Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Magnum Bars make their sweet U.S. debut . . .YUM

Magnum bars, "premium ice cream on a stick wrapped in a thick chocolate shell," were launched in the UK in 1987. I was surprised to read that they are the top individual frozen dairy snack in the world.

Magnum bars are kissing cousins to Ben and Jerrys, Popsicle, Good Humor and Breyers ie. made by the same company. Wow . . . they are in good company.

Because of all those summers travelling in Europe, our family has a long history with Magnum Bars. Nothing could make a travel day any better than pulling into the beautifully designed WELCOME BREAKS in the UK.

America could learn a lot from these amazing rest stops. WELCOME BREAKS have ~

1. restaurants - fast food or a nicer place to order
 a proper dinner and cup of tea

2. playgrounds for the kids to stretch their legs
 and have some fun

3. clean bathrooms

4. fun shops to browse - flowers, books, magazines, sweets etc. and,

5. Magnum Bars, always Magnum Bars.

On long travel days (heading to our next European country), stopping was fun because our coach drivers were required by law to take long breaks (usually an hour). So . . . there was always time to enjoy a Magnum Bar.

(My personal favorite - covered in almonds.)

Now, if we could just get the FEAST BAR to come to the States. It is a bar of chocolate on a stick, covered with ice cream and a chocolate layer. Oh my.

Do you have a favorite frozen treat on a stick?

A little note from Glenda: I am intentionally taking a little technology break for the next week and a half. I have prescheduled blogs (so you do not have to miss me), but I will be missing you. I will catch up on blog reading and my favorite - blog commenting, after a fun break (and a possible Magnum Bar).

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  1. I love Magnum bars...they were our favorite treat when we lived in Russia!

  2. I don't think I'll wait for a trip to seek out these delicious-looking treats! As for "rest stops", I consider Cracker Barrel the perfect place for me. I do agree about the English stopovers!!

    Enjoy your break!


  3. Gg, I love learning about other cultures (I was a Culture & Politics major in Georgetown's School of Foreign Service ages ago). Thanks for sharing! And thanks for the words "strong work, Jenny". I love that - you must have amazing daughters!

    My favorite ice cream treat? Well, since I just switched to no dairy in an effort to heal my gut, I've recently discovered coconut milk ice cream. My current favorite is Turtle Mountain's Peanut Butter Zig Zag...YUM!

  4. Recently our local discount grocery store had a box of 12 Ben and Jerry's ice cream bars for $2.99.....needless to say, we enjoyed them! But at 300 calories a bar.....yikes!

    Enjoy your nice of you to post so we won't miss you =)

    Doris (fahnmamma)

  5. are a bad influence...

  6. We used to live in Southeast Asia and were introduced to Magnum Bars there and when we traveled in Australia and New Zealand. When my husband and I saw a commercial for them here a few weeks ago, we both stopped what we were doing and just stared at the TV. A few days later our son texted me a picture of them in the grocery store freezer. He was so excited to see them here. Hubby and I just consumed two boxes of them. :) When I ate my share of them, all I said was, "Oh my!" :)

  7. I was first introduced to these bars when I went to Isreal in 98. I lived on these bars!!! Needless to say I was so excited to see them here in the US!! Chocolate Carmel is my favorite!

  8. I have never heard of Magnum Bars...they look delicious! My favorite ice cream is a simple ice cream sandwich. They always make me happy!!

    Have a nice break!


  9. I saw these advertised and I cannot wait to try them! I love a trip to the ice cream stand to get a scoop or two or a soft serve ~ chocolate dipped please. Ahhh summer! Enjoy your break...

  10.'re making me drool!!! :)

  11. Hmmm Yummy !!! Magnum Bars like heavenly bliss.. My favorite ice cream They always make me happy!!

  12. Enjoy your break! Magnum Bars sound great!!

  13. oo, the mint chocolate chip feast bar is my favourite. yum, tastes like europe.

  14. Wow, these sound delicious. Wish , I had known about these when I was in Ireland. Would have searched them out. I think my favorite is the simple ice cream snickers.

  15. This makes me want to take a trip to Europe!

    Have a great break, Glenda,

    P.S. My fave frozen treat is a Buster Bar from Dairy Queen.

  16. I remember backpacking in Europe, and we got to Prague. We had wanted to eat Magnum bars in the UK and the rest of Europe, but the old backpacker budget didn't allow for it.

    But now, here we were, in a tiny town, where everything in the grocery store costed next to nothing. We each bought a magnum bar.

    And then we ate one every night for the rest of the week :)

  17. Magnum Bars tasted like heavenly bliss. can't wait to see this pic. going to have it.


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