Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Half Price Starbucks Drinks and a Fun Frappuccino Memory

a deal

Just in time to match the warm up that has come to Chicago, Starbucks is offering 50% off frappaccinos during their happy hour. Pop in to any participating Starbucks between 3 and 5:00 and chose from their huge new menu. They even have three sugar-free varieties, which is great for Jenny, who is allergic to sugar. We have walked to our cool corner Starbucks (about a mile away) twice already.

a menu

Check out these great choices.

Coffee (Christy's favorite)
Coconut (my favorite)
Vanilla Bean
White Chocolate Mocha (Dave's favorite)
Cinnamon Dolce* (Jenny's favorite)
Green Tea
Toffee Nut
Double Chocolaty Chip

(*Also available in sugar-free)

a story

While we were enjoying our Mother's Day frappuccino, the girls reminded me of a fun story that I had forgotten.

 When we moved from Minneapolis to Seattle, my mom came over for a week to help me unpack. One afternoon, we headed down to Pier One Imports to buy a wicker love seat, to match two wicker chairs that I already owned.

Dave and the girls came along and were doing some other shopping while mom and I picked up the chair. They took a little longer then us.

When they finally came back, they found mom and me, sitting in our new wicker love seat, on our new cushions,  all set up on the sidewalk . . . drinking frappuccinos.

This deal is good through May 16.

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  1. What a great memory! I need to head over to Starbucks before that deal goes away. :) YUM!

  2. Too fun! Just yesterday Daniel and I went to Starbucks (the one that Dave and I went to when he was here) and had our own Frappuccinos during "Happy Hour"! I went with the old standard, Caramel, while Daniel went with his favorite Double Chocolatey Chip. He was giving me a hard time because I do call it Chocolatey (the correct name!) while neither of the baristas did (they said Chocolate).

  3. Very cute story {I love Pier 1 wicker}! Thanks for the tip. It seems there is a Starbucks on every corner here!


  4. Ooooh! Thanks for the head's up! I may have to indulge.

  5. wonder if we have that here? sounds like it is time to make a memory?:)

  6. Mmmm, if that offer applied in the UK, I'd pick Vanilla. Or caramel. Or chocolate. Or cinnamon. Or I'd have the lot!!! Yes, the lot! All mixed in together. Yum!!!

    Aren't family memories lovely? The smallest thing can make the most wonderful, lasting memory. Sounds like your family have lots of them!


  7. I think you should highlight the walk a mile to get there aspect of this story....A starbuck Frappuccino is 190 calories...that can get you a few miles down the road! Drive up could be dangerous to the waistline.
    It is lovely that these are shared treats too...especially the impromptu love seat sidewalk cafe!

  8. What? No Java Chip Frappucino? That's my favorite! Hmm...maybe I'll try strawberry tomorrow...

  9. Darn I missed it! So glad you enjoyed your sweet treat!


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