Sunday, November 27, 2011

5 Reasons I Decorate for Christmas on Thanksgiving Weekend

1. I, by nature, temperament and life experience, am a forward moving person. Once an event (Thanksgiving) is over, I have quickly moved on and am already living in the next event. (Christmas) So, I just want to decorate for Christmas NOW.

2. My family firmly refuses to carry my Christmas boxes up all those flights of stairs on Thanksgiving evening. (imagine!) But Friday morning, I have willing slaves, I mean, helpers.

3. I cannot wait any longer to open and listen to my new Michael Buble Christmas cd. I buy a new cd each holiday season.

4. The minute Christmas is over (see #1), I am ready to take everything down, and begin to enjoy the post Christmas simplicity. So putting up my decorations early, gives us plenty of time to truly enjoy their beauty.

5.  If I have not convinced you yet, I have saved the best reason for last. Because of all the delicious Thanksgiving dinner leftovers . . . I can decorate all weekend, eat yummy food and NOT DO ANY COOKING.

Whenever you decorate and however you celebrate, I wish you an early Merry Christmas. This morning at church, we lit the first Advent candle . . . the candle of HOPE. "And now, O Lord, for what do I wait? My hope is in YOU." Psalm 39:7


  1. I love the lighting of the Advent candles Glenda ~ they fill my heart with joy. I have been waiting until it is "time" to decorate which for me is Dec 1st. I did start some things this week-end and I love taking the things out as each item sparks a memory. It is the most wonderful time of the year.

  2. I brought home a live Norfolk Island Pine for our Christmas tree this year...which meant it was already up (but not decorated) for Thanksgiving. It's a simple tree to decorate this year...just a few lightweight, papery things that won't weigh down the delicate branches.

  3. Glenda some really good reason here!! I did get started thanks to my little helper!


    Art by Karena

  4. I wish I could convince my husband! These are great reasons! My mom left today, so I think we'll get to it next weekend. I'm jealous of all my friends who already have everything so beautiful!

  5. Me too! The weekend is over and the decorations are (mostly) up! I'm like you--I get tired of them and am so ready to see them go on Jan. 2.

    P.S. I got the new Michael Buble CD and have already played several times. I love it!

  6. These are all great reasons and I had every intention to do my decorating this weekend, but...

    1) Hubs proclaimed that a live tree would be dead by Christmas if we put it up now.

    2) No, I would not remember to water it every day.

    3) Lots of leftovers, no cooking, good excuse to nap.

    4) Need to take fall decorations down to make room but busy napping

    5) I have a habit of living in the past so it is still Thanksgiving day to me.


  7. Yes, most of our Christmas decorations are up now, too - although we still do have the tree and some lighting left to do. I like to work on it the weekend after Thanksgiving, too. Loved your reasons!

  8. i need some suggestions of how to celebrate and decorate in uganda!
    missing you so much!!!

  9. even though we areoving this weekend we still put up our tree.
    i adore the warmth a tree lit with lights gives a home. the perfect atmosphere
    to hope:)
    i am the same as you. forward moving. at least in some things;)
    praying your feeling lots better

  10. Hello Glenda, love your blog - I too try to get most of my Christmas decorating done early so that I can focus on the things that really matter. I have to say that this year it is taking me a bit longer!

  11. I like the way you think, girlfriend :-). I'll wager the house looks lovely. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  12. I, too, am ready for Christmas music and decorations. I think you showed great restraint in waiting until Thanksgiving was over :)

  13. I have not started to decorate yet. I would love to but the Women's breakfast at church is on Saturday.... I have much to do for that. My decorating will have to wait.

    We lit the first Advent candle too!

    Merry Christmas to you!


  14. Hope you had a wonderful holiday. I bet your house looks lovely.

    We're decorating next weekend. I have to spread the chaos out a little.

  15. Oh I have become like you...not so much when the first four were little, I was too tired after Thanksgiving, but now days, yes...and most of mine is already up this year. Benjamin was so excited too, so I have both worlds, the adults and a little of both worlds.

    I need a new CD so I might go get a copy Mike also.

    Yes Advent...Hope!

    Blessings and enjoy!

  16. Oh, that's a great idea--wish I had that mindset. I give it about a week, then usually decorate the first week in December. Our son is coming home for Christmas this year, so I'm uber excited!

  17. I start watching movies and listening to music after Thanksgiving but I don't decorate until after our anniversary on Dec. 13th. We leave our decorations up until after New Years so they are up for about 3 weeks and that works for me.

    Love reading about other people traditions!

  18. I used to start decorating while the turkey was in the oven on Thanksgiving Day. Gave me something to do. I'm not anxious to pack it all away when Christmas is over, though. I like to linger in it. The day I take my Christmas tree down is the saddest day of the year for me.

  19. I decorate Thanksgiving weekend too. Why? My mother always did and it is just what you are supposed to do!! Plus, it's done before the business of the holidays!

  20. :) How fun! I like you move on to the next thing as soon as the other thing is over. I woke up Thanksgiving morning thinking of Thanksgiving. The day after? Christmas. It is such a beautiful time and I want to take it all in while I can. It goes by so quickly!
    Michael Buble's new Christmas cd is wonderful. What a voice he has! ;)

  21. I'm having a difficult time being motivated this year. The kids are older (college students) and I never realized how much of what I do is for them. I know that once I start I'll be excited, but for now....I'm dragging...

  22. Glenda, I love all of your reasons. We have always followed the same tradition of decorating on Thanksgiving weekend. This year is a little different, being the first without Mama. Hubby put up my hot pink, pre-lit Christmas tree, but there are no ornaments on it. There may not be, either. I have to go through all of the Christmas stuff, separate Mom's from mine (she lived with us), and send photos of her decorations to the siblings so they can tell me which pieces they want. That might be as much as I can emotionally handle this year. But looking at that hot pink tree all lit up... that will cheer me. Mama loved my quirkiness, pink trees and all!

  23. What a fun list of
    of great Christmas-y
    ideas! Since we were
    gone over Thanksgiving,
    I'm just now putting
    out decorations and
    doing the tree, in
    stages : ) Trying not
    to feel overwhelmed!
    I know what you mean
    about that post-Christmas
    simplicity. Thank you
    for sharing your wisdom
    around the water cooler
    on Monday Moments, G!

    xx Suzanne


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