Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kissing (part two) AND a winner for my jewelry giveaway

Do you remember my commitment early this summer to intentionally kiss MY prince charming more often?

Well, last week (while it was nearing 100 degrees) my husband came up behind me, kissed me, and said, "Hey, I read on your blog that you were kissing me more . . . and the past three days . . . not so much, Glenda." (Yup, he reads my blog. Sweet, eh?)

"OH NO," I responded. "Even though I wrote a post Honest to Blog . . . I have become a dishonest blogger."

KISSING DISCLAIMER: I do not enjoy kissing when it is 100 degrees with 87 percent humidity.

Phew, honesty restored! Hope the heatwave ends soon.

So we can move on to the fun stuff - the giveaway winner. The winner is . . . Jessica Heights who writes a beautiful blog, Muthering Heights. Which beautiful necklace do you think she chose?

Jessica chose The Nest Necklace. Thanks again to  Jeana of Ruby Willow for her generosity in this fun giveaway. Hop over today, which is the last day for the 20 percent discount. (code GgTake 20)

Congratulations, Jessica! 

The Royal Kiss picture is used with permission from the lovely Fifi.


  1. The heat affects everything doesn't it? Congrats to the winner of your giveaway. Love her blog name...

  2. Congrats to Jessica!! It's never too hot to kiss ~ hugs are shorter when it's hot but all you need to do is pucker up!

  3. Congratulations to Jessica!

    It is hot. Too hot to kiss? Well, not for a short one.


  4. Very cute post! Thanks for visiting me at Pursuing Heart earlier this week. It was fun to read of your connections with Campus Crusade. We just got home from Staff Conference last night ... such a wonderful, inspiring time together. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  5. Congrats to Jessica and keep on kissin' Glenda! Cute post. But then, that's to be are truly a cutie.

  6. Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway, Glenda! I enjoyed reading every single comment from your sweet readers. Congratulations, Jessica! I'll be contacting you shortly. Thanks again, everyone!

  7. This makes me grateful my hus. doesn't read my blog--HA!

    Congrats to Jessica. I love her choice.

    Happy Weekend!

  8. that is sweet that your husband reads your blog. And sweeter still that he reminds you to kiss him. Even if it is in the middle of a heat wave.

  9. I LOVE your kissing posts, Glenda, you saucepot, you!!! I think your husbamd sounds LOVELY!!


  10. lucky girl with the new nest necklace! My hubbby reads my blog too so I have to be a little careful about what I say...he keeps me honest ..if nothing else!

  11. I like your kiss-blog. Here it's cold... Congratulations, Jessica.

  12. I like your resolution, Glenda -- but I totally get why you've dropped the ball. It's been 100 or close to it here every day for nearly 3 weeks -- I ain't in the kissin' mood! Your post made me giggle though...and now I think I need to go plant one on the hub -- It is air conditioned in our house, at least!

  13. Having been away
    from my own Prince
    Charming for a week,
    I'm ready for any
    type of kiss, even
    a sweaty one : )
    Love that your honey
    is a loyal reader!!
    xx Suzanne

  14. I hate I didn't win. Congrats to the winner.

    Cute post today.

    My meal planning link is now open til the 15th. Hope you link up something good.

  15. love love love your blog. Just wandered over here from solio de gloria.. wow. love your blog.. did i mention that! look forward to keeping up with ya. have a blessed blessed week
    jenn Hand


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