Monday, June 20, 2011

Honest to Blog

There has been much blog chatter about honesty in recent weeks. It has me pondering some questions and I would love to have you join in my conversation.

1. Do you tell the truth in your blog posts?

I want to be honest and try to be honest, but I had to laugh recently when I called my sister to say I had posted about her famous cucumber salad. It wasn't until she said she did not even make a cucumber salad, that I remembered her salad was broccoli and over the years I had changed it to cucumber.

In a recent post about my dad's open heart surgery, I said he was 82. Please do not tell him that I added a year to his age.

And, I have discovered that everyone does not remember an event in the exact same way. Even in some beloved family stories, my brother and sisters and I do not agree on every detail.

So, my answer is, to the best of my 58 year old brain's ability, I tell the truth.

2. Do you present yourself and your life in a realistic picture?

Well, I like my life and I like myself, so I usually do not mind sharing the honest details of my life, when appropriate. And I have a basic positive outlook on life, which my blog voice reflects. I think if you met me in the real world, you would find me very similar to meeting me in the blog world.

Last October, I wrote a post called The Other Side of the Coin where I shared a list of my weaknesses, quirks and things I struggle with. It was well received. I do not think any of my readers were surprised that I was not perfect. (I double-dog-dare you to do the same.)

But, I will not post any pictures that make me look chubbier than I am and favor pictures that make me look thinner than I really am . . . hmmm?

3. Do you follow proper protocol when using material that is not original to you?

I have long been committed to "giving honor to whom honor is due", and have tried to do this in my blog. Several times I have seen a post that I wanted to use. Each time I contacted the blog writer and they have generously given me permission to use their stuff. (Sweet, huh?)

For example, the lovely Jill at A Pocket Full of Posies let me share her hearts in my post Hh is for heart. And the lovely Leslie at A Creative Mint, let me share her use of Trader Joe's bags which inspired my post And the Oscar for the Best Christmas Wrap goes to . . . DAVE. So, my advice is to write and ask permission to use things you love. Bloggers are generous people.

And when you use an image, give the website for the source. Only once, did I lose my record on that, and the little blue tea cup was so adorable, I still used it.

There is a lovely new initiative called Link with Love, a creative way for bloggers to unite in our desire to be honest and support the proper ways of sharing intellectual property.

Link with Love was begun by artist and blogger, Kal Barteski, who blogs at love life. Even in the crazy busyness of launching her new idea, she took the time to write me back with permission to use the above image. See, bloggers are great.

Check out Kal's post to join in and learn all the ways you can help protect all of our material. Good work, Kal. Best wishes in the new endeavor. I know I am all in, and will be adding the cute button to my blog.

(It comes in different colors to match your blog style.)

I would love to hear your response to Honest to Blog. Any thoughts or stories to share?

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  1. Yes, Glenda, I'm an honest the best of my memory which is a poor servant these days. Those links look interesting, will try to visit later today. The Trader Joe's plastic reusable bags are great for gifts when traveling to eastern Europe. Most places, as you know, don't provide shopping bags so giving a friend or host a cute, classy plastic reusable bag is a good idea.
    If it's not mine, it gets a link and a caption telling where I found it. And, always I ask permission...I've found my stuff all over the i-net where people have "borrowed" and used my material; that's stealing, pure and simple, imo.

  2. Yes, I am. However, my mom takes everything literally. For example, I may post about going to the pool, and she will call and if I don't answer she will say, "I guess you are at the pool...your post was going to the pool" Not that good....can't really do something and write about it on the same day with two kids around. I always try to put "better photos" on the blog of me, too. :)

    Got a giveaway going on right now if you haven't seen it yet.

  3. Yes I am an honest blogger. I know I would feel bad if someone read something of mine that turned out to be untrue :0)

  4. My sons read my blog -- they keep me honest!! HA!

  5. Hi Glenda. I'd like to think I'm an honest blogger. I know when it comes to photos/pictures off the internet I could be more fastidious. I do try to find free to use ones. But I will try to figure out in future how to put a link on to the pics. I think thats great. I also ask permission to use stuff from others' blogs. I found someone's blog the other day that had used my 'blog goals' word for word and it really annoyed me. Had she asked I think I would have said yes without hesitation - I think a person feels honoured. But without asking, I felt stolen from. Make sense?
    excellent post by the way
    God bless

  6. This was great and I think I would say the same isn't perfect or all cheery in my household, so I try to keep it real! I am for being real...but then again if you meet me in person you might think I was just a little too open, so that is my fault in person as well as my blog
    Great post...enjoyed and agree on each of your points.

