Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ancient Grains and Ancient Truths

On a recent trip to Costco, I discovered a new (to me) delicious organic cereal, Ancient Grains.

It is full of all those yummy and very healthy grains:

kamut khorasan wheat

It is a perfect match to my morning quiet times, where I study Ancient Truths. This summer I am studying the book of Proverbs, which is basically a long Hebrew poem.

I want the wisdom, personified as a woman crying out at the city gates, (Proverbs 1:20 - 21) NOT the folly, personified by a woman calling out at the same gate. (Proverbs 9:13-14) What is the difference? That is exactly what I am out to discover this summer.

Ancient Grains and Ancient Truths are the perfect combination for my body and my soul.

Linking with the lovely and wise Soli Sisters at Jens and with sweet Michelle.

ps. My dad is back in the hospital tonight with an irregular heart beat, after a week and a half of being home and feeling amazing. I would love your prayers that his heart will correct itself. (added Monday night.)


  1. Sounds like a delightful time! I think I would love to join you....I guess it will have to be from a distance, though.

    Happy discovery!

  2. Proverbs is one of those readings that I wish I had truly taken hold of at a young age... ah the folly one could have avoided.
    It is a great example of clear communication in its format as well in that the purpose and theme is spelled out so clearly in the first 6 verses and by the time you are to verse 7 your feet are on solid ground. So as you do your study in the spirit of verse 1:5, I trust you will drop ancient crumbs in your blog.

  3. Hi Glenda. I look forward to the 'ancient crumbs'... :) Have a great week!

  4. Museli and blueberries...every morning. I love it too Glenda..sounds like you have the perfect to reading to go alongside it.

    Best wishes Glenda :)

    Jeanne xx

  5. Hi Glenda,

    I'm reading the New Testament and Psalms & Proverbs through several times this year. I have a lot of Proverbs verses written on 3x5 cards and taped to mirrors, etc. around my house. SO much wisdom!

    Your cereal looks interesting...I'd love to try it. I either have Kashi or Chobani yogurt for breakfast, my absolute favorites. And I use frozen blueberries in my smoothies. Yum!

    Oh, to answer the question you left over at my blog. I've never actually written out my entire story, (though I gave an abbreviated version of my testimony in front of my church several years ago). I considered writing it for a book memoir style, but God would have to show me clearly that is His will. If you are truly curious, you can click on the "Meet Julie" tab you can find a couple of posts that describes some snippets from my life.

  6. Sounds like a very intriguing study, Glenda. I admit, I have never read Proverbs, so I am anxious to learn with you as you immerse yourself in the verses. I am working my way through the OT, so eventually I will ge there (in Judges right now, so it's going to be a while!). Feel free to link up your Proverbs study post with the Hear It, Use It community at my place, if you want sometime. We write about how God's Word is seeping into and working in our everyday lives.

  7. Now, let's get to those grains. I would just like to say I've heard of zero of them before this little post.



    They sound horrible, but your picture looks yummy! Maybe I should make a point to find myself some spelt.

  8. Hi Glenda!!! My husband's family loves these 'Ancient Grains' and I love your always seeking new freshly! I'm looking forward to that e-mail about the answered amazing, can't wait! blessings:-)

  9. Sounds like a great study -- I vote for the wisdom too! I like Kashi...I'll have to look for Ancient Grains.

  10. I've seen this cereal there. Right up my ally. I will have to give it a try. I usually get Kashi Go Lean Crunch.
    I love the book of Proverbs..always. At the end of summer I would love to read all your thoughts on Proverbs...maybe a book?

  11. I have been going through Proverbs this month - 1 Proverb a day. :) Love reading my Bible. Proverbs has so much wisdom!

  12. Your post made me hungry!!!! LOL!!!! for food and the word :) And praying for your dad...

  13. How very interesting! Haven't studied proverbs. I am now reading a book about us being grafted into God's people, the Jews. It's good to read the Old Testament and study it, because that is the Torah, God's law. Patsy from

  14. Glenda, that looks delicious, I will pick some up at Costco next time I go, along with some berries!

    Best luck in your bible you have any verses that are particular to cleaning out stuff from my home..I need some inspiration!


  15. Oooh, I like that sound of that study, my lovely neighbour. I'm going to have to check 'em out!!

    And your cereal sounds delicious. Save some for me. I'll be round in a jiffy!


  16. praying for your dad. xoxo

    can i come for breakfast and quiet time with you?

  17. Praying for your dad -- please keep me posted.

    Love the connection between physical and spiritual nourishment!

  18. I'm growing these grains this summer. Hope they germinate and produce. Yes, ancient is good. Blessings on your dad.

  19. This sounds delicious!...enjoy it :-D

    Mrs. M.

  20. I'm praying for you father tonight.

    The grains look yummy with the blueberries on top and makes my stomach feel hungry. The Proverb truths of wisdom makes my soul hungry.


  21. Thanks for the tip, Glenda. I don't eat a lot of cold cereal but this looks really tasty.

  22. Thought of you this morning...
    I am trying this cereal for the first time :)


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