Wednesday, October 5, 2011

WORK: Do not be afraid of the word organization. 31 days of Christmas Wonder (day 5)

Do you freak out just a little when you hear the word organization or does your heart start beating faster with excitement?

Does Christmas in your brain look like this . . . ?

Or does it look like this . . . ?

Some of us are naturally organized and some of us are not naturally organized(thank goodness we are not all the same)

Here is the scoop, from my point of view. There are lots of great systems to help us organize our Christmas plans. But you must have the right one . . . one that matches you.

*If you are organized . . . look for a plan that was designed by an organized person.

*If you are not organized . . . look for a plan that was designed by a not organized person.

I have two plans to recommend to you. I have not used either of these myself, but I have friends that recommend them.


 for the not naturally organized
(click on holiday control calendar)


for the naturally organized

Please do not mix these two up, you might go crazy. And there would be no wonder in that.

PS. I love this The Wonder of it all illustration, drawn by my friend, Kate. Come back tomorrow and learn how to order her cards.

image credit: roomlist 


  1. I am an organizer by nature so you can find me with my Christmas notebook in my purse with the calendar in the back showing everything I have to do by what date ~ some people laugh at me but most years I am relaxing on the couch with nothing left to do by the 19th of December and that is a good thing!

  2. I'm somewhere in between organized and disorganized. I tried once and "she" nearly drove me to distraction with her e-mails. = )


  3. I'm not all that organized and agree with Bonnie, the flylady drives me crazy...crazier...with all her e-mails and her website is waaaay too busy. I'm a list maker/keeper and that helps keep me on track. Throughout the year, I buy gifts, usually on sale, for specific people and keep a bakers rack full of gifts.
    I bought one of those specialized time keeper calendar notebooks but can't figure the blasted thing out! Maybe it's me, ya think? -LOL-

  4. I'm a hot piggy mess. But we manage to have a good time, every year, even though it's touch and go, at points. Last year the Wild Orange very nearly wrecked Jesus's 3-tiered, white birthday cake. Oh, my.

  5. I like the idea of having those options. Because an organizing plan will only work if it fits the way you think & operate!

  6. About Flylady: there's a way to have all her emails sent to you in one email per day. Read what u have time for and delete the rest. As an organised person, you might get a kick out of the fact that I printed her holiday control journal last year never used it, but I know where it is, in the back of my other control journal. ;)

  7. Wow, this advice has just turned on a lightbulb in my brain!

    Organized person needs organized person made organizational plan.

    Not organized person needs not organized person made organizational plan.

    I am a naturally organized person. No wonder FlyLady always drove me up the wall!

  8. These resources sound great! I'm looking forward to perusing these websites some more.

  9. Hi lovely,

    Yes, it's ANOTHER great post from my lovely neighbour. Where do you think up your series ideas?!! I LOVE them!!

    I think I am somewhere in the middle of the organised and non-organised I shall have to look at both!!

    If you hear screams of confusion...that'll be me!!


  10. Like Sarah, I am in the
    middle : ). I will check these
    out and see if one feels "right."
    Thanks, G!
    xx Suzanne

  11. I used Fly Lady for a long time! Now just laying back since the kids flew the nest! LOL!

  12. a list maker through and through so I will be checking out the second one. Although I have used Flylady some years ago and it is very thorough..xo

  13. No WONDER I could never understand the hub-bub about Flylady. LOL

    I just subscribed to Organized Christmas! Thanks so much for the tip!

    Blessings, sweet Glenda!


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