Friday, October 21, 2011

Can you have a Merry Christmas without caffeine? 31 days of Christmas Wonder (day 21)

Can you have a Merry Christmas without caffeine?

Celestial Seasongs say a resounding . . . YES.

I have decided to go off of caffeine. Probaby not forever, but at least for now. (give my liver a break) So I headed to Target to get some Celestial Seasonings Zinger Tea.

I found a sample box with
Raspberry Zinger
Country Peach Passion
Wild Berry Zinger
True Blueberry
Black Cherry Berry.

Brewing 2 bags of each flavor in a small tea pot makes a rich concentrate that I like to mix with my ice water. Try it . . . it is delicious.

Next to the sample box . . . I discovered a pot of gold. Celestial Seasonings Holiday Tea . . . CANDY CANE LANE.

"This delectable holiday blend starts with naturally decaffeinated green tea and adds unmistakable seasonal flavors like cool peppermint, creamy vanilla and a dash of cinnamon."

It. is. delicious.

Check out any box of Celestial Seasonings tea. They are always good and the box has fun art and great quotes.

The Candy Cane Lane quote is

"Let us love winter for
it is the spring of genius."
                                    - Pietro Aretino

PS. Come back tomorrow for two of my favorite (and easy) drinks for the holidays. And guess what? They both use tea.

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(I lost the site for the adorable tea cup.)


  1. Playing catch up tonight and loving this selection of teas which I tend to drink most every night. Love your gift idea of the pie plate ~ it is perfect! I made a favorites basket for my cousin a couple of years ago and included my favorite tea, hand cream and a cd with songs that reminded me of past summers we have spent together ~ it was a hit!

  2. Ah, Glenda, you found one of my favorite teas! Candy Cane Lane is so good. Several family members, who love it too, have already found it around here. I usually purchase around 15 boxes....and hope it lasts till the next Christmas. I ran out about 2 months ago this year!


  3. I am on the same track as you...I am switching from coffee to tea to eliminate cream, which I don't use in tea. I hope I succeed! I have that very same sampler box. Never thought to mix the tea...sounds good to me!


  4. I love Celestial teas! I will most definitely try this new flavor!!

  5. Love Red Zinger Tea... but I love coffee, too. Looking forward to your favorite recipe coming up... I am hoping it is hot apple cider tea or something similar because i NEED a good recipe for the upcoming season!

  6. I was off all caffeine for almost a year and then our life has turned upside down and what do I do? drink a Dr. Pepper everyday! I so want to discipline myself and stop it again. I felt so much better about can do it! happy weekend

  7. I drink herbal peppermint tea a lot...but the coffee thing...can't quite shake it.

  8. The Christmas tea sounds wonderful!

    I haven't had caffeine in many, many years. I'm hyper-sensitive to it plus I have a minor medical issue that quickly becomes serious if I drink caffeine. So, it's decaf tea for me. Two of my all-time favorites are Bigelow's "Constant Comment" (I add stevia and a splash of soy milk) and Bigelo's Orange & Spice tea. SO yummy!

    Blessings to you, Glenda! :-)

  9. Glenda,
    So, I'm a big, big tea drinker. Also, I toured the CS plant in Colorado. . .very fun place. It made me like their tea even more!

  10. Oh goodness! I have loved Candy Cane Lane tea for several years now! When you come to visit, I'll have to show you my "stash" that I still have from last year. I learned my lesson from previous years after running out of it. Last year I purchased 3 boxes each week it was in the stores. I have introduced it to many local friends and will be happy to have a cup with you - hopefully soon!!

  11. Oh, I love the Christmas blends, they are delicious! As to giving up caffeine...everything in moderation, including caffeine -smile-
    BTW, Celestial Seasonings has some great caffeine teas in addition to their de-caff.

  12. I have to be careful
    not to overdue caffeine,
    so I will check out this
    yummy new flavor for
    the holidays!
    xx Suzanne

  13. The Celestial factory is a mere 40 minutes from my home...If you visit me I will take you there! (Yes, this is an open are welcome any time!) <3 Shauna Poquette :)


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