Monday, August 29, 2011

Lovely Laura, Life:Beautiful and a giveaway

Meet Laura. As you can see, I did not exaggerate when I said she was lovely. Laura 
is fun and spunky,
is married to a Marine,
has a new baby boy,
has a bunch of fun sisters,
wears really cute clothes,
loves hanging out with her mom, and
is my friend

I met Laura two years ago, when she attended Bridges, a Crescent Project class that my husband was teaching. It teaches Christians how to build relationships with Muslims.

Laura came in (in her cute outfit and sweet smile) and I liked her right away. Plus I always enjoy a young 20-something that is open to friendship with an old 50-something.

Laura's husband was away on a Marine mission and while he was gone, they received word that a good Marine buddy had been killed in action. So each Sunday in class, we prayed together and shed some tears. (Let us remember to pray for the family members that sacrifice so much to have their loved ones serve our country and remember the soldiers that have given their lives. Laura would tell you . . . it is not easy.)

We attended a summer Bible study together, became facebook friends and Laura began reading my blog. Even though we now live in different states, just thinking of Laura . . . makes me smile.

One summer evening, Laura brought me a present. As she handed me a gorgeous magazine she said, "I keep thinking that you would also like my favorite magazine and I wanted to give you one." (Laura is lovely AND thoughtful.) And this is how I was introduced to one of my favorite magazines, life:beautiful.

And now, I would like to introduce you to an amazing magazine . . . life:beautiful.

In celebration of life:beautiful's fourth birthday, Editor-in-Chief, Wanda Ventling penned these words. . .

 "A few years ago a major magazine publisher told me that new magazine launches were out of the question. 'It's a million dollars to launch a new magazine,' he said emphatically. Increasing the risk was a down-turned economy and an unfriendly marketplace - major retailers were cutting newsstand space and competitive electronic readers, such as iPad, had come along. The publishing world was a bloodbath, slashing magazines and jobs.

In the midst of this storm, God prompted our media company, only a year old at the time, to do the unthinkable and launch a magazine like none seen before. life:beautiful was designed to be as beautiful on the outside as the Oprahs and Marthas of the world. But there was a huge difference - this magazine would honor and glorify God."

I think that you will agree with Laura and me . . . this is a stunning magazine. (our favorite)

Each issue you will find, beautifully styled and photographed pages, ideas for your home and holidays, travel tips, recipes and so much more. And, there are no advertisements. Wow.

I always enjoy their feature writers as well ~ Joyce Meyer, Gary Smalley, Janet Parshall, Daniel Johnston and Max Lucado.

In the current issue, SUMMER 2011, the editor asked for help getting the word out on this beautiful magazine. Thus was born my idea to tell you about lovely Laura and life:beautiful. You can subscribe at Join Laura and me.

And now for the giveaway . . . comment on this post, telling me what your favorite magazine(s) is and I will add you to the drawing for a copy of the current issue of life:beautiful, to be announced next Monday. You will love it.

Linking today to the lovely Soli Sisterswho would all enjoy life:beautiful. 

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  1. You are so sweet, Glenda. I am so blessed to have you as my friend.

  2. What a LOVELY idea for a magazine. I've never seen something like this before in the UK. Thank you so much for a chance to win!

    My favourite magazine is Country Homes and Interiors.


  3. I never heard of this magazine but it looks wonderful....I believe it could be a favorite! Not sure I have a favorite right now...I love most magazines!

    Have a wonderful Monday!


  4. I have never seen this before but I love it, I really like and get the magazine Real Simple (lots of storage ideas and decorating ideas and recipes and things of that nature) and this reminds me of that but even better because it is Christian based. I would love a chance to win this. Thank you for the offer to try!
    One of my best friends is a 58 year young lady-and although she jokes that she could be my mom, not I just turned 41. I treasure her friendship as well. Age does not matter when you are an adult, I am blessed by a lot of my friends that are older and younger than me, I don't even think of us as being different ages.
    Hope you have a blessed day. I can't wait to go over and check this magazine out-not going to order it yet in case I win the new issue. :)

  5. I have never heard of this magazine, but it sounds GREAT!! My favorite is probably All You, great recipes, money saving ideas and an inexpensive subscription price.

