Wednesday, September 28, 2011

31 Day of Chrstmas Wonder or Christmas in October

Last year, a few of my favorite bloggers came together for a 31 days of blogging series.

I did not get to read them all, as October was my month to pack and prepare for our move to Chicago. We left Seattle on October 31. (Can you believe it . . . almost a year already?) Whenever I needed a break from the craziness of moving . . . I popped over for a few moments of inspiration.

This year, the lovely Dayspring bloggers have invited us to join them. And, I knew right away what I wanted to spend 31 one days exploring.

31 Christmas wonder

Yes, 31 days of Christmas wonder.

My desk is piled with folders of ideas, MOPS talks, magazines and books. I am having fun. (so far) I have never posted for 31 days straight. (yikes) Can I do it? (yes) Will you join me? (please say yes)

Please do not get freaked out that it is only October and we are talking about Christmas. (I hate seeing Christmas things in the stores already.)

This is different. This is better. This is milling and thinking and praying and puttering around a bunch of great Christmas thoughts and ideas. By the time December rolls around . . . we will have a bit of a plan and Christmas will be purposeful and joyful. Are you in?

31 Christmas wonder

Good. Look forward to some fun giveaways, free downloads and lots of easy, practical ideas. See you back here on October 1st.

P.S. I am curious - do ideas motivate you or overwhelm you? Come back tomorrow for a perfect solution . . . either way!


  1. ideas movitvate me! Sounds like fun and of course I would love to join you miss g...I can picture you puttering around:)

  2. Can't wait. Of course I'll join you even though I'll be away for most of the month. To answer your question, ideas can both motivate and overwhelm me. Help!!


  3. Oh, I'd love to but can't. December is my BIG month for family holiday visitors from Iowa who spend their vacations with us in Florida...there's no way I could post for 31 days in a row. However, I'll be taking a peek at all you ambitious 31 dayers....have fun with it!

  4. Hi Glenda - I can't believe you moved a year ago...

    I LOVE ideas!!!! It's never the ideas that overwhelm me, it's trying to find the time and money to finish all my ambitious projects!
    I not a big journal-er, but I am always finding journals lying around my house filled with random ideas...I am starting an Idea box - I will share with you when it is substantial. :-)

  5. Has it been a year all ready?!!

    Good luck on the blogging everyday...I just don't honestly think I could do that, but I'll enjoy your posts, as always! :-)


  6. Every year we wish we had started practicing the more difficult advent and Christmas hymns sooner...

    I'll tag along as best I can...have fun.

    We celebrated out 5th years since moving this last week...

  7. I don't think I will be able to join in on the fun but I will be here reading as per usual!

  8. Hi Glenda,

    Christmas has been on my mind lately. This year, I've made a to-do list, early, and have all my sewing, embroidery, quilting projects and the anticipated dates of completion just to help me prepare for Christmas. I'm also working on food gifts from the kitchen so, hopefully, I'll not be caught short. Dave is having his company Christmas party here again so everything has to be ready by first of December. That's a good thing though...means I'll have the month of Christmas to ENJOY!
    I'm looking forward to you 31 Days...sounds just about perfect and thank you!

  9. Glenda, I'll be looking forward to reading your Christmas ideas! I do love ideas; sometimes, too many at one time can be overwhelming - but ideas keep things interesting, and add a spice and fun to life. October should be a good time to start thinking about Christmas - I like to plan ahead for the holidays as things get so busy later. I love this time of year ...


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