  7. You had me at the beginning. Yes - I am much I'm afraid. I a that kind of a person..wear my heart on my sleeve. My oldest daughter is always reminding me, " Mom, you don't have to tell everything!":)
    I'm with you Glenda - I would think you would find me most like my blog voice. The only thing is I am shy...a wallflower. I am totally uncomfortable in large groups of people and sometimes with!
    Blogging is easier for me because I am not face to face....does that make sense?
    and I have most always given credit on my pictures by either source or just clicking on the picture..I believe there is a few over the course of time I just missed.
    Yes - overall I am just as I am on my blog...
    your just adorable Glenda.

  8. "The whole truth" No.
    "Nothing but truth" I hope so.

    "The Truth" Often...where else is there to go?

  9. Hi, Glenda,
    I do want to be me in my blogging. Things are not all roses around here but I won't blog about that very often.....just enough to let my readers know we aren't perfect =)

    Thanks for your causes me to ponder to see if there is something I should be more careful about. I have lots to learn.

    Doris (fahnmamma)

  10. Honest, I think I am. I take my own pictures and if I (rarely) use something from Wikipedia (free), I acknowledge. I do try to stay to the theme of my blog (intended to bring beauty and peace to readers) so I leave out the uglier side of things. We have enough ugly things on the real landscape...I like to concentrate on the beauty that's also there...I also avoid exposing my family and friends' personal information.

  11. I definitely agree. I think what appeals to me most about blogging is that I can relate to other people's truths. That there are other people out there who share my loves and favorites and hobbies, but also my insecurities - it makes the world smaller.

  12. i agree with jeannette. because my blog is not only telling others about our life but recording it for my kids to read later, i definitely make it a point to record things accurately. however, i don't always include every last detail (that's where "the whole truth" leaves off) -- it's important to me not to include things that would shame my children if they were old enough to read the blog.


  13. Yeah, I wouldn't post pictures that make me look fat, either. The thinner, the better, right?

    I am with you on the honesty. And oh, I had to go back and re-read your post about your faults. Couldn't imagine you had any! :) I love your presence and your blog!

    Going to check out Kat.

  14. I tell it like it is on the blog. That said, there are a few things I absolutely will not right about. Sometimes I wonder if this makes me less honest about myself with my readers. And then I remember that it's my blog and my life, and I don't have to tell it all!

    As for pictures, I typically don't post many of myself. But I really struggled over the profile picture. I had recently decided not to color my hair anymore, so I struggled with whether to post the true-me-grey-head or an older one with darker hair. I went with the grey-head. I don't love it...but it is what it is!

  15. Hi Glenda...saw the link to your blog on Shelly's blog. :)

    I love your thoughts here.

    I find that I relate best to writers who are authentic while still being tasteful. You know...I like to know a person has flaws, but I don't like when people throw their spouses and children under the bus in the name of "being real." I don't like when people drone on and on about their complaints without some sort of purpose or life-lesson.

    I try to be an authentic writer. I think one of the Enemy's biggest schemes against women is the lie that says, "you are the only one who struggles with this." I hope that when I am authentic, I expose and expel that lie so that women can be free.

    And like you, I think that people who meet me in real life will find me to be exactly like my writing. In fact, I've had many people who know me well tell me that I write exactly like a talk. I take that as a compliment. :)

    Regarding links...I usually don't ask permission, but I ALWAYS link back to the person's site and give credit.

    Pictures...I never knew about all the permission stuff with photos until after I was blogging for a year or two. I know my early posts have photos that were used without permission. (ooops!) Nowadays, I just take my own photos and put a watermark on them with my website address so they can't be copied. I don't bother with any one else's photos.

    Hope you are having a great summer!!! :)

  16. A great post on a great topic. Love your honesty! I try to be very honest in my everyday life and I hope that translates the same way to my blog. Thanks for visiting!


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