Thursday, October 13, 2011

Christmas collections. 31 days of Christmas Wonder (day 13)

While I am basically a simple girl at heart, I do enjoy the special things I have collected over the years for my home and holidays. I rarely have a list or a specific idea of what I want . . . I just know it when I see it.

All of our summers of travelling to Europe with Royal Servants (a short term missions experience for students), provided me with many wonderful opportunities to shop in different countries.

my favorite shopping market in Krakow, Poland

Each summer, I shopped with my heart. If I saw something that I loved, I bought it. (if it fit my budget, of course) I did not need to know where it would fit in my house. When I shopped from my heart, I knew it would find a perfect place in my home.

Well, this year my heart has found two things that I want to add to my Christmas collection.

thing one:

I add a new cd to my collection every year . . . and this is it for 2011. The Christmas Waltz has been released already for our enjoyment.

thing two:

This book, illustrated by one of my favorite bloggers, is on my list, because it incorporates the true meaning of Christmas for children. Read more about this fun book on Sarah's blog. (Sarah has amazing free downloads for kids on her site.)


What are you adding to your collections this year?

PS. Have you signed up for my giveaway?
image credit: snowmen, krakov market, she and him, a christmas goodnight


  1. I want visit my favorite bookstore today because I am going to buy a youth Bible. At the same time I think of your blog ... Who knows, I see something beautiful for Advent or Christmas-time.

  2. Glenda, thanks for the new to me tunes; it's fabulous. One of my favorite Christmas songs is by Ertha Kitt - -
    As to my collection, I only buy Nativity sets for Christmas and usually vintage so it's a mystery if I'll find anything.
    BTW, I absolutely *adore* Krakow; one of my favorite cities!


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