usually have something good inside. (Unlike the white mail truck and white envelopes)
    The jars are lovely. I'm sure with your creativity you'll find plenty of good uses for them.

    I read your previous post on your dad and was so moved by your loving and beautiful words for him. He is a man of God with a huge heart for sure. I'll pray for him.

    Blessings to you,

  4. Packages are soooo fun. And I love it that you were able to use them right away and feel the inspiration for many different ways to use them!

  5. Love your Easter decorations. The jars are perfect. Love the color! Springy, robins egg blue.

  6. It is weird, just plan weird, how fun the internet can be. Nice thank you to a fun creative lady you have written here.

  7. what a timely a post! My daughter is in a production of Sound of Music starting tonight! Cognratulations on your win and prayers for your dad!@

  8. They should end up at my house because that is the color I have in my livingroom and on my mantle right now. I really should own those. Sister Sue

  9. Glenda, thank you for such a wonderful post. I'm so glad that the jars have found a wonderful home with you.

    It's a very good thing that I picked up the tourist info for you, because when I did, I also grabbed an Illinois map for myself. We got lost yesterday! If not for that map, I don't know how much extra driving we'd have done.

    We were heading for Dubuque, Iowa, which is beautiful! I'm going to post soon about the wonderful shops I found. Galena, IL is another great spot in that area, but we didn't have time to hop across the river for a visit this time.

    I look forward to seeing where your jars end up next! So glad they made you happy!

  10. The Brown Army is my favorite army -grin-; so glad you won lovelies.


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