    Thanks for sharing about life:beautiful. On my way to check it out!

  6. I'm so glad you told us about this magazine, Glenda; I'd never heard of it, and it looks great! My favorite magazine, currently, is _O_.

  7. My current fave is Family Fun Magazine, and I also like Sunset and Bon Appetit, but this looks like it could be a new fave!
    -Drea Lyon

  8. I will have to check this out...looks great! Love your blog!! Thanks for sharing and I too enjoy young friends!

  9. Thank you for this recommendation Life:Beautiful looks amazing! My current favorite is SUNSET magazine.

  10. a friend gave vic and me a subscription to cook's illustrated when we got married, and it quickly became a favorite. we like the recipes, the reviews of various products, and the tips sent in by readers. (it certainly doesn't hurt that there are absolutely no ads in the magazine.)


  11. My favorite was country home. I'm in the market for a new favorite. The one I always look forward to is bhandg. :)
    Love ya!

  12. Wanda Ventling worked at Meredith while I did. She wanted to do a faith-based magazine there but they said no she went out on her own, I see. I had no idea. All I really know about her at the moment is that she and her family produce SEASONS magazine for Hy-Vee grocery stores in Des Moines. I'll have to take a look at LIFE:BEAUTIFUL to see what she's up to...
    My favorite magazine is LIVING, ETC.

  13. Glenda: Thanks so much for your prayers for our son and his wife. They are fine! I felt a little guilty basking in our glorious weather while the east coast was battered!!

    Thanks to you and Laura for an introduction to this beautiful magazine. I'm off to check it out.


  14. What a wonderful idea for a magazine! I enjoy reading Garden Gate.

  15. Dearest Glenda - I am commenting on your sweet blog again, now that I am more awake than my 4am snuggles with my little man. :-) You know...

    I am so touched by your sweetness, and just the other day I was praising God for His faithfulness and remembering that sweet class that helped me grieve in the way I most needed.

    I am so glad you arevsharing Life:Beautiful with everyone!! That truly is the only magazine I keep every issue intact (and it is one of my favorite gifts to give to someone I feel would especially love it!)

    I hope we will see each other again soon, but I am so thankful for Blogland and Facebook.

  16. Hi Glenda! I try to comment on your blog but I'm not always successful from my iPhone. Anyway - this magazine looks & sounds great. I love to read Real Simple and just ordered myself a yr subscription, since nothing beats the feel of a magazine in your hands & lap - with a great cup of coffee. life:Beautiful sounds beautiful and uplifting - I may just have to order it even if I don't win the giveaway. Miss you! - Jennie

  17. That is so sweet - how generous of her, and you for paying the generosity forward!

    My favorite magazine? I don't have just one! Too hard to decide, LOL!

  18. I've not heard of this magazine, nor have I seen it in our area. Will have to look this up. I don't subscribe to any magazine, but always look wistfully at the decorating and cooking magazines when we're at Lowes. Country Home and Focus on the Family's Thriving Family.

    I was thinking of you on Saturday and wondering how your Bible Study went. I wish I lived nearby (except for the cold winters), bringing some fresh muffins (blueberry, banana nut or Morning Glory perhaps), and my Blessings journal. I'm afraid, my first visit, I'd just want to sit and visit and hear of your wonderful travels and experiences - perhaps see all the wonderful and personal touches you've added to your new home. I'd be distracted to pieces!

  19. I already told you my favorite!! It's Canadian Living of course and this one intrigues me ~ I would love the chance to win it! What a great friendship you have with Laura ~ girlfriends are the best.

  20. What a fabulous magazine; count me in, please.
    Also, please tell Laura, "thanks for serving" because the family, just as much as the soldier, serves.

