Saturday, October 8, 2011

QUIET: is it on your to do list? 31 Days of Christmas Wonder (day 8)

Welcome to day 8 of 31 days of Christmas Wonder. If you are joining us mid-stream, a little review is in order. We have been talking about a Christmas strategy that has the perfect balance of


When you think of Christmas, it makes sense to think of all the work that is involved. And it is easy to remember some really fun times. But, QUIET . . . is a bit of a surprise.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes on QUIET:

     * "To do nothing is the most difficult
        thing in the world . . . the most
        difficult and the most intellectual."
                                                ~ Oscar Wilde

       * "Most of man's problems come from
        his inability to sit still."
                                               ~ Blaise Pascal

      * "120 seconds of quiet might change
         your day or even your entire life."
                                                 ~ J Patterson

        * "Be still and know that I am God."
                                                ~ Psalm 46:10

Picture the month of December with regular times of QUIET. Sounds delicious!

How do you incorporate quiet into your holidays?
(tomorrow, I will share my ways)
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  1. With so many bloggers writing for 31 days straight, I am falling woefully behind in keeping up with their writing. And you, writing about Christmas (!) of all things. I'm one of those people everyone loves to hate--the one who thinks about Christmas all year long, has the Christmas cards out and packages wrapped by the beginning of December. That's how I enter into the quiet of Christmas. Now I need to go back and do some reading here at your place. If only I had some eggnog!

  2. Glenda,

    I like this "advice" for not only the Christmas season but year round! Love the quotes and verse... thank you!


    PS My quiet time is always in the AM. For Christmas - it's sitting in the dark by the lit tree and pondering thoughts, Christ, and life. :)

  3. I always plan to have everything done by December 1st so as to enjoy the entire month. It happens in various degrees but I keep trying. No matter because I still enjoy every delicious day of the holy and festive time.

    Have a lovely (and quiet) weekend.


  4. I book at least one night to sit in the living room with all the lights out except for the tree. Whether I am having a glass of wine or a cup of tea ~ this is one of the promises I have made to myself and thankfully I have been able to keep it the last few years.

  5. For too many years, I did not do the quiet. It's time....thanks for the encouragement! I'm sure I will love your lost.


  6. Oh Glenda, I wrote that without my glasses....
    I mean 'list'.

    Oh my, I should not comment when I cannot see =)


  7. Quiet is always part of my day:)

  8. I have a beautiful Christmas devotional book given to me by my husband's aunt, with illustrations by Timothy Botts. I try to incorporate curling up with that book as a quiet activity that helps put my focus on the Reason for the Season. Also, if it snows, I like to take a walk alone in it, usually late at night.

  9. I have to admit that when I think Christmas, quiet doesn't come to mind. I tend to worry about the holidays and almost dread all the "work." It's getting a bit better since my kids have gone but there's still a lot to do. Any coping advice is appreciated!

  10. Gg, I am SO enjoying these posts. You are doing a wonderful job of creating suspension, inviting us back and offering us helpful and thoughtful tidbits. JUST LOVELY. thank you.

  11. Every year I am so
    hopeful that I might
    get quiet in the equation,
    but it never seems to
    happen. I am hoping
    that with a better plan, it
    might happen. Candles,
    twinkle lights, music all
    invite us to slow down
    and ponder the gift that
    is this life. Thanks for
    offering a glimmer of
    hope that it might come
    to pass this year!
    xx Suzanne

  12. Glenda, I am constantly amazed at hearing how people don't have quiet Every day; how do they manage?! After getting the animals through their morning rituals, my day begins with Bible reading in the sun room followed by listening to Michael Youssef and Alistair Begg. When the radio preachers are finished, the radio is turned off and the television turned on, sometimes, at night if I need to wind down before bed. Usually, I just fall into bed and, sometimes, manage to have my head hit the pillow before I fall asleep -smile-.'s a big part of how I spend my life; bless God, wouldn't have it any other way and hope I'm deaf if ever I ever have to go into a nursing home.


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