Sunday, October 2, 2011

CREATE MEMORIES: they cannot be stolen from you. 31 days of Christmas Wonder (day 2)

My heart was pounding as we drove up to our storage unit. I had no idea what we would find when we rolled up that heavy steel door. We had just received an e.mail . . .

          "Thirty five of our storage units have been
          broken into, and your unit is one of them.
          Come immediately."

We had sold our home and moved into our tiny adorable rental on Lake Washington. We put 80% of our stuff into storage.

My mind was whirling with mental lists of what was in the storage unit, and I prayed, "Lord, give me grace for whatever we find. (and please let our photographs and Christmas decorations still be there)

Well . . . my Christmas boxes where mostly gone. (stolen) A few bits and pieces had been scattered around . . . and I cherished each piece I found. Imagine my joy, when I found one Christmas box untouched . . . our families ornament collection from around the world.

I shed some tears, especially over the loss of a quilted tree skirt and tea tray that my mom had made. (My adorable mom, Hallie, died of cancer a few years ago.)

 So what does all of this have to do with 31 days of Christmas wonder . . . just a simple thought as you think about your Christmas celebration this year.

CREATE MEMORIES  . . . they cannot be stolen from you. Even when I lost cherished things . . . we still had our memories.

Christmas memories are for everyone . . . single, married, with children, no children, empty nesters etc. Have fun and create lots of memories.

What is one of your favorite Christmas memories?

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  1. So true--wonderful memories are for keeps. I do, however, wonder what the memories are that thieves have. Do they sit around reminiscing about when they stole what? Oh, I'm putting that thought away and look forward to your next Christmas Wonder post.


  2. Oh wow. I didn't know about that. So now you're rebuilding your Christmas cache, huh?

    My favorite memory of Christmas is simply having our entire family together. I come from a long line of girls--two sisters, three daughters, two nieces--so we make it a priority to be together at Christmas. We laugh and eat and cook and shop together and enjoy every minute.

  3. Shelly,
    The insurance company gave me one year to replace everything. It was really fun shopping and finding new things that I loved.

    The insurance system and paper work was crazy. But I prevailed. If anyone is in a similiar situation, contact me. I became an expert at getting the money back that was rightfully mine.

  4. Making music and singing, being together, or eating with grandparents, or ... I think there are more memories.

  5. My dad reads the Christmas story from the Bible just before we open presents, every year. That has to be my favorite of many wonderful things about Christmas.

  6. One year when no one
    in my immediate family
    was living in a house
    big enough for us all
    to be together, my folks
    rented a house on the
    beach in the Outer Banks.
    We bought a live tree, a stand
    and white lights. My then
    three year old collected
    shells and my mom used a
    dremmel, which she packed,
    to drill a tiny hole and string
    each on ribbons....lots of glitter,
    too! Christmas Eve service in a
    teeny church. One of our most
    precious Christmases!
    xx Suzanne

  7. What an awful situation, Glenda. Thank God for insurance! Honestly, making memories is our best defense against loss. Wise advice, my friend.

  8. One of my favorites was a year we were remodeling. Grandpa and one of the boys got a tree just a day or two before Christmas, dinner was in the empty upstairs where we had a table and the refrigerator! It was laid back, relaxed and we all had a great time.

  9. I have to go back for this favorite ~ no matter what age we were no one got up Christmas morning and went into the living room until everyone was up so we could all go in together. As we got older it was easier to wait for coffee and such before entering as a family but there were plenty of years where we were just bursting at the seams waiting for Dad ~ which might I add was the biggest kid of all and always the first one up ~ but he would drag his heels and amp up the anticipation of the morning. I miss him so...
    If I lost my Christmas treasures I know life would go on but I would be heartbroken. Thankfully your ornament collection was still there!

  10. Well that's really sad. I love that you made me think about traditions that can't be stolen though. We always go for a donut run in our jammies. It is SO fun. A completely naughty thing for us to do together:) oh and you knew 5 people by name....cheering for you!! Can't wait for that day.

  11. While memories ARE more important, I am so sorry this happened to you. Why in the world would someone break in and take Christmas decorations is beyond me. To risk jail time for that! Crazy!

  12. So sad about your ornaments!! But so true. The memories are what really matter. :)

  13. One of my favorite Christmas memories was the 11 PM candlelight service. The glow of candlight in the sanctuary... And then going outside to go home, always cherishing the faint hope of Christmas snow (and once or twice being gratified b a few flakes!)

  14. Oh that would break my heart, too. I have a nativity tree with ornaments I've collected over many years.

    My favorite Christmas memory is the year my sister received and accordion. There was a huge box under tree with a note from my father to mom. "Dorthy, do not touch." None of us were allowed to touch it. My mother pretended to guess all through the season. Guessing it was a keychain in a big box, on and on and we all guessed what he would get mom. Our gifts didn't get put under the tree until Christmas Eve so we all thought it was moms. Christmas morning mom slid it to Melodie and it was the best surprise ever. And it wasn't even mine!

  15. Glenda, I hate to sound like a broken record but my favorite memory is Christmas Eve. Mom would always gather everyone and she'd read the Christmas story, Luke, chapter 2. The toys and food fade from memory but all of us being together, celebrating Christ-mas is my *favorite* memory!

  16. We got married one week before Christmas - so each Christmas season I look forward to remembering the birth of our Lord and celebrating another great year of marriage during the best season of all!

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