Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Favorite Cleaning Supply . . . MAGIC ERASERS

I love Tuesday mornings. My mind drifts back to all those wonderful Minnesota women that studied the  Bible together, under the gifted teaching of our friend, Holly. And Tuesdays involved great times of creative ministry with my friend, Kate. (This is the same Kate that drew my blog caricature, which I get asked about so often.)

Then in Seattle, again, loving Tuesday mornings. Getting to be a small group leader as we studied under the gifted teaching of Beth Moore. And spending time with my ministry partner, Carol. How I loved praying and planning with this dear woman. This is not the point of this post, but it is screaming out to be said . . . The best way to make friends (in my humble opinion) is to study the Bible together and to go even deeper in friendship, become ministry partners.

So  . . . I am sure you are beginning to wonder . . . what does this have to do with my favorite cleaning supply?

I discovered Magic Erasers while we lived in Minneapolis. One Tuesday, just for fun, because I love Tuesdays, I brought a box to my small group and gave them each a Magic Eraser. For months we talked about Magic Erasers before we began our Bible Study. Each week someone discovered a new use for them . . .

* have you tried cleaning the handles on your refrigerator?
 * your white athletic shoes?

We often said that we should get a commission for getting so many women equally addicted to their Magic Erasers.

Here is the Magic Eraser scoop:

     *always use it wet (and rinse it out every few
     *always use it lightly (it can remove paint if you
       press too hard)
     *always rinse the area off when you are done
       (it leaves a light residue)

So there you are . . . your bath tub will never look so good, for so little effort. Have fun and tell Mr. Clean, Glenda sent you.

What is your favorite cleaning supply?

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  1. mr. clean magic erasers and myself, are old friends. there's nothing a fresh one can't do...

    enjoy the warmer weather this weekend, glenda.

  2. I used to use them for smudge marks the kids left on the walls and doors with their dirty paws! Around doorknobs and light switches is another place that gets smudged. I know, I am very fussy!

    Enjoy the holiday weekend!


  3. I love magic erasers, but I use microfiber cloths more than anything. I use them to clean glass and stainless. To clean windows or my stainless appliances, I use a damp one and a dry one. First I clean with the damp cloth and dry it with a dry one. You only have to use water. I wipe down the shower door everyday with a microfiber cloth, and I never have water spots or soap scum to clean. Now after this long reply, I realized I need to write a post on all the uses of microfiber!

  4. Ok...I love your caricature (so cute!), I love Beth Moore, and I definitely love magic erasers. My daughter took a sharpie marker to our wood table...It was scribble heaven all over. I quickly googled it and wouldn't you know, magic eraser works on permanent marker!

    My favourite cleaning supply is probably the all purpose spray made by a local company. It's just vinegar, castile soap and essential oils(oh and love apparently) but for some reason my homemade version never works as well or smells as good so it's my cleaning splurge. :)

  5. I love Magic Erasers too! In fact, you reminded me that it's time to buy a couple of new ones and get to work on my baseboards. :)

    It's hard to put a finger on my favorite cleaning supply. I love 'em all! Oh, lately I've loved the Caldrea Hand Soap in Olive Oil scent that you can get at Target. It smells lovely.

  6. These are the best little things ever and I have removed paint ~ by mistake of course! I still love Comet ~ nothing makes the tub shine like a little Comet and some elbow grease! Enjoy your holiday week-end!

  7. I love to use Swiffer Dusters on the extendable wand. They dust well and it saves my back from bending over too much and I can reach hard-to-reach places.

  8. I have never used a Magic Eraser, but I always think about it. I just may have to bite the bullet and grab some when I head to Target this week.

    My favorite cleaning supply, hands down, is Method Tub and Tile cleaner. It smells soooooo good, and it is completely safe to breathe in.

    My next favorite (I know you only asked for one) is Le Scrub (also from Method). It's got a little abrasion in it, but smells wonderful and also non-toxic.

    Thanks for always hanging out in my comments, friend. You are a blessing to me.


  9. Fun, fun post...I like them I need to buy some and clean the glass shower. I am trying to move to no chemicals so these work great...let me see, my favorite product...well not having to clean would be great..isn't going to happen but it sounds like my favorite.

  10. I have never tried these, but I think the time has come :-). Have a wonderful weekend, Glenda. Blessings...Mary


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