Monday, August 8, 2011

The Blessing

My friend, Suzanne, of Privet and Holly posted today about an event she helped plan for her church, where families bring their dogs for a prayer of blessing.

As I was reading it, a sweet memory came to my mind of one of our summers in Europe. We were working in a church in England with our team of 90 highschool students.

Sunday morning we attended church with the lovely folks who had been hosting us. It was more liturgical than I was used too and the communion wine was real (shocking back then!). And it was a wonderful morning.

During the communion time, each person went forward to receive it from the pastor. I was surprised to see rows and rows of wee children going forward to receive communion, too.

That afternoon, Dave and I were hosted for lunch in the beautiful manse and enjoyed visiting with the pastor and his family. I asked him about the really young kids having communion.

I was deeply touched by his answer. "Oh, Glenda, they are not having communion. I think they are still too young. But we want them to feel a part of the experience and feel loved."

"When the wee kids come forward, I give them a Smartie (like an m & m), put my hand on their heads and pray a special blessing over them."

I suddenly wanted to be a kid growing up in that church. I love pastors that just simply "get it."

Do you have happy childhood memories of church?

Linking to Jen and the ever growing Soli Sisters, with whom I would enjoy having communion.


  1. Hi Glenda,

    Oh that we would have more pastors and men of God that "get it!" As the child of a pastor I went to church ALL the time. One of my favorite times was VBS and one night of VBS we had ice cream treats at snack time. That was so special because we never bought ice cream treats (popsicle, ice cream sandwich, etc.)

    Thanks for sharing this today. Have a great week! Has Christy left yet? I'm still praying for you both!

  2. I wish our Vicar was a bit more like that, he is so dour. Mind you some of the ladies of the congregation take some beating for lack of humour.

    NB Tell your daughter to pack a raincoat, it is wet wet wet here. I darted out this morning to plant a new hydrangea. I didn't need to water it in the rain did that for me.

  3. I have lots of memories from Dad was the pastor! I loved my Sunday School teachers from very little to teen years. VBS was a highlight too....esp. the year my oldest sister was my teacher. She brought a treat at least one night. Can't remember what it was but I do recall the feeling of pride that she was an awesome teacher!

    Have a great day, Glenda. We are spending the week at the beach. Not sure if I will take time to blog but I will read some!

    Doris (fahnmamma)

  4. Oh how precious. My memory is that on Sunday night, when the congregation was only home folk, I would set with my friends up front. If we sang loud enough the choir leader would allow us to sing a verse by ourselves...I am sure we were tooooooooo loud...but we felt we got to be part of the service.

    Now days the kids are usually in their own services...I kinda miss seeing them be part of the service.

  5. That's how communion is done at our church:)

  6. Although we didn't go to church regularly, I have such happy memories of Vacation Bible School in the summer with my friends. Making crafts, memorizing bible verses, learning about Jesus. Even at 46, whenever I see signs for VBS in the summer, I have such fond memories of those summers as a kid and the seeds they planted.

  7. Hi Glenda! I must admit, I read your post about 4 this morning when I was up with my munchkin. It was such a sweet post that made me smile, but I had to wait until real morning to comment when I am more awake. :-) Firstly, I think Smarties are just great - my mama usually still gets them from specialty stores for Christmas and other special occassions. Secondly, my mama just reminded me of a sweet thing at church regarding candy: when I was young, about 6 or so, Pastor Jim had an M&M dispenser in his office and if you were ever visiting church and he was there with his door open, he would give you some candy, and if you said thank you, he would give an extra twist to the dispenser. It was a very sweet way to interact with the senior pastor (and a good way to make a mid-week trip to church so your mama could work on Sunday School stuff not so boring). I miss you!

  8. This is so very sweet, Glenda. The pastor had a connection with those kids that they will never forget!


  9. That's LOVELY. Really, really lovely. How amazing to make the act of going up to receive something from the vicar seem so special. I hope communion doesn't seem like a let-down in future years. Haha!!! But I think the vicar sounds very awesome indeed. That's a great idea.


  10. I can just picture
    that beautiful
    scene, Glenda! One
    of my favorite
    memories from church
    was singing Christmas
    Eve when I was in
    first grade. We
    all got a big naval
    orange and candy cane
    as a thank you and
    the smell of both
    together always brings
    me back to that candle-
    lit church. Thanks
    for sharing this sweet
    xx Suzanne

  11. What a great story! I also love that you know what Smarties are...

  12. Yes, he gets it! What a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing!

  13. What a neat story! Very touching.

  14. How beautiful that one of the earliest "church" memories these wee little ones will have is being received and welcomed into "communion" with the Lord.
    Thanks for sharing-

  15. What a lovely thing to do! Kids love being part of things and this was a wonderful way to make that happen.

  16. That is absolutely precious!! I just love how he included those little ones! Brilliant!

  17. Yes, Dad was the pastor of a tiny church. I am now a SS teacher in another tiny church and trying to do (and be) what I remember from my childhood. I give Smarties as a reward for Scripture memory...Sometimes I sneak a few myself!!

  18. I love that story! What a wonderful way to minister to the children. I came to Christ 24 years ago when I was 21 yrs old. So, I don't have any childhood memories of church to share... but I raised two children in the church who are now adults and serving God and they share lots of fun childhood memories they have of the church. God is SO good!! :)

  19. I remember the night I got saved. I felt so overwhelmed and didn't understand the feeling. Henry Lynch led me to Christ and that's when my life changed. I was probably 7 maybe? Granny here can't remember!

  20. How I would love to have communion, too! Our church, though, allows little children to take communion as long as they are baptized. So my kids take it and have been for a bit. I think that each week they understand a little more about what it means to eat at the Lord's table.

  21. I sure do! My sister and I were in the congregation with our dad who was supposed to be watching us..much to my stepmom's dismay( who sang in the choir) dad was sleeping and not just sleeping he was snoring loudly! I will never forget the look on her face. She was embarressed.


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