Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It is RED CUP day in Chicago. 31 days of Christmas Wonder (day 30)

It is RED CUP day in Chicago. This year I had my first drink (tall decaf) of the season alone. Dave and Jenny were working and Christy is in England where RED CUP day is Thursday.

I was running errands at Target when I realised, so I rushed right over to get one. The new decaf is delicious, but it takes a minute, as they hand pour the hot water over the coffee.

The barista handed me a cup with the sleve already on it. As I stepped over to add some milk, I realized they had given me the regular old white cup.

One cannot drink their coffee out of a white cup on RED CUP day. So, I asked the girl at the end of the counter if I could please have a RED CUP. She said, "No, you did not buy that coffee here. We only serve red cups."

We went back and forth, until the first barista finally came over and rescued me. Then she got yelled at for serving a white cup. (Let me clarify, it was not me yelling.) 

But, everyone does know that you do not serve coffee in a white cup on RED CUP day, right?


  1. Heads up $bucks....not only is the customer always right or at least she should be treated with genteel courtesy...she may be blogging!

  2. Too funny....never heard of "red cup" day I hope you enjoyed your coffee...well I see two Janettes have made it here to comment...LOL

  3. Is that like a National Red Cup day? Or a Glenda Red Cup day? I haven't bought Starbucks in quite a while since my dear hubby got me an espresso machine for my bday a few years back :)

  4. you look so cute..so comfy. I have been up since 2am! I couldn't sleep and looking at your hot coffee makes me think I might just get up and make a cup:)
    You are almost there...31 days! whew
    happy Wednesday to you in Chicago..

  5. congrats! keep up the good work/this is a great presentation.

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  6. I want a Red Cup too! Maybe I will head to the hospital this morning to see that new Grandbaby....and stop by Starbucks! I saw they are serving Peppermint mocha but I'm not at all finished with the pumpkin spice yet.....my favorite!

    I hope you can enoy your next red cup with a loved one =)


  7. Life is rough when you're a barista. :)
    Happy red cup day!

  8. You sure make that coffee sound good. Why are you in Chicago? Do you life there. I'm from Chicago before moving out west.


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