Friday, April 29, 2011

It is a royally early morning

Weddings take a lot of preparation . . . tea tray must be assembled, scones must be baked. . . but phew, I got it all done before the 3 am start of the celebration.

Lime green tee, black hoodie, and white and green butterfly pajama pants (no hat) . . . this is what I am wearing to the Royal wedding. I hate dressing up, so this is the perfect wedding occasion for me.

Here are all the details you have been waiting for, right? What did Glenda choose for her wedding china etc.

*tray - was purchased about 23 years ago (an antique?) from Marks and Spenser in London. I bought two of them. The girls used these trays in our tent, all those summers in Europe, to have their snacks and also used them as a little desk for coloring etc.

*tea cup ~ bone china, Queen Anne, made in England, given to me by my friend, Connie

*tea pot ~ Whittards - purchased in the duty free shops at Heathrow airport

*plate ~ Spode china - purchased at Homegoods

*cream pitcher ~ from Bewleys coffee shop, in Dublin, Ireland

*napkins ~ Cath Kidson (purchased last week at 50% off)

*tea spoon ~ IKEA

Well, the wedding is about to begin . . . hope you are enjoying it.

             *      *      *      *      *      *     *     *

That was amazing and yes, I am glad I got up early to see it live. My favorite parts ~ the first hymn, Guide Me Thou, O Great Jehovah. It reminded me of one song from our wedding, Gentle Shepherd, Come and Lead Us. And the pastor's message of our generous God that gave his Son Jesus. And the prayers were amazing. And those choirs . . . loved them.

Lord Jesus, bless this couple. Draw them to you. Protect them and give them joy and wisdom. Amen.


  1. I missed it! So I'm extra glad for your post. Love the china, and love that song, "Gentle Shepherd." I got a peek into your heart today, Glenda. Thanks.

  2. 3 a.m.?!! I thought 4 a.m. was the right time but I missed some of the arrivals.

    I sipped cups of strong coffee with cream in a Nicholas Mosse (Irish) mug and nibbled on toast with orange marmalade. My attire was very similar to yours right down to the socks!!

    Loved it!

    And, I love Marks and Spenser for underwear!!


  3. Amen! I loved it! What beautiful dress and ceremony!~sigh~

  4. Glenda, you know how to celebrate in style =) I began watching about an hour or so after it started. Then I needed to get Ellen out the door so I missed some of it. Oh well, I'll catch the re-runs!

    Love the dress! How elegant and beautiful!

    Have a wonderful day!

  5. Lovely, Glenda. i just posted pics of our celebration. I would have been great to have you join us! Joy

  6. Did you snooze through any of it? Oh never mind, why I am asking that? The more pertinent question is what time are you going to take a nap? Love you sense of is actually reminiscent of what the rich and famous wear to hang and hide out. You are too cool.

  7. I join in your prayers for their future and continued happiness. I'm glad you enjoyed the wedding. I thought your sox were a nice touch :-).

  8. Lovely, Glenda! I love your prayer here. As I watched them and listened to the amazing sermon I found myself wondering how much amazing good they could do if they really, truly found Jesus and worked for Him. Wouldn't that just be cool?

  9. I set the dvr and am watching it this weekend!

  10. Your breakfast tray fills me with nostalgia. I too have a marks and spencers tray. Mine is 15 years old. A wedding gift that gets used every morning. I had many a stop in Bewleys with my mum as I prepared for my wedding. I left Ireland as a newlywed and have returned only a few times since but every trip has had a visit to Bewleys for a cup of coffee! Thanks for sharing your wedding watching with us.

  11. What a fun and creative post! I didn't get up to watch the wedding, but I've enjoyed seeing the clips on tv since. You were quite prepared...but I was sad that you didn't choose to wear a hat. How undignified! ;-) lol

  12. Oh, it was a fabulous early morning...I started it at 4 a.m. EST by myself, my husband joined me about 7 a.m. and our breakfast friends turned up at 8:45--after the kiss.

    After our party, I picked up on all the coverage, talking heads, etc. until I got my fill. It was such a day of hearts in the throat, a gorgeous service, and plenty of beautiful colors and shapes...I was in heaven. Such an uplifting day on television where it's usually so ugly.

  13. Ooooh, hello, my lovely, neighbour. Now wouldn't it have been cool to watch it together? I would have loved that!!

    There's nothing quite like Spode and jim-jams for a Royal Wedding, is there?!!


  14. I see we wore similar outfits to the royal wedding, Glenda. Only you had a far nice cup of tea than I did. Next time I'm coming to your house. *grin*

    Love your tea items--so pretty!

  15. I did write them and she apologized and removed them thank heavens. I hate confrontations...ugh!

  16. Love the photo of you watching with all your goodies! It was an amazing day :)

    Thank you for joining Post Of The Month Club! XOL

  17. What fun. I thought, oh, I'll just watch for a couple of minutes while I finish up a blog post, then TiVo it. That didn't happen. Watched right up until everyone got back to the Palace. Got misty when those two cute boys arrived at the Abbey without their Mum. And the deep & rich meaning of the hymns and ceremony, which seems lost on our world today, was truly beautiful and inspiring.

  18. Okay, GG, I'm catching up on blog posts and this absolutely cracked me up! Glad to know I have a fellow Royal junkie friend out there. You know I was up at 4:30 watching it too, even though it meant I was trashed the rest of the day!

    On a more serious note, I've been praying hard for them as well, feeling a strong tug from the Spirit to ask His blessing on their lives. They will carry a mantle into the future - I pray they are able to see with His eyes daily. I agree with you: may God bless them.

    Last but not least...LOVED the china array. As a girl who grew up with all things finery (my mom's shop is I recognized that Spode right away (I used to be a fine china buyer, among other things). Love it! :)

  19. The wedding was taped and I've watched several versions and not finished yet! I didn't get my post up but have been praying for them, their children, their future. Like you, I loved the hymns, all of them were wonderful and loved the trees in the Abbey. How fabulous were the trees, eh, Glenda? Totally!
    I love Evensong at the Abbey and have managed to attend every time I've been in London. Watching the wedding brought back such memories in addition to simply enjoying the production.
    They said Victoria Beckham is seven months pregnant and she looked incredible; see her on your t.v. screen and that brought her to mind.
    Your breakfast tray goodies look delicious and your togs comfy.

  20. How sweet your morning was with the young couple :) I, myself, waited to attend until later the next day, it was nice of you to arrive early.


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