Friday, June 24, 2011

2 Ways to Create Memories with Children

It is a joy for us to have two darling children in our lives on a regular basis. Our daughter nannies for D, age 5 and C, age 2. I love investing in them and one of the ways I do this is through creating memories.

1. Having fun routines creates memories.

When D and C arrive at our apartment they take off their shoes, put their coats on the guest bed and run to the pantry (which they call the "snack room.")

Each visit they know they will find "bunny crackers" (Annie's organic) and dried cranberries. They get to choose my ceramic ramekins ("the bowl with the surprise" because of a heart painted on the inside,) or our plastic Cubbies cereal bowls for snack time.

It is such a simple routine. All it requires of me is keeping the "snack room" stocked. I love seeing their faces when they head to the pantry.

2. Doing ordinary things together in a fun way creates memories.

Last week we were having the darling's parents for dinner. So on our regular Friday visit, Christy and I took them to Target.

We put them each in their own carts and had fun racing in the aisles (it was a quiet morning at Target) - memory #1.

And we were picking out "fancy napkins" for dinner with their parents. D picked out the floral napkins for dinner. And C picked out the polka dots for dessert. They could not wait to show dad and mom the following weekend when they came. I sent them home with the extras - memory #2.

These are just two examples of simple ways to create memories with children. I am sure you can think of hundreds more. Have fun.

Do you have a current favorite way to create memories with the kids in your life?


  1. I have friends who's uncle lives in a different city. He doesn't have kids of his own so he adopted his grand niece and nephew and sends them postcards, greeting cards and often includes things like special pencils, stickers, or other simple trinkets. They love to get letters and cards from this Great Uncle and they send notes back, or sometimes pictures. It has become a special relationship.

  2. Children do add "special" to our lives which threaten to become just plain dull as we age =)

    Aidan and I love to bake things, esp. chocolate cupcakes. We surprise Mommy when he takes some home with him. Today I bought 2 plastic little chairs for our front porch. He thinks they are so special.....had his snack outside today. Zoe seems to like them too!

    I keep looking for ways to make memories....thanks for the suggestions!

    Doris (fahnmamma)

  3. When our grandson was little and he came to visit us, we always made cookies together. As he got older, I would put out different measuring cups and measuring spoons than what we needed and he would have to do the math to figure out how to make it work. Example: three 1/3 cups equals one cup. He grew up loving math and is now a senior in high school. He's been in advanced math classed since junior high. And he still loves making cookies with his grandma when he comes!

  4. My husbands mom grows a vegetable garden every summer and the last couple she has let my now 4 year old son, help her. She bought him his owngarden shoes, watering can and shovel and he loves to put on her big sun hat and go out and help plant cucumbers and tomatoes. then they watch them grow together throughout the summer and then he has a ton of fun going out to pick them and sit right down and munch on them! Plus he likes vegetables because of it!!!!!
    Kelsey Rushing (DeLaMatter)

  5. So, true, G!
    It's amazing the
    little things that
    my kids remember....
    Not the biggies,
    like you'd think : )
    Lucky kiddos, to
    have you in their
    little lives!
    xx Suzanne

  6. What joy to share with sweet munchkins! I'm blessed to have taught preschool for umpteen years and to live in a cabin on the same property as 4 of my grandchildren...

  7. What special memories!

    Yes, you're right about creating memories through special routines. Right now, my son and I have baking times together. He loves making "cuccakes". :) Another routine I cherish is bedtime Bible story and prayer. I pray he looks back with fond memories.

    I always love coming here. I'll be back come fall. :)


  8. Memory is such a peculiar and wonderful gift...

  9. Oh, it's the "volcanoes" at my house. They ask to repeat and repeat it. In my pantry where they go to look for goodies, I also stock baking soda, vinegar, and small cups. Food coloring is another fun part of making volcanoes. We line a cake pan with empty cups, put a couple tablespoons of baking soda in each one. A drop of food coloring follows (different colors in different cups) and then the fun begins when you gently pour vinegar onto the baking soda :)

  10. Glenda - thank you so much for your kind words on my blog this morning. I am too lame at technology to know how to 'follow' on a reader, even though I have had you listed as one whose blog I follow for many months now. (I do all my following by email and I haven't yet found a way to do that with your blog.)

    So I was so glad to hear you have connected (physically) with your dad and that he is doing so well. My dad had open heart surgery when he was 69 and that was one of the scariest days of my life. We were so grateful for God's comforting presence through that and so many difficult things in our family's life. He lived another 18 years for which we are all so glad and grateful. I'm guessing your dad was older when he had his surgery, but it's hard to tell from the picture I found. What a spry-lookin' guy!

    Many blessings as you continue your encouraging work with so many in this blog-world - and as you continue to make wonderful memories with your grandkids. I love mine to pieces and am so glad we had kids so they could provide this wonderful later-in-life blessing!!!



  11. creating memories..I'm all into that:) been thinking of you. How was your trip? Lots of memories created I hope. For us - it has been going to get frozen yogurt - a weekly treat that we ALL just love!
    love the napkins...and love Target:)
    happy weekend friend

  12. I like doing "Special" things with my kids on "regular" days. Adding cool whip and sprinkles to top their pancakes, making homemade ice cream, taking time out to play or go to the park, etc.

    I asked my Andrew when he was 2 1/2 what he liked the very most that I did with him. He said, "Pray with me." We always read the Bible and pray before bed. Glad he considers that his favorite thing!!

    Parents seem to think they have to do something BIG to make memories with their kids, but kids are the happiest just spending time together as a family.

  13. This is the sweetest. Creating memories with my kids is something I feel very strongly about--long story, but suffice it to say that I have few from my childhood. We try to have our own rituals--our evening walk, a bedtime routine, church...these things anchor memories--give them a place to park. Thank you for sharing this part of your story!

  14. The simple things are the best. Love the snacks! My grandmother always had a drawer which contained candy bars. It wasn't until I was an adult that I discovered she had that drawer stocked with Milky Ways for me...although she did indulge a bit herself...hahah.

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  16. How lovely of you to do this for the children. Bob and I have no set plan for creating memories but we are very much aware they are being created with or without our intent. I hope you have a great day, Glenda. Blessings...Mary

  17. I love how you're so creative in small ways that provide big impact for those kids. You are so thoughtful!

    This year we had all four grandkids at our house for Easter and had a fun time coloring Easter eggs together. But for me, the memory that means the most is the walk we all took (with my hubby) after dinner one evening. We walked to a pond in our neighborhood, watched the birds, looked for alligators (it is Florida, after all) and just enjoyed the evening. I loved every moment--and so did the kids! :-)

  18. Good for you; I'm sure the kids will remember these fondly.

    I didn't know anyone else but me and my friend, Minnie, used the word "ramikin." I love that word!

    We make memories with our grandkids by playing games, teaching them to cook, and making up silly songs.

  19. I bet I could go through your blog and find several post that you should post on the new "Motivational and Inspirational link on my blog. Do it at you leisure~ but do it! People should be flooding you wonderful pages. Oh, wait ... they are!

    God Bless!

  20. we have lots of yearly traditions. like strawberry picking every summer at the same place. going for flowers every memorial day weekend and then stopping for lunch at our favorite sub shop, a trip to the zoo every summer. i hope by having things we do each year the kids will have fond memories even if it's just simple things of time spent together.

  21. Just wanted to say that I dropped by your daughter's blogs and they are delightful! Blessings on you and yours!

  22. Such a great post. I like to eat lunch out with my kids.


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