Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I wanted to title this post "Collector of whatever floats my boat," but a more accurate description of my collecting habits would be "Collector of whatever makes my heart sing."

I have ~

lived on two continents,

lived in four countries,

lived in nine cities,

spent 15 summers in Europe, and

travelled to 39 countries.

That is a lot of opportunitites to collect some pretty cool stuff.

So, what is my collecting philosophy, my collecting style.  In my travels through life . . .  if I happen upon something I love (in my budget), . . . I buy it.

     *it does not have to belong to a
      certain collection

     *it does not have to have a perfect
       spot in my home

     *it does not (within reason) have to be easy to
      get home. (where there is a will there
      is a way)

It has led me to own an ecclectic mix of very cool things that make me happy.

santon figurines from France

unique chair from Senegal

pottery from Poland

wooden farm lady from Poland

ornament from The Netherlands

rooster from The General Store in Minneapolis
(this one is for you, Suzanne!)

I have carted home lots of baskets from
Eastern Europe

etc. etc. etc.

I love looking around my home and seeing bits and pieces of . . . me!

What do you collect?

Today I am linking to a beautiful blog, Privet and Holly.  


  1. I bet your home is beautiful with an eclectic collection!! Mine is rather ordinary, with an eclectic collection of DUST!! *smile*

  2. Blue and White ceramics, books, art!


    Art by Karena

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    Thanks so much for entering!

  3. Love all of your collections Glenda!


    Art by Karena

  4. Hi Glenda - you should have called that teapot 'spottery'. I like to collect things that make me happy. I am no authority on art and if anyone was and saw my stuff, they'd probably faint with horror. It makes me smile and thats the goal. I also like collecting different tea cups, one of each, sort of an anti-set, if you will. Lovely post
    God bless

  5. Hello Glenda - Thank you so much for leaving a message on my blog. I love your varied collection. It must be lovely to look around your home and see all the pieces collected on your travels, even on your Christmas tree! I will be back.

  6. Love the blue-and-white pottery from Poland...I collect blue-and-white plates and bowls from around the world. I also collect white ironstone.

  7. I love your collection - the diversity! 39 countries?! That's amazing!

  8. How awesome to have lived all over like that. Great things you have acquired.

  9. Glenda, How fun that you have such an eclectic assortment of special objects! All of your "found" goodies will help you remember your travels. :-) I really love your French figurines. Thanks for visiting me today. I need to take some time tonight to see everyone else's collections. Never enough time to do what I want to. LOL
    ~ Sue

  10. What tails you could tell about all your travels and the stories behind each piece in your wonderful treasures that you have brought back home with you. Stopping by from Privet & Holly

  11. You are one well travelled lady! How lovely to have such sweet souvenirs of your trips. Lovely collections!

    (I've popped over from Privet and Holly).

  12. People and memories :-). While I always bring something home from our travels I try to keep it to one large piece from each country we visit. They bear no relationship to each other. Among my favorite things are an embroidered "painting" from Vietnam and assorted tomb statuary from China.I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  13. How nice that you have traveled so much, it's such a dream of mine! What better way of remembering where you have been then to bring something special home. I love the chair!


  14. Hi Glenda, thanks for stopping by my blog.

    How lovely to have a reminder of all the places you have travelled to. The blue spotty pottery from Poland looks wonderful

    Kate x

  15. Your life has been so interesting I know having lived in so many locations. I bet you know how to pack well and quickly. Thanks for sharing some of your collections. So interesting. Thanks for visiting me.

  16. I started a Christmas ornament collection during my summer mission with Royal Servants. I think that might have been either your or Dave's suggestion, but I have added to it for the past 25 years. My favorites are painted glass ornaments from all of the Nationsl Parks we have gone to as a family (and of course all of my European ornaments too!) I also love the idea of unpacking a collection once a year, enjoying it with family, then packing it back up again. We dont have a very big house so that works great.

  17. Hi Glenda,
    Pretty collection. It's so nice to collect pieces from the special places you've been. Love the blue pottery.

  18. I LOVE your little Polish lady. I think she's one of my favorite things that you have - her and "The Family." :-)
    Tea cups are my weakness. I'm running out of places to display them though. Oh, and of course, my Royal Family memorabilia. I guess that's my true weakness. :-) I love my "Waving Queen" statue that Wes bought me for my birthday. :-)
    Cathie S.

  19. Such lovely things, Glenda! I love Polish pottery.

    What do I collect? Words, books...and more books!

  20. Love the polka dot polish pottery. I have a friend who must have 150+ pieces of polish pottery, really one cannot move in her kitchen without seeing it or touching it. You have lived in so many places and have great collections. I collect dough bowls, cloches, shells, American pottery old and new, and many more things. hugs♥O

  21. What a blessed life to have the opportunity to see so much of God's creation...and of course to have pieces to bring back and decorate your home with...your life is a collection.

    These are all wonderful!!

  22. WOW!! 39 countries and 15 summers?! Can you pack me in a suitcase for a summer!? :) What great stories you must have and the sites you much have seen!! Loved all your special pieces: great collection!! :)

  23. I love seeing your collections. I think I'd like to collect traveling to different places -- no dusting! I really don't know what I collect. I like one of a kind things -- one pottery bowl from this set and another from a completely different set. And goblets. I do have several complete sets for entertaining and daily use, but again I love one of a kind for my tea each day. I do have two daughters and that collection has done very well!

  24. Hey darling friend!
    Well, I delivered
    your kiss to the Pacific
    in Long Beach, WA : )
    Internet was down at
    our hotel, so am finally
    getting to peek through
    some windows and take
    in all the lovely and
    meaningful collections.
    Yours is so......YOU.
    And I love your buying
    philosophy. Wow, what
    a world traveler you
    are, Glenda! I would
    love to spend a month
    in a cottage in Scotland
    or Ireland, Provence
    or Tuscany. That would
    be heavenly. I wonder
    where your fave European
    summer took place?? Love
    your little chicken from
    the General Store. We
    could do some damage
    together, there! Thanks
    for participating in my
    first linking party and
    for spreading the word.
    You are one special girl.
    xx Suzanne

  25. Oh my goodness, I am in love with your blue and white polka dot pottery from Poland! (Say that ten times fast!) Is this a well-known kind of pottery? I live in Germany and miss so much all of the beautiful dishes I collected in the US and feel to nervous to have shipped here--I need to start collecting pieces from Europe!

    Glad to find your blog through Amy Sullivan's--I taught high school for a short stint, but too still have dreams that it's the first day and I'm unprepared!


  26. You know, I don't collect much anymore, but I used to buy cats from different countries, but after awhile, you get too many cats. I like to look for art.


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