Friday, September 9, 2011

30 things to do when you are in a "rough patch" (part three)

It is already Friday, so welcome to part three of 30 things to do when you are in a "rough patch." Today we will make it all the way to thirty.

21. Really . . . go to church. I have been asking the Lord each Sunday to help me receive all that He has for me. By nature I can be very controlling, so picturing my hands open and ready to receive is the opposite of what my hands (and heart) would normally want to do.

22. Unplug for a day. (scary, I know!) Fast for a day from any communication device that has a plug-in. (Yes, we can still use our tea kettle.) Really, if you have to, go buy a puzzle.

23. Learn to say no and learn to say yes. My adorable mom, Hallie, used to say, "when you say no to something, you say yes to something else, and when you say yes to something you say no to something else." When I find myself in a season of exhaustion, boredom or stuckness . . . it helps me to ask myself, "have I been saying yes and no to the right things?"
(Invite the Holy Spirit into this process, for sure.)

24. Mix it up. I like my routines . . . a lot. But sometimes a surprising switch will bring me a little lift in my spirit. Have breakfast for dinner, have your quiet time at night, (gasp) eat dinner outside, get up and take a long shower and then put your pajamas back on for the rest of the day, etc.

25. Live in the moment. Last week living in the moment was allowing myself  space to pay attention to my feelings about Christy moving to England, and genuinely grieve. This week, living in the moment has been allowing the joy of three sweet young nephews and one adorable young niece to permeate our home. (that was easy!)

26. Drink lots of water. I love a tall slim glass, filled with ice and filtered water. Once you begin drinking water, you will realize that you were dehydrated.

27. Take the time you need to grow up and really deal with your issues. And get help if you need it. This can be hard work and at first will not feel great. But later you will reap the rewards. My desire for spiritual health can often be blocked by my emotional unhealth. (A favorite book on the subject is Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Peter Scazzero.)

28. Eat fresh. Stay away from processed food and eat lots of fruits and veggies. (and a little delicious ice cream)

29. Watch a favorite movie. I love to cozy up at home and enjoy a favorite movie. (Little Women, Secret Life of Bees, While You were Sleeping, You've Got Mail, Nell, Cranford, The Holiday, etc. My husband tried to add -Live Free and Die Hard to this list . . . the sneak.)

30. Begin a gratitude journal. I am inviting a group of women into my home for the next six Saturdays to discuss Ann Voskamp's book, 1,000 Gifts. Together we will be paying attention to what God is doing around us and making our own lists of gifts. (wanna come?)

Thanks so much for all the great comments on this series. I hope you are reading them. There are a lot of great ideas there.

One of my favorites was from Sarah, of Modern Country Style. Sarah has a prechosen "happy outfit" on hand for any days that she is feeling sad. I also liked the ideas of Jeanette, of On Wings of Mirth and Worth. She "prays, drinks coffee and tea and watches a funny movie."

What do you do?

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  1. Oh, you sweet lady--thanks for mentioning me today.

    I love this series; so helpful and soul-nourishing. Thank you for your wisdom!

    We saw a wonderful, funny movie this week: Donovan's Reef with John Wayne. Set in Hawaii; full of romance, kids, humor, and fist fights--something for everyone in the fam.

  2. Hi Glenda, Thank you for more wonderful suggestions! I'll be back Monday.
    Have a great day.

  3. Thanks so much for the mention, lovely!

    I read somewhere that if you feel thirsty then that's a sign that you're already dehydrated. We should, apparently, be drinking water BEFORE that point.....

    I do my best to remember...but actually I'm thirsty right now!!


  4. Thank you for this series, dear came at the perfect time for me. I needed to be reminded of some truths in order to change attitudes and get me out of some slumps...I love them all and want to explore how each of them can pull out of a rough patch. :-) Thank you for sharing your wisdom with a young friend. I am also thinking of making a little box (hidden from my dudes) full of things for a rainy day...I will share with you when I do!!!
    ~ Laura

  5. I really want to be your friend in real life :-) I love reading your blogs... thank you so much for your comment on mine about dancing in the rain by the way :-) I especially loved your idea of living in the moment.. that is what I am passionate about.. helping others remember to live alive in the moment!

  6. I just realized I missed part two of this series, so after commenting I'll have to go back and read it. So much good stuff here--going to church with open hands, favorite movies, (love The Holiday!)and practicing gratitude. Reading Ann's book and keeping my list was so life giving for me. How great that you'll be working through it in community. Blessings, Glenda.

  7. Lots of great ideas and wisdom, here! Thank you!

  8. My favorites today are eat fresh and drink lots of water...two truly feel-good things

  9. laura, i like your idea of a box full of fun things for a rainy day. trader joe's dark chocolate, stationery that makes me smile, and earplugs would definitely be among the contents for me :)


  10. Thank you, Glenda; this series has been fabulous and I've enjoyed every single tip.

  11. Wow... what a great post. I love these ideas. Going to church, unplugging... works for me! :) Love your #30. Ann's book is so good and I love joining in to list my 1000 gifts on Mondays.

  12. I decided today I need to type out your list for "rough patch" times. It must be hard to have a daughter so far away. I'm happy you have some time to work through the ache of missing her.

  13. Added to my list tonight is watching the day turn into night from my deck. It's along the lines of unplugging. Stopping to watch the stars come out and the moon peak from behind the trees, is all kinds of lovely and refreshing. Quiets my spirit.
    Love you, dearest!

  14. Love all the suggestions...a wonderful post....

  15. We were meant to be friends . . . we love all of the same movies! (But you forgot Notting Hill!) And I would so love to come to your book discussion group, but sadly, letting go of Saturday would be a little difficult at this point. Lastly, Sarah is so right about the "Happy Outfit." I do that too--I just dress a little "above" what I normally would on "those" days. Loved these posts!

  16. I just realized my comment on Part 2 reference some of the ideas listed here in Part 3. That's because I read both posts together, and then went back to comment, so the lists merged into one. Anyway, just want to say again how much I love all the ideas you listed over the last three posts. And oh, I drink TONS of water -- I am a water fiend! I can always tell when I've slacked off -- my body tells me when I am dehydrated now.

  17. G, I'm absolutely
    slurping these lists
    up with a spoon. I
    need to jot a few of
    my faves down and then,
    Just Do It! as Nike
    advises : ) You know
    if I lived there, I'd
    join in the A.V. book
    discussion. I'm up
    to #25 on my own list,
    started last week!
    xx Suzanne

  18. Gg, these have been TERRIFIC. Truly helpful - and funny, too. And yes, we'll have to watch some of those Austen movies together someday soon! Any plans to come CA way??

  19. Number 23 speaks to me right now as we contemplate moving into the country. Such a hard decision. A lovely post - thank you! XOL

  20. Hi Glenda,

    What a life-giving series this is. Your heart to help others is SO evident! I couldn't agree more with #22! And I see we have some favorite movies in common.

    Blessings to you!

  21. yay, can't wait to read sue's article!

  22. I'm behind...but I can't believe your post on this! It is so real and doable...I laughed at take time to grow up...very true. ALL of them are good. I need to print them out as a reminder. Love your example of taking time to grieve. So often we are all at a harried pace and don't take time to process anything..what must be bottled up inside. I know is true for me:) love ya

  23. I loved all 30 of these! I need to get 1,000 Gifts. I've been seeing it all over the blogosphere. Right now though, I'm going to get myself a glass of water.

  24. I have really liked this has spoken to me more than you know! :)

  25. Had to make my way over here and read all 30 things. Great list. Great ideas. Thank you for sharing them.


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