Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Abby . . . Melissa . . . Glenda . . . and a very sweet God

Moving is hard. While I love living in the city and attending a city church, it has not afforded me the usual means of making friends and finding ministry opportunities.

We left Seattle last Halloween for Chicago, so we are eight months into this move. Usually by now, I would be leading a small group, hosting some women in my home for a summer study, mentoring etc. But it has been pretty slim pickins in the relationship department.

BUT, God is just so ridiculously sweet . . .

Through blogging and the Tuesday Soli Sisters link, I met Abby. Abby and her young family are heading to Budapest, Hungary as missionaries with Campus Crusade for Christ.

Late spring, Abby and I enjoyed a long phone chat and I passed along all my tips from years of travelling in Europe with children, when we were a young ministry family. And we had a sweet prayer time together.

Late spring, Dave and I went to a missions dinner at church. We just "happened" to sit at a table of adorable young Campus Crusade staffers. My husband regaled them all evening with stories of his days (long ago) on Crusade staff. At the end of the evening, I gave the girls my blogging card.

A few days later, I got an e.mail from Melissa, asking if we could get together. (SURE !!!) Melissa and I had two sweet times together. She is heading off to Slovenia as a missionary with Campus Crusade for Christ.

I was so excited when I realized that Abby and Melissa were going to be at the same pre-field training in Colorado. So I introduced them to each other, via the Internet, before they left. I have heard from each of them that they are enjoying getting to know each other AND they will be only four hours apart when they get to Eastern Europe next Fall.

How cool is that! So sweet of God to use me to encourage two brave adorable women heading overseas. Before all time, God knew it would be good for Abby and Melissa to know each other.  And He, used me to introduce them.

Years ago, I made up a corny phrase that I love because it is full of truth . . .

"God can use anything. If He wanted to he could use a pair of curtains . . . but He chooses to use me." Even in this season of transition . . . He chooses to use me. I LOVE THAT ABOUT GOD.

Do you have your antennae up . . . what opportunities has God placed around you this summer?

ps. I introduced a great artist in my last post, but goofed up and it did not make it to google reader. Have you meet Fifi Flowers?

image credit: archzine.org


  1. My husband's cousin traveled with a music group with Campus Crusade. They were all over the world and wonderful. She's now in her 50s and was with Campus in an admin position in Indianapolis where she met her husband. Now, both she and Bob are in Orlando. He is on the legal staff for Campus Crusade and Janice is in administration. It has been and still is a wonderful life for them! Thanks for such a lovely reminder.


  2. Hi Glenda. I love the way God does things like that. You are so right - it is way COOL -
    God bless you in your transition

  3. Great analogy...going to keep my antennae's up! Thank you for visiting my blog. I have read TCC. Not only did it help me understand my kids but it helped me understand ME as an adult TCC!

  4. What a wonderful relationship to be a part of -- God certainly used you to bring that about. Don't you love it when God uses you and it's not even clear how much until later? That's my desire for the summer. I'm a bit of a loner but I've been asking God to help me get out of my box and do something for Him. And we know God always answers our prayer!

    Looking forward to reading what God has next for you.


  5. what a great "small world" story! i love your curtains phrase (and i love the curtains photo you chose to illustrate it).


  6. Your post is such an encouragement! What a wonderful story of how God orchestrates relationships and circumstances. I've got my "antenna" up. :) Nice to meet you.

  7. Melissa and I shared in the bathroom that WE SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN YOU A PICTURE...of our smiling faces getting to know each other:) It is amazing how God works and most, so thankful for your encouragement...we look forward to seeing you in Eastern Europe:):):):)

  8. GG, your comment on my post made me laugh out loud. You should try being INSIDE my head...sometimes it's exhausting! Thanks for taking the time to read and respond. I would absolutely love to see a series on homeschooling by you, and ANY thoughts you have are welcome!

    Now, maybe it's my time to help you out. Why are you in Chicago? For how long? What part of the city? Two of my very good friends live there with their brand new baby. I'm not sure what part of town they are in or where they go to church, but I can find out...shoot me an email if you want me to follow up!

  9. I am happy for you and for the glimpses of ministry God is showing you. We moved back to the US four years ago and ave been in CA for two now at a large church. I am used to serving in so many ways and am struggling to find where i belong. I just trust God is refining me for a special purpose.

  10. Oh Glenda, God IS using you, even in this time of adjustment to your new city. He's certainly used you to encourage me! And I know Abby and Melissa have been blessed by you too. You are the BEST! I can't wait to get together when I get home in August.

  11. What a neat story! God is the ultimate Networker! I had to chuckle because I know a girl who comes from Slovenia to be a missionary here with an American group! I got to travel with her last year. She's a great violinist, too! :D

  12. I utterly love GOD stories! We may be taken by surprise, but He ALWAYS has a plan. Thank you for sharing this wonderful glimpse into His plan.

  13. moving is never easy and putting down roots again takes some time....but to be fully grounded again time has to be spent nurturing the new life and allowing the roots to go down deep .... there is always more going on under the surface than we realise... take heart....you are being fully established in Him.

  14. Glenda you have a spiritual gift of connecting people. And someday when I make it to Chicago and if you are still there, I will look you up!

  15. I do not doubt for a second that God has used you to bring together these ladies. You are an amazing woman!

  16. What a GREAT story! And not one piece of it comes as a surprise to me, after reading your faithful comments on my blog and so many others. You are a gifted encourager, Glenda, and such a people person. So many blessings as you continue to adjust to life in the city. That's a great big switch to make, from Seattle to Chicago. But if anyone is up to it, that would be you. Thanks for this lovely small picture of grace and providence at work in the world.

  17. What a great story and inspiration. When we least expect it, suddenly we are in the middle of what God had planned all along. I have a feeling this is only a part of the story...can't wait to hear what comes next for you :)


  18. Glenda, you
    are, indeed,
    a beautiful
    emissary for God.
    I just love it
    when things like
    this happen! And
    no doubt, the longer
    you are in your
    new city, the more
    opportunities to
    connect and grow
    will present themselves
    to you.
    xx Suzanne
    PS: Yes, I have seen
    Fifi's work....lovey stuff!

  19. This doesn't surprise me a bit! Thank you Father for bringing all of these women who's hearts burn for you together..you are most assuredly in the details of our lives.
    While reading the beginning of your post I laughed because I was just going to say God has given you blogging..at least for now to minister through..and then I finished the rest of the story:) This has been SO encouraging to read...I am so thankful He is not only in the big stuff but in the little as well..love ya

  20. This really makes me smile Glenda! God is amazing, we only have to listen to what he wants us to do. You clearly are doing exactly that! Glad I found your blog and look forward to reading your posts in future!


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