  21. I will have to check this magazine out. It sounds wonderful. My favorite at this time is Real Simple. Jean S.

  22. I bought this magazine once last year maybe? I had forgotten about it. I've stopped buying so many many because it is something to cut back on. But what beautiful covers!
    and with no advertisements! I wonder what stores carry it? Yes - I like Real Simple too!

  23. Glenda,

    I enjoy all cooking related magazines... favorite one being - Cooking Light.

    This magazine looks like it could be one that I subscribe to as I usually go to the library for magazine enjoyment. Unfortunately my library doesn't have Life:Beautiful. :(

    Hope I win!!

  24. My favorite magazine is the Ensign, a publication of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I love the wise words it imparts every month.

  25. Oh my gosh what a great post. I am going to check out the magazine link right now. I LOVE getting a magazine in the mail. It sounds lame but most of the time it really makes my day! Thanks so much for sharing this...

  26. First off, Laura is beautiful. Tell her she better have that picture framed in her home. Really, amazing.

    Second, I could totally be friends with you. Your fun attitude just bounces of the pages.

    Third, I always like a good tip on a new read. Thanks.

  27. Hi Glenda, I popped over to say hi to you and found that you are hosting a giveaway! I am fine with winning :) -- but I just wanted to say hi, really ;)

    I so agree on the delight of meeting younger women who are open to friendship with such us we are. I wish I had been more aware when I was younger of the possibility of such a relationship. Ah, selfishness is hard to overcome. But God overlooked my shortcomings and gave me the blessing of letting a few younger women befriend me.

    Laura is beautiful and I pray for the safety of all our armed forces. We owe them so much!

  28. What a special friendship you have with Laura, lovely.

  29. Thanks for commenting at my place! That's why I popped over, but since I'm here... My grandmother has given me a subscription to Southern Living, so that's what I read right now.

    A nephew is in the Army, so I have seen a tiny bit of the sacrifices military families make. Grace and peace to you and to Laura and her family through Christ Jesus today!

  30. This looks like a fabulous magazine!! Right now, my favorite mag is Real Simple.

  31. I love the story of your friendship with Laura. Friendships are truly gifts from God.

    My favorite magazine is Southern Living.

  32. It's always good to have special friendships in our lives and it sounds like you do! That magazine looks wonderful, I've never seen it so will be checking it out!

  33. I don't have a current favorite magazine. I used to take Taste of Home and loved that, but magazines are one of the things that was cut out to save money. :\ This one looks wonderful!

    And I love the picture of Laura! I have had the privilege of knowing her and her family since she was a very little girl. She's the same age as my oldest, and her brother is the same age as my oldest daughter. I just need to meet her little man one of these days. :)

  34. How did I NOT
    know about this?
    I've subscribed to
    a lot of mags over
    the years, trying to
    help support kids who
    sell them for school,
    scouts, etc. etc. but
    this one is new to me!
    I also LOVED reading
    about the special friendship
    you have with Laura. I
    think intergenerational
    friendships are just
    wonderful. Favorite mag?
    Toss up between Country
    Living and Real Simple.
    Thanks, Glenda!
    xx Suzanne

  35. Glenda! I'm so excited to learn about this mag. I used to work in PR, and I would regularly pitch such mag's as InStyle, Real Simple, and Lucky. My favorite magazine is definitely Real Simple. I like the concept - keeping life simple - I love the art and their readers are LOYAL. Every time I had a hit in RS we would sell out of the product I had featured there.

    Since I'm launching a freelance writing career (was just published in Austin Monthly mag this week), I'm all the more excited to know about this mag. I have some ideas I want to send their way! Thanks for the tip!

  36. I'm SO late in getting back to read about your favorite magazine, but I'm awfully glad I did! I want to hold one of these magazines in my hand -- it looks great. Enter me in your giveaway! Thanks for the magazine tip, Glenda.

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