Sunday, August 21, 2011

15 Lessons from a (retired) Homeschool Mom - part four

I would love it, if you would add your homeschooling tips in the comments. We can learn so much from each other. Here are my next three lessons.

10. Be intentional and balanced in your work and play.
Our motto was . . . when we work, we work hard. When we play, we play hard. Homeschooling offers the freedom to do both well.

11. Become friends with the children's librarian at your local library. We were on a first name basis with the children's librarian and she really loved our girl's enthusiasm for learning. She would often order and set aside books that she knew the girls would love. We spent one morning a week at the library (and saved thousands of dollars).

12.  Learn to love books, books and more books. We read books aloud, we read to ourselves, we listened to books on tape, (I know, it was a long time ago.), we read magazines, even the back of cereal boxes. I guess our family really liked words. 

Early on the girls had a notebook and kept track of every book they read. They still maintain this today. How fun to have a list of every book you have read, since you learned to read. 

Warning: Be aware that someday your kids will rent third floor apartments with no elevator. And, you will help them cart all those boxes of books up and down all those stairs. (one third floor apartment, two second floor apartments . . . no elevators.)

None of those boxes of books went to England with Christy. So, I thought you might enjoy her post, 10 things I like about my new kindle. 



  1. The warning is so right on...our oldest daughter's belonging were recently dropped off at our rental truck towing her car.
    She got a 2nd perfprmance contract in Europe and so isn't returning this year...hence we are finding those things she wishes she had and putting the rest in the storage unit we had almost cleaned out. Books are heavy...and camping gear and musical instruments and ballet shoes and sewing machine...all the home schooled creativity...

  2. oh i love this! books are a HUGE part of our lives here too. i'm constantly purgine out ones that weren't good to make room for more. when my big box of hs materials came (which are mostly just books, not textbooks), i squealed on my neighbor heard me ;) love books. so do my kids!

  3. This is great advice. As a former homeschool mom, I can totally relate. Looking forward to helping with homeschool projects with grandchildren. :)

  4. Awesome. Thanks for instilling the love of reading in us...and for the help moving the books. :)


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