Monday, October 10, 2011

QUIET: 6 ways to find some quiet moments at Christmas. 31 Days of Christmas Wonder (day 10)

Six ways to find some quiet moments at Christmas:

1. Enjoy the snow.

2. Enjoy some twinkle lights.

3. Enjoy a good book.

4. Enjoy a good movie.

5. Enjoy some candles.

6. Enjoy some yummy beverages.

Peace on earth, goodwill to man.

What are your favorite ways to find quiet during the month of December?


  1. Hi Glenda:

    With all the busyness of the Christmas season, it is important to stop and reflect upon the true meaning.

    I love to sit quietly before my Christmas tree and watch the twinkling lights. It relaxes me.

    One of our favorite things as a couple is attending Christmas Eve services at church.


  2. I just heard from elder son last evening that he's coming for Christmas this year. Both boys will be home!!!!! I've already started a list and plan to plan!!


  3. Going to see Christmas lights and a live Nativity is always at the top of my list...I think I enjoy that as much or more than Christmas day itself.

    Reading through our books also...snow...well we don't see much of it here. If we have it then we are all excited and don't miss the few hours of it we have.

  4. I like it to be with my family on the two Christmas-days. Reading, singing etc and going together to the chuch.

  5. Love the movie photo--that has to be our family in the 50's watching Lassie, or some other innocent film.

    We love to see the old classics like It's a Wonderful Life and Holiday Inn and Christmas Carol.

    I heart this series you are doing!

  6. O.K., that snow picture? It makes me strangely excited for winter. Weird.

    I'm loving your series!

  7. Christmas trees have gone the way of all flesh but I do set out Nativity scenes in every room... yes, including bathrooms. I've have a collection from all over the world; some are huge, some are quite small and others are in-between. So, the largest creche is set out in the sun room, candles all around, gas logs blazing (for heat as well as ambiance), XM Christmas station playing softly, animals...and Dave...gathered 'round, hot beverages in hand and the air. It's even better when it's snowing!

  8. Loved all of your
    suggestions, but not
    quite ready to embrace
    the snow!
    xx Suzanne

  9. I believe I'll put these on my calendar. Lovely ideas!


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