Thursday, September 29, 2011

IDEAS . . . friend or foe?

Ideas give me energy. Ideas make me more creative.
Ideas make me happy.

But I have learned that everyone is not like me. (really?) For some of my friends, too many ideas make them tired, nervous and overwhelmed.

When I speak I usually give many ideas. I am sure that this does not surprise you, as I also am an idea-girl on my blog. (50 things to do while we await spring, yup 50) It is just the way God made me.

As I began to pay attention when I was speaking, I noticed:

*half of my crowd got energized and sat up straighter. This group wanted to go home and try all my ideas the next day.

*half of the crowd slumped down in their seats. This group wanted to go home and forget they ever met me.

Which group is right? Neither.

Both groups need to do the same thing when they hear new ideas. Choose just one or two ideas and begin there.

My new series, 31 days of Christmas wonder, is going to be full of, you guessed it, ideas. They have taken me 58 years to collect. Take your time . . . choose a few and have fun!

PS. You have my permission as you read my ideas to:

1. Take an idea just as it is and run with it. Enjoy it fully and have fun.

2. Adapt the idea to meet the needs of your family and
have fun.

3. Say "this idea is NOT for me." Toss it in the mental trash can . . . with no guilt and have fun.

How do you feel about ideas?

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  1. I'm an idea person too but not as much as you =) My job as an Activity Director required me to come up with ideas and plans to propel the residents at the Nursing Home (many whom thought fun was a thing of the past) to continue living with purpose. I loved the results from my ideas....most of the time!

    Can't wait for the series!

  2. Hi Glenda - in general I don't like change, but when I want to change, I look for ideas - so, tuning in for your ideas.
    God bless

  3. I'm a big idea person; Dave says I start great and finish poorly simply because I have too many ideas fighting for attention.
    I call myself a Renaissance Woman; others call me a dilettante -smile-.

  4. Oh Honey, I better love 'em 'cause my head is chucked full of 'em. Sometimes it's a scary place to be! Heehehehehe!

    Have a terrifically blessed Thursday from the busy hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa!!!

  5. I'm excited to hear about your ideas. Sometimes I'm overwhelmed with creative ideas and enter a fugue state (at least that's why my mother called it). I really need someone by my side to entice/inspire/force me to do creative things. I'd be the one slumping in the chair with a glassy-eyed stare!!


  6. Glenda,

    I love ideas... capturing them, sharing them, and discussing them. Can't wait for 10/1!

    Thanks for all your postings.


  7. I definitely get energized by
    ideas and I used to be able
    to implement them like crazy.
    I have a few health issues at
    the moment that have tanked
    my energy levels, but I am still
    trying. I hope to follow along
    with your 31 Day plan. Right
    now I am overwhelmed by the
    thought of Christmas, which is
    really sad.
    xx Suzanne

  8. When I write up my essay on learning styles I might have to use you for an little brainstormer you.

  9. Wait, I have an idea. . .

  10. I love ideas...if I could find a job where all I had to do was sit around all day and brainstorm lots of ideas, it would be perfect. :) I'm looking forward to reading yours this next month.

  11. I am one that is energized...but I have been told before to slow down when I am sharing all my ideas with someone, they will say, "I can't handle all of that now!" So I have learned if sharing home schooling, decorating, etc, to watch for when their eyes glaze over...time to stop. Then those who are adding with me...well we can go all night.
    Looking forward to your post.

  12. Hi Glenda,

    I think your IDEA-filled personality is one of the reasons I enjoy your blog. And, the fact that I'm the exact opposite. I am NOT creative, so I enjoy getting ideas from someone else. You idea people are a mystery to me! *hee hee* But oh, how I enjoy you!

    I hope to pop in regularly to read your 31 Days of Christmas Wonder. As long as the ideas are simple, inexpensive, and I don't need to buy a lot of stuff, I'm sure I'll enjoy it! (No pressure!) :-)

  13. I have plenty ideas but acting on them sometimes gets put off...or forgotten. I will follow along with you for inspiration and a kick in the bum!!


  14. Just spent some time reading your wonderful sister's posts on cancer - thank you so much to you both for sharing that with us! I'm looking forward to reading your 'ideas' series!

  15. depending on the day I could be one way..or the other:)
    mostly love ideas though


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