Wednesday, October 26, 2011

RED CUP DAY . . . A Childers' Tradition. 31 days of Christmas Wonder (day 26)

We love beverages. WE LOVE RED CUP DAY. (What, you do not know what RED CUP Day is? RED CUP day happens at the end of November. It is the first day Starbucks begins using their Christmas cups to serve coffee. Each year the cup has a different design.

Imagine how much our family would love this "kick off the Christmas season" tradition . . . that includes a beverage. We practically run to Starbucks on this day. RED CUP day makes me happy. And if we can all go together . . . such joy.

This is how simple it is to have a meaningful tradition in your family:

          1. find something you all enjoy (keep it simple)
            2.  do it every year

Traditions are so fun . . . especially RED ONES.

image credit: Christy sent us this picture one of the years we were not together on RED CUP day.


  1. I love this idea. Even if the family is not together, everyone can still participate in the tradition. Wonderful!

  2. Love your tradition!

    Did you get my email? I had sent you my info twice....if you didn't get it, I don't know what I am doing wrong!


  3. Now, that sounds nice. This year I plan to take my son to a Christmas festival of sorts where vendors basically show off all of the wonderful Christmas things that we can spend money on for decorating. I want to turn this into a tradition. I am really excited about it!

  4. I was really looking forward to reading these! I waited until I had some alone time. So, last night, I sat with a cup of tea and read each of your 31 days of Christmas Wonder thus far.

    The chord that struck me the most was how purposeful you've been in your Christmas!! I have young children and we're still trying to figure out what traditions from my family and his family to keep and what traditions we want to start on our own!

    I absolutely LOVE the book idea! I'm already looking into what book I want to be our very first addition!

    Thank you Glenda for your wonderful blog! You are a gem!

  5. I never knew about the red cups. I'd give just about anything to go to Starbucks with my whole family. We are rarely all together. Thanks for sharing a bit if your life with us!

  6. What a great tradition Glenda ~ Trev and I started one the year we got together. Christmas eve we go to church and then everyone comes back here for nibblies. After everyone goes home we get into our jammies and snuggle on the couch and watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas ~ Love it!

  7. I love Red cup day! in my memory box from college i have the 'happy red cup day' signs jenny and elise put on my door. love this day!

  8. Glenda, did you mean
    the end of October {instead
    of the end of November, as
    written?}. I had NOT heard of
    this, but now want to run into
    town and order a latte!
    xx Suzanne


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