Monday, July 11, 2011

WORDS ~ a good heart makes for a good blog

In the world of blogging . . . there are words, words and more words. Even amidst gorgeous photography are still words. As a blogger, I am responsible for my words and I want them to be 
sweet, and

Yesterday, my study time led me to Matthew 12:33-37 ~ "the good person out of his good treasure brings forth good."

Then I moved on to Matthew 15:1-20 ~ "what comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart."

Good words are not just a head matter, they are also a heart matter.

Sometimes, a sharp, rude or sarcastic word unintentionally pops out of my mouth. (Especially in my most important relationship with my husband.) It is like a red warning light on a car . . . wow, I need to go back and think about this. 

For me, this usually means I have not been emotionally honest and right out of my mouth pops the proof that something is not right in my heart.

I desire to have more "good treasure" and a heart that is good (not in the I need "to be good for God to like me" way, but by God's grace, I am becoming more like God in His goodness.)


1. I asked God to add goodness to my "treasure." I asked God to continue to change my heart to match His. I have always loved the truth from Experiencing God" by Henry Blackaby . . . "only God can change a heart."

2. I spent time in God's word . . . listening, reflecting and processing.

3. While Dave was out of town, I hung out with our daughters in deep discussion (always mixed with laughter and tea), as together we process life . . . what we are experiencing (joys and pains) and what we are each hearing from God. (I love having adult kids.)

I pray that God is producing His goodness in my heart, so that good words come out of my mouth and onto my blog.

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  1. This is a very good word and very timely for me. I see that as stress presses in God allows me to see my heart when it pours from my mouth...reminding me that I am nothing with out Him and I need a heart's change.
    Thanks for the good word this morning.

  2. I try to always speak from my heart but, like you said, sometimes an unkind word pops out and I am out of control. It's always good to take time and reflect on what God trusts us to do and say.

    Thanks for the reminder.


  3. Good words are not just a head matter, they are also a heart matter.

    That sticks with me.

  4. Hi Glenda. This is something I have been pondering all weekend as I am so quick with sarcasm with my husband and before you know it, I need to start backtracking. I've been searching the word for guidance and these scriptures are awesome! Just what I needed to hear.
    God bless

  5. I really like your words in this post! :) Especially when you said, "not in the I need to be good for God to like me" way, but by God's grace, I am becoming more like God in His goodness" - I love that because I've been thinking about this very thing all day today! Thank you for sharing this today.

  6. Love reading your words, Glenda. Today, I need to take some time and ponder your words. Like that!

    And, I love having adult kids too =)


  7. "Only GOD can change a heart" that Blackaby!

  8. Well these were some good words. And a great reminder to not be sarcastic with my husband, which I can do. And with me, it's the same thing-usually I haven't been honest with my feelings.

  9. AMEN! I will think/pray on this as I spend time with extended family this week on vacation. Thank you for sharing.

    And it really encouraged me to read "I love having adult kids." Sometimes I feel so sad thinking about how quickly my little ones are growing up. I take hope in your relationship with your grown ones!

  10. Such good words, Glenda! And a relief after some of the long comment threads I've been reading of late in which words are anything but kind and ultimately, anything but helpful. And I LOVE having adult kids, too. Such great, interesting, faithful people. Thank you, Lord, right??

  11. It is so amazing to see HIM at work even through this medium.


  12. Amen! Indeed, words are not merely about controlling the tongue, they are about offering the heart.

  13. Thank you, Glenda...these words are very timely for me!

  14. Glenda, I can tell by your blog that your heart is good. very, very, good :) Good as gold.

  15. Words can so sooooo powerful either way. Yes especially as writers we need to be mindful of how strong they are. As humans we also need to remember sometime the best words are the ones left unspoken. The gift on keeping my mouth shut. HA!

  16. My big mouth is sometimes a great asset. But it also my biggest sin! I am a straight to the point person and sometimes that can come across harsh unintentionally. Reign me in God!!!! And most of the time He does, but sometimes it's after my big mouth explodes! Good reminder. Thanks Glenda

  17. Glenda,
    You are truly an encourager in this land of gorgeous pictures and words upon words. I appreciate the wisdom you share with all of us!

    I tend to let sarcasm rule, and I need to get that under control.

  18. I love the words that come from your blog. I find you to be honest, caring and intelligent. You have the ability to lift people up. I love to come here for all those reasons. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  19. I am especially encouraged to read about the adult conversations with adult kids. My kids are still younger, but I look forward to that time.

  20. Adult children are a blessing I wasn't prepared for. I love it, too.

    This is one of those "ouch, yes Lord" posts. It couldn't be any clearer than this--if our words aren't Godly then we need to look in our hearts.

    I can even see this as a children's sermon placing words like "thank you," "I love you," and "Yes, Momma,"in the heart. Once a children's minister, always a children's minister!

    You're a blessing!

  21. What a wonderful post, Glenda! Thank you so much for sharing your heart and your 'good words' with us. What a blessing you are!


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