Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Keep Calm and Carry On, Childers Family

Have you ever had an event in your life that was both wonderfully exciting yet, so sad at the same time? Just say the date August 13 . . . and my eyes fill instantly with tears and my heart beats quicker with excitement. What a crazy mix of feelings! Why, you might ask?

After two years of hard work, many ups and downs, blood, sweat and prayers . . . our daughter, Christy is moving to Bicester, England to be a missionary with Reign Ministries. I am so excited and proud, as she follows in the footsteps of her grandparents and parents (us) . . . to serve God full time in missions.

The very cool thing is that she is going with the same mission organization that we served with for 22 years and is working with wonderful friends, that traveled to Europe with us so many years ago.

While, we have been apart many times and know how to do long distance relationships well, we have so been enjoying these last eight wonderful months of our family being together in Chicago . . . we are all sad, so sad to say goodbye.

So, with the mix of all of our emotions, the hard work of preparing to move to another country, the spiritual work of preparing your heart, the decisions, the raising of additional funds and on and on the list goes . . . it is time for the Childers family to buck up.

So I framed a piece of wrapping paper that I had purchased in a cute shop in Cannon Beach and redid my fireplace mantel. (gift wrap was $4 and poster frame at IKEA was $5.) Just the reminder that our family needs right now.

We are not in World War II, it is not the Tet Offensive . . . we can do this! Keep Calm and Carry On


  1. Hello Dear Glenda,
    What an inspiring testimony for your family!!! I am in awe of the legacy you have left to your children and received from your parents! Generation after generation of serving and loving God and His people! Wow! Thank you for sharing dear friend.

  2. Hi Glenda. Its great that your daughter has followed in your footsteps. I pray for her and for you that she gets closer to God in her day to day walk in the missionary field.
    God bless

  3. How wonderful! And how hard for your heart! Our oldest girls have been doing short term missions for a few years now,and I always worry and pray... Blessings for all of you as you "keep calm" and move into this place!

  4. Oh sweetie. Here's a big hug from me. *squeeze* You must be so sad and so proud in equal meansures.

    Do let me know the dates and I'll make sure she's scooped up this end.


  5. Hi Glenda

    I am so happy and sad for you too. Its so hard to part from our kids even when they are serving. Praying and knowing that you are all in God's precious hands. My heart sends you the biggest hugs


  6. Oh my. I had a huge lump in my throat as I read this, knowing how hard this is for you, but it really exploded when I read Sarah's comment. How good is God to have arranged you meeting Sarah and for Sarah to be there, just waiting for your girl? I know Christy is going to be just fine. (Although I may have to go over there with you to check to be sure!) :)

  7. Glenda,

    I'm sad for you but so happy for your daughter! Any chance you could share how to forward her financial support?


  8. I can relate to your mixed emotions of pride and sadness. It is wonderful to see our children spread their wings but so hard to have them out of the "nest". Your Christy sounds like a wonderful young woman that is following your example. I wish her well.


  9. What a beautiful legacy of missions your family has! Praise the Lord for His hand upon your family. Just became your newest follower. ~ Jen

  10. As long a she is where she is a good thing...and think, you live in the days of really helps.

  11. Hello Glenda, You would have a mixture of feelings. Its a long way, going to another country. I am very happy for her, and you can visit of course. I have a daughter living only one hour away and we only get together about every 3 months. Skype is great, and will bring her right into your home.It is hard letting go..

    About my story.. It is a fiction inspirational romance set in Australia. My editor in the U.S. says I need to think whether I will keep it in Australian English or American English?? I don't wish it to loose the Ozzie flavour but he seems to think it would sell better in America if it is American spelling????? So I decided to let my Blogging friends give their view.
    Love crystal Mary.

  12. Yes, Glenda, as Jeannette says, skype is a marvelous boost when you feel far apart. We use it a lot in the winter when we live in Florida.

    Life is truly an adventure, isn't it?

    P. S. You'll be fine :)

  13. You must be so proud of her. I'm glad you've had the last 8 months to enjoy each others company. I know you'll miss her, but now you have the prospect of yearly visits to England to look forward to :-). I love your sign. I'm sending hugs and blessings your way. My best to Christy.

  14. But you can now visit her and what a lovely place to visit!!!! You raise your children to have both roots and wings -- sometimes those wings carry them what we consider way too far!

  15. Oh Glenda, this is so sweet. There are so many emotions in having a child move far away but such joy in knowing they are following God's will for their lives. Congratulations on bringing up a child with a heart to serve and lead others to Him. You have much to be proud of.

  16. Oh, what a wonderful blessing to have your daughter follow in your footsteps. You must be so proud of her...and understandably a mix of feelings. I pray that God will go with her, producing much fruit. Good job, mama! :)

  17. Wow... so proud you must be... and a fun place to visit! Transitions are so hard... that's also where I find myself as a parent...will look forward to hearing more.

  18. What a wonderful thing your daughter is doing. It must make letting her go a little bit easier. Still...hard to say goodbye.
    I love that saying and it looks great above your mantle.

  19. Glenda, I don't know what to say so I'll pray. There are tears in my eyes....a mix of emotion here too.

    God bless each of you!


  20. Oh, I feel the mix of emotions for you, too! I love the poster you framed -- what a beautiful reminder of what is to come and a fond piece to remember where she is often. Prayers for you and your family!

  21. I know this is hard for all. I can't imagine, but she will do wonderful work. Congrats to her.

  22. Glenda,
    What great news! That your daughter is continuing, a legacy of such devoted service to the Lord is something to be proud of. I'm sure you'll "buck up" and embrace all that God has in store for your daughter and your family in this new adventure.

  23. Oh, what wonderful opportunities and experiences God is preparing for Christy. She has had a lifetime of watching, listening, preparing, and prayer. What an exciting time continuance of a legacy started so long ago. As a mom, you must be so thrilled and proud, but also, there must be a lump in your throat. How wonderful that she has opened her heart and life to the adventures that God has been preparing her for.

    PS. I'm still working through One Thousand Gifts. I'm so very slow!


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