Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Newsy Bits

Dad came home from the hospital yesterday. When I talked to him last night, he was sitting in a comfy chair in his bedroom, watching a baseball game. He sounded so happy to be home. He was telling me how excellent his care was - "high tech / high touch." Thanks, Sacred Heart. And a special thanks to each of you that are praying for him.

And thanks  to Dorothy who stayed each night, except the night dad was in ICU. Dorothy, a retired RN, said that she would never leave anyone alone in a hospital.

The morning after the long surgery day, when I finally got to talk to dad on the phone and I could still hear the joy in his very tired voice when he said, "Glenny" (his nickname for me) . . . well, I was glad that we could only talk for a short moment . . . so I could get off the phone and cry with gratitude.

Job 1:21 tells us that ". . . the Lord gives and the Lord takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord."  It is easy for me to remember a different hospital room, where we said goodbye to my mom, Hallie. We did bless the Lord. But I am so grateful for this outcome and again, our family is blessing the name of the Lord.

On a completely different note, have you had time to participate in my very fun giveaway. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post. I will announce the winner on Monday. I meant to add a little ps to my original post . . . "sign is even cuter than my photos show."  Dave likes it too, as it reminds him of the old barn wood we used as wainscoting in our family room years ago.

I have never had allergies before, but I am certain that I am allergic to springtime in this beautiful city of Chicago. As soon as the sun comes up, I am off to Target to buy yet another box or two of Kleenex.

I had a lovely Mother's Day, the first in many years that we have all been together. Church, lunch at Nookies, a walk together to Starbucks, fun gifts (garden gloves and the British version of House Beautiful) and a sweet card from Dave, who also grilled chicken for dinner . . . yup, it was a good day.

The birds are chirpping loudly and happily this early morning. Okay, I think I should have titled this post Random Newsy Bits.

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  1. Good news about your Dad's recovery =)

    I quite like newsy posts. Your Mother's Day sounds lovely. Walk to Starbucks.....that brings a huge smile to my face!

    I'm sure the birds are singing here too. I'll open the windows soon. Has to warm up a bit first!

    Have a great day!

  2. I like random posts like this. Feels like we're having coffee at that amazing little place you took me to. :) Sorry about the allergy situation--I know the Claritin and Zyrtec people really like Chicago!

    SO GLAD to hear about your dad!

  3. I'm glad that your dad is better and back home again. There really is no place like home. I developed allergies about 5 years ago. Mine is an allergy to mold. Not fun.

  4. So glad to hear about your Dad. And that bit about "Glenny" and you speaking to him on the phone...that gave me a little well-up.

    Love your randomy newsy bits!

  5. Glenda-
    So glad to hear that your dad is doing well. I have been praying for him. I love hearing the little newsy bits from your life.
    I love you, dearly!

  6. Glad for the good news.
    Allergies....BIOFLAVINOIDS quercetin, hesperidin, rutin and such...you can read about them...they help immensely.

  7. I so enjoy reading your blogs. I was going through some files the other day, one is labeled Gg newsletters (the paper kind) It's fun to re-read them. You have such a wonderful way with words. love ya

  8. So glad your dad is doing so well!

  9. I enjoyed your newsy bits -- maybe you should make it a regular feature!

    Great to hear your dad is doing well. And what a blessing friends are! Have a great week.

  10. Great to hear your dad's ok !! Blessings.

  11. So praising God that your dad gets to stay around awhile longer, so you can hear him call you that special nickname. God is sweet.

    I pray those allergies leave and not return, in Jesus' name!!!

  12. So glad your dad is home! God answers prayer! And bless Dorothy's heart for staying there with him the whole time. What a blessing to have her!

    I don't have many problems with allergies these days, but last week when we visited Indiana my sinuses went crazy. I feel for you! I pray your body adjusts to the new climate soon.


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