Thursday, October 6, 2011

WORK: just a few ideas. 31 days of Christmas Wonder (day 6)

Have you ever googled christmas ideas? Oh my . . . you will get 25,000,000 responses. Yes, 25 million.

In this crazy internet world, it is sometimes odd to offer ideas. There are just so many of them floating around out there. (at least I always picture them floating)

So, today I am going to give you five little ideas, not 25 million, just five. These are ideas that I do at my house at Christmastime. Ideas that have worked for me.

Five little Christmas ideas . . . from my house to yours.

1. Freeze a few simple meals ahead for those crazy busy December nights.

2. Book early . . . hair cuts, baby sitters, food trays,
etc. (this will make you very happy later)

3. Use a pretty basket to hold your Christmas cards that come in the mail each day. (still a fan of 'real' mail)
I keep my address book there, too. Each day as I read the new cards, I update changed addresses. If you keep addresses on your computer, just change them quickly before you put the card in the basket.

4. Get the whole family washing their hands often . . . no time for colds or flu in the Christmas season. (buy a pretty Christmas pump soap, if that helps)

5.  Stock up now on basic Christmas supplies . . . extra twinkle lights (got three strings of them at Target last week),
scotch tape, candles, stamps etc.

(I wanted to tell you about Kate's adorable cards today, but zazzle had a wee issue. As soon as it is fixed, I will post about them. Can't wait.)

What do you do at your house, to help lighten the December work load?

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  1. I'm with you on these suggestions. I had to laugh at the "book early". My husband and I thought it would be a lovely and romantic time to get married on December 21 and it was. HOWEVER, it was the hardest time to get a babysitter when the children were young. There were times when all four of us celebrated our anniversary dinner. Maybe that would be a suggestions you might add to getting ready for Christmas--"don't get married the week before"!!


  2. I am loving this series! Had to chuckle at Bonnie's comment....we thought it was a wonderful idea to get married on Dec. 28. Celebrating our anniversary was almost always an issue. So....don't get married 3 days after either!

    Love the idea of freezing meals. It certainly would make the busy days of December more peaceful.

    Have a wonderful day, Glenda!


  3. Christmas already, so soon..gosh, it flies. We usually have a warm to hot christmas, so cooking is easy. Cold ham and salad. The turkey is cooked in the barbie. Everyone makes something to bring. And this year depending on my health, I hope to put up the Christmas tree.. I have begun to buy gifts as I see things that are just right.

  4. Usually, I have most of my Christmas shopping about done by now since we use the "extra" paycheck that comes in September to buy presents. However, that has gone the way of car payments and I'm fighting a bit of anxiety about how to pay for/shop for presents at a later date. I know God will provide but He is calling me to be a bit more "unorganized" this season for some reason! :) Or, maybe just be more organized about other aspects besides gift giving. I love that your series tackles the other things!

  5. Create shopping lists so that when I go into a store I am focused on what I need to buy. This helps me organize/strategize my shopping trips as it's so easy to get distracted in stores/malls.

  6. I lessen my school load and regular weekly commitments to make time for more things in December. I love the idea of getting ahead of the game on these things to be able to enjoy December more.

  7. Glenda super tips, so true, all!! I am going to start on several soon.

    I hope you will come visit & tell me what you think of my fall far! Also I have a new giveaway!


    Art by Karena

  8. I love reading everything Glenda! We are already listening to Christmas music. Since we are in a new house this year, I am dreaming about how we'll decorate and what new traditions we'll be starting living so close to our family. I've started my list and plan on editing it with your advice in mind. I'm excited!!

  9. Great ideas, I love that you gave us only five ideas. Google gets a wee bit carried away when I ask for ideas :-)

  10. I'm a huge proponent of making double batches of certain meals (spaghetti sauce, chli, meatloaf) and freezing one. But I really appreciate the idea to do several for December use. It's the most wonderful time of year, but face it--it's also the busiest.

    Thanks for this suggestion, Glenda, which I will be implementing this year! :-)

  11. I am going to dedicate
    my green composition
    notebook to your ideas.
    Love them all and off to
    finish playing catch-up.
    xx Suzanne

  12. There's always soup and grilled cheese sandwiches at the ready; easy to fix even for folks who drop in at meal time. Early on, I bake and make goodies to send/take to folks as a Christmas love gif and; the creche's are set out by Dec 1. Dave's office dinner is always the first Fri in Dec so the house/farm needs to be decorated right after Thanksgiving.
    I buy Christmas all through the those thrift stores...and this year am planning wreaths decorated with ribbon and battery operated candles to line the driveway. Won't that be a pretty welcome for company come to call?

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