Friday, November 25, 2011

Thankful for Thanksgiving Memories

In a few weeks, I am turning 59. (wow) That means that I have enjoyed many Thanksgivings. Because of a complication in my recent oral surgery and more time to rest, I have had lots of time to reminisce.

pumpkin pie with nut topping . . . yum.

Random Thanksgiving Memories

*During college, I was always invited to the home of my friend, Nadine, in Lodi, California, where her family always welcomed me with such kindness.

*The big Johnson Thanksgivings were wonderful, when dad was pastoring in Spokane and we all still lived there. A huge and loud crowd around dad and mom's table . . . with lots of babies. (my girls have 14 Johnson cousins)

*My brother, Tim, lived with us while he was engaged to the lovely Holly. That  Thankgsiving, we invited her family over.

*One Thanksgiving, dad and mom, flew from the hot and humid Philippines to spend the holiday with us in Minneapolis. We took them to the Holidazzle parade. My dad thought he might just freeze to death, as it was 5 degrees. (There was not enough Starbucks in the world to make up for that temperature difference.) 

The first Thanksgiving after my mom died was, of course, so hard. We wanted to still be together, but wanted it to be a little different, so everyone came to our house in Seattle. Early Thanksgiving morning, we received a call that my 30 year old nephew, Dax, had died. It was a difficult time for our family.

*We all remember the Thanksgiving visit from Tim and Holly and their kids. On Thanksgiving day we had an early lunch feast, took them to the airport and we were so sad, we four went to see a movie.

*Of course, all the Thanksgivings when the girls were little made for great memories. Reading books, making projects and always on Thanksgiving morning, making an apple turkey. (with raisins and toothpicks) As a family, we memorized Psalm 100, and still love listening to the tape of Jenny reciting it when she was two. (Shout to the "lod" all ye "erth".)

Yesterday, was another wonderful day, and we have so many reasons to give thanks to the Lord. We ended our day with a lovely long chat with Christy, via skype.

How was your Thanksgiving?


  1. I love these memories, Glenda. For some reason, thinking of you all chatting with Christie made me choke up. I hope it was a good day.

    We had fun with some friends yesterday. It was nice to be with another family.

  2. I enjoyed reading your Thanksgiving memories! Makes me want to go back (in my mind) and revisit some of my family memories of the day.

  3. Yes, skype...we're about to do that...30 minutes from now we'll chat it up with grandson thankful for Skype :)

  4. This was my second year to make your family's famous pumpkin pie to rave reviews. So fun to tell people that it is my dear friend Jenny's family tradition that now is ours too!

    My apartment is wonderfully fallish with the leaves from Wheaton. I may hold onto fall a little while longer before putting up my Hanukkah decorations because I love it so much!

  5. We had a skype call too...isn't it amazing technology that allows us to see and hear our traveling family!

  6. I'm sorry that you have not been well.

    I hope you had a wonderful holiday.

  7. You have some joyful and sad Thanksgiving memories Glenda. I remember our 1st Thanksgiving without Dad ~ we had the entire family to our place for dinner and although there was a someone missing I think it helped in the healing process for our family. So glad you got to skype with Christy ~ that would have made your day complete.

  8. I hate to hear about complications from the oral surgery, but I am thrilled to hear it allowed you to linger a little in your memories.

    Hope you are feeling better.


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