Monday, May 30, 2011

Company . . . in real time

If you have been around the blogging block with me a few times, you know that we have a fair amount of company. I love having company. It involved a lot of planning and work to cook for a crowd, but it is fun.

But, sometimes company comes . . . in real time. Like Jack Bauer in 24, he was sometimes captured by the Chinese, his former work partner, the mafia etc. before he had time to eat or sleep . . . in real time.

Our company last week was like that for me. No huge deal, just a little lack of energy after:

*oral surgery last week
*anticipating plastic surgery next week
(removal of a spot on my left temple)
*my dad was back in the hospital for a few days
with an irregular heart beat
*a couple nights of not sleeping well
*and a whole host of good things, too

So . . .


1. Clean the house early in the week. I cleaned our apartment on a sunny afternoon when I was home alone, with music blaring, which restored some energy.

2. Ask for help. My husband did the grocery shopping. (Yup, he is very cool.) And his administrative assistant brought some of the food for one of our all day meetings. (Thanks, S.)

3. Choose some easy menu items . . . NOT ALL HOMEMADE. Let me say this again, this is not the time to be Martha Stewart.

For breakfast one morning, I served Costco's delicious apple turnovers. Put it on a pretty plate, throw on a few blueberries, add a colorful napkin, have my husband make his delicious coffee and voila . . . super easy.

For one dinner, I used Bertolli Oven Bake Meals, specifically, Meat Lasagne Rustica, which I put in a pretty baking dish. This was 30 seconds of work. I made one of our favorite quick salads (cucumber, grape tomato and avocado with Italian dressing) and we had a delicious, easy, company worthy meal.

This is where knowing yourself, pays off. Pay attention and be kind to yourself when your energy level is low and you are tired. I am sure you can think of many areas of your life where this principle will benefit your mental and physical health.

How is your energy level today? What is one way you can be kind to yourself?

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8/4/2011 - Hop over to this fun link for other great ideas.

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  1. I love all your entertaining ideas. I have some company coming the beginning of next week and now at least one of my meals is planned for me. I used to spend 3 days in the kitchen before company but have learned most people prefer simple meals with a relaxed hostess. Wish it didn't take so long for me to figure that out!

  2. Great ideas, Glenda but first you have to have a Costo -LOL-!
    Energy level...Dave told someone, "I have cancer but Sandra has everything else."
    I just "keep buggering on" as Winston Churchill said. It's the only way to get anything done.
    Gee, I hope that's not an ugly saying...?

  3. All great ideas! Planning ahead is a big key, isn't it? And "know thyself" is good advice. Thanks!

  4. I love that everything isn't perfect and fancy and that you encourage to use store bought items. I love entertaining, but early on, I let the preparation take out all of the fun.

  5. I love this, as a fellow user of frozen and boxed items, I think this is fantastic!!! :) I would love to a guest at your house :)

  6. I would totally love being a guest at your place!! I would even help with the dishes :-)

  7. It is much more important and graceful to make people feel welcome than to do work one is not up to...
    Do hope your mouth heals right any cod liver oil? The A and D help heal things up...Jack Bauer probably even takes it after a bad bang up.

  8. Glenda I could use more sleep take extra vitamins, and boy do I wish I had a partner right now!! Feel Better!

    A New very Exciting Giveaway from Tracy Porter will start on the 1st!

    Art by Karena

  9. This is great advice: know yourself! Sometimes it is hard to admit when we need a break or some extra help. Thanks for demonstrating how important it is to know when to wave the flag and how everything can still turn out just fine. Prayers for your upcoming surgeries!

  10. This is so great, Glenda! There is NO NEED to be Martha Stewart all the time (although you are really good at that, too). Just be who you are and everyone will love it.

  11. What great ideas, Glenda!! Thanks.

  12. Wish I had your entertaining abilities when faced with all those physical problems!
    Becky @ (google makes my comments go to anonymous :(

  13. You are a smart gal. Good for you to know your abilities and limitations!

  14. You are so fabulous! Today, I went to yoga and was really present instead of thinking about the time it would be over so I could work. And, I'm going to go about my day leisurely. Well, at least I will try.

  15. Good advice and you are such a bright spot..I am just drawn to you everytime I visit here. I have never tried the oven baked meal before..I am kind of anti processed meal person but THIS...I could be kind to myself and do some hamburger helper once in awhile. Nobody will die. I grew up on packaged stuff!:) Thank you for reminding me to be kind to myself today! no - really - I needed to hear it.
    And I pray you are feeling better and continue to recover and for an easy and fast healing surgery this week. Is your dad doing better? praying for him also.

  16. This is great advice, especially for me as I've not quite yet lived on my own as an adult to keep in mind for future. I'd eat that turnover! Yum.

  17. This is where knowing yourself, pays off.

    I think getting to myself will pay off in so many ways - am just getting started on that journey....

  18. Hi Glenda. Thank you for your comment on my blog. I'm visiting yours and find it very interesting so I hope you don't mind me following it. To be kind to myself I'm going to have a little me time. Going to read a good book and enjoy the cold weather.
    God bless

  19. Wonderful ideas Glenda! Having company can be over~whelming but you got it down pat! But there is nothing like company and how we miss them when they are gone!

  20. I'm always in awe of you superwomen abroad. I live in the Philippines and we have help- someone cleans, cooks, washes up, does the laundry, cleans the car... and yet, when my husband says we're going to have company, I get stressed just thinking about it! Have to learn to put it all into the right perspective! Patsy from

  21. Great ideas! Wow, you had a A LOT going on.

    Hope you're feeling okay.

  22. Thanks for giving me some great ideas and also saying it's ok to be "not perfect".

  23. My favorite company is one that makes themselves at home! I do adore shopping and planning meals though ~ I try to make things extra special and end up stressing myself out while doing it ~ note to self ~ take Glenda's hints and use them!! My energy level is low this week ~ I am overtired and I am coming down with something. Early home tomorrow night and cozy on the couch I think. The best think I can do to be kind to myself right now is to close the lid on the laptop and go to bed!

  24. Great tips, Glenda. I'm learning that simple is best!

  25. Absolutely, I'm a big fan of #3. I used to be all Martha and make all my dishes from scratch. Then I wondered why I was so crabby and exhausted by the time the guests arrived (we have a lot of out of town guests, too). I finally smartened up and now cook some, buy some -- and my husband has taken up a lot of the cooking, too -- that helps tons!

  26. Jack Bauer and hospitality in the same post? Awesome!

  27. Ah you are such a wise woman. Great suggestions and reminders. I have been so tired this past month after a good bit of stress and I think still getting over sickness of earlier this year. I gave myself a great gift today by spending mid-day with BYW friend Kelly Lee Creel. Such a boost to spend time with a woman of faith, creativity and good cheer. Laughed a lot, compared notes on life and enjoyed a delicious beverage. Thank you for always being a ray of good faith & hope. Can't get enough of those!


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