Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 19 ~ Need an easy and inexpensive gift idea? (who doesn't, right?)

As a young pastor's wife, I got invited to tons of wedding showers. With not a lot of wiggle room in our budget, I had to come up with an inexpensive gift . . . that still was a hit at the shower.

This gift that I came up with, is also great at Christmas time. It would be a fantastic:

* hostess gift for your bosses'
Christmas dinner

* gift for the week you spend
 at Grandma's house

* Christmas gift for a college student,
 newlyweds, teachers or anyone . . . for
 that matter.

What is this inexpensive and easy gift, you might ask?

It is a . . . pie plate. Yup, a pie plate.

I stock up on pretty ones, whenever I see them on sale for $5.

Now here is the fun part . . . I hand write on cute recipe cards, my favorite pie recipes. Tie a little ribbon around it and - bingo, the easiest, inexpensive gift that still has wow factor.

(you know which one I would choose)

And because we are talking about Christmas and pies, here is a little gift for you . . . my recipe for

Everyone . . . can use a darling pie plate.

PS. There is still time to enter my giveaway - a Cubs baseball uniform for your American Girl doll.

image credit: lime green pie plate, stack of pie plates


  1. Thanks for sharing your recipes, I think I'm going to try the sour cream one

  2. I've used this idea so many times too -- it's always a hit! One time I couldn't get a pie plate so I tied the recipe cards to a few wooden spoons, & that worked too!

  3. what a fabulous idea! hmm, i see pie plates in my christmas giving future. good idea with the wooden spoons, christy -- i've done cookie cutters a couple of times for wedding showers, with a few recipes, and that's always gone over well too.

  4. Wonderful idea! I often use my pie plates (cranberry pyrex that found at a sale) for a variety of things.

  5. This is a fabulous idea, Glenda! Now I have to check out the recipe for the sour cream apple pie!!


  6. I have so enjoyed sitting in
    Starbucks while my son is in
    his guitar lesson, catching up
    on your wonderful-full posts!
    Your Mounds Bar recipe went
    right into the green notebook,
    as will this great idea! I just
    love it.....the bus driver, my many lovely
    people to thank!
    xx Suzanne

  7. Great idea. Something useful and creative, too!

  8. Love, love, LOVE this idea! And thanks for sharing your recipes, too!

  9. What a GREAT idea!!!!!!! I love this. I am so enjoying this series.

  10. I have all those yummy recipes in my recipe book in your handwriting! I make the sour cream apple pie the most. Love to you today! -joy

  11. This is such a great idea. As an older, gray-haired woman, I've begun to realize one of the best ways to simplify anything is by doing the same thing over and over. I always take the same dish to a church potluck. When I'm Christmas shopping, I buy the same gift for a lot of people. This really is a simple, inexpensive, yet lovely gift idea. (And, I'm way behind on your posts again!)

    Just had a lovely time visiting your city!

  12. Great idea and thanks for the recipes, Glenda.


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