Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Super Simple Summer Salad

The temperature is nearly 100 degrees in Chicago today and tomorrow. Not a day to turn on your stove. But a great day for a super simple summer salad.

Mix equal parts:

cherry tomatoes (sliced in half)
avocado (diced)
cucumber (love the small ones at Costco)

Add Italian dressing.

See what I mean . . . super simple summer salad.

What is your favorite hot summer night meal?


  1. Pasta salad with Italian dressing, sliced olives, baby corn, garbanzo beans, carrots and red bell peppers.
    Or with cold leftover chicken, pesto, olives, broccoli, and sliced carrots
    Or waldorf salad with chicken, grapes, apricot spread, and curry powder
    Or tuna nicoise salad
    Or Tabouleh salad with Greek marinated grilled chicken
    You're making me hungry for summer food, Glenda!

  2. Chicken salad, fresh buttered rolls and something cool to wash it down with. We however, are in the middle of winter. Sorry to heat you up but thoroughly enjoying thick veggie soups at the moment.
    God bless

  3. I love a good salad ~ ceaser is a go to here as it is Trev's favorite. Spinach is another and any type of pasta salad. The sun it out here and we have a bbq planned for supper with salad! Happy Wednesday Glenda.

  4. Glenda, that sounds great. We are supposed to hit 100 today and 101 tomorrow...I'll be doing something easy and cool! I like to cook shell pasta, toss with cold rotisserie chicken, cucumbers, broccoli, cherry or grape tomatoes, red bell pepper and ranch dressing. Serve with good bread and iced tea! Yum.

  5. Yum! I love cold quinoa salad with corn on the cob!

  6. I love simple. Sounds awesome! Thank you!

  7. YUM . . . I want to have a summer salad at all of your houses.

    Keep the summer salad ideas coming.


  8. Mmmmm. We love pasta salad. When I was growing up, my mom used to make a cold macaroni salad with tuna and peas that I loved. We had it all the time when the temps got high. Sadly, I don't think I could get my kids to eat that today.

  9. I love any kind of salad. Yours sounds delightful! I made a good pasta salad last week but I must be careful not to eat too much pasta. I have many recipes to make lettuce salads....some with eggs,bacon, some with fruit such as strawberries, grapes or mandarin oranges. Yes, I love a good salad!

    Stay cool!!

    Doris (fahnmamma at Fun Fahn Times)

  10. It's hot here in Kentucky too and that salad looks SO good!!!
    Thanks for visiting my place, it's nice to "meet" you:)
    I'm going to the grocery store now for salad ingredients. . . . . . . . . . .

  11. Yum! I can't wait to try this!! Thanks for visiting CMB and introducing me to Gg's notes. I love it and look forward to visiting often!! Deb

  12. Oh yummy! I love different salad ideas, and this sounds great!

    Yes, I do sell my artwork - I have an etsy store http://www.cityofdionne.etsy.com , I only have a few listed there, but I also do custom illustrations of whatever you like. Just email me at cityofdionne@gmail.com if you've got questions/requests.


  13. I just made a salad for last night and tonight..almost the same but lettuce, cherry tomatoes and the cucumbers from Costco:) but one of my favorite foods is avacado.
    I would love this salad. My mom makes a really good macaroni salad. A recipe she learned from my grandma. I love grandma food. Only grandma's can cook like that I think:) How is your proverbs study coming along?

  14. Your favorite summer meal might just become mine! This looks delicious.

  15. Aren't those Costco cucumbers great? I was so pleased to find them without waiting for them in the farmers' markets.

    Cherry Ames--thanks for the memories!


  16. your salad is Very Similar to Israeli Salad which Israelis eat with everything even breakfast:

    Tomatoes- diced
    sometimes onion- cut to your liking
    salt, pepper, olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon
    mix & enjoy. yoffi toffi. my favorite summer salad because it is refreshing and because it reminds me of being in the Land.

  17. That salad is really nice with spanish olives and fetta cheese added in:)


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