Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How to Take your Christmas Decorations Down in an Orderly and Fun Manner

I am oldish. So I have been taking Christmas decorations down for a long time. Over the years I have developed a system . . . that works for me. Today, I want to share it with you, if you want to try it.

Step one: Enlist the help of your whole family to carry up the Christmas bins from storage. (In our case, bribes help, because it is cold in Chicago and we have to go outside.)

I love the sturdy red and green Christmas storage bins (from Target) and all my Christmas stuff fits in them.

Step two: Choose a stack of your favorite Christmas cd's, to keep you company while you work.

Step three: Pour a beverage or two. (For me, hot tea and seltzer water on ice.) Refill throughout the process.

Step four: Take down the tree first. I have one bin for everything tree related. (ornaments, lights, ribbons and beads) I pack them up and the tree. Now you have more space and are starting to get excited for . . . peaceful January.

Step five: Clean off your dining table. Get a big tray and walk through the house, room by room, collecting your Christmas decorations. Put them on the table. This may take several trips.

 (My mantle for January)

Step six: Have an innocent bystander (fresh eyes) walk through the house to find any bits you forgot.

(Our best Christmas present . . . the girls are home.)

Step seven: Pack up everything on the table in the rest of your bins. (For me, this part is in random order, just anywhere things fit. I do try to balance the weight.) 

Step eight: Beg your family to put their winter coats back on and carry the boxes back down stairs.

I work hard and fast and take a food break when needed. (left overs from Christmas dinner)

Have fun.  


  1. haha..miss oldish! I'm oldish too but have no system so can I borrow your family, your bystanders, and you???
    I'm hosting a Best of 2011 blog hop and would love to have you come and link up a post from 2011.

  2. Such an organised go Glenda! How wondeful for you to have your girls home. I loved having the whole family together, if only for a few days. Best wishes Glenda to you and your family for a very Happy New Year!

    Jeanne xx

  3. Thinking about doing just that...thanks for the inspiration!
    Christmas hugs,

  4. Step 6 is my favorite! I ALWAYS notice something days, sometimes weeks after everything else is put away!

  5. smile....oldish?
    everytiime I say I'm old the girls say " mom, your not old!"
    I think they will always tell me that.
    I like your system. I listen to music too.
    I'm all done as well. Got the rest of it down last night. Whew!
    stay warm and happy new year

  6. I like your comment about get fresh eyes to look around for stray decorations! I get Trev to do that every year and I always find some strays. I will never forget when I did that for Mom and we thought we had everything done. We went to sit down with a cup of tea and laughed as we both missed the tablecloth on the table!

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  8. OK - so I see what my problem has been. I see why my tree is sometimes still up at the end of January. (I kid you not). Obviously I need a system, bystanders, and family to help.

    Loved it. Thanks for your blog.

  9. Sounds like a great plan - and have a wonderful time with your daughters home!! I'll be waiting till next week, and then will be putting our Christmas decorations away ... once January hits, it's time.

  10. i simply adore the picture of jenny and christy together because, well, i adore those two girls and it's such a joy to imagine the two of them having such fun together. (okay, the four of you having such fun together!) and jenny, i love your hair long!


  11. If you are oldish, guess I am too=)
    You are so organized....I have to work hard at being organized. Just does not come naturally for me.

    So nice to have your girls home.....enjoy every moment!

  12. Oh sweet Glenda, I'm way beyond oldish. JUST PLAIN OLD. And I am nowhere near as organized as you are. It took so long to get it all up this year, that I'm leaving it up until after I get my mom moved. Then I'll try and follow your good, orderly advice! Love the beverages and the bystanders. Unfortunately, I've only got one. :>( (although I love him dearly).

  13. Great post...I was looking at all I needed to do this I am inspired and have a little skip in my step to conqueror it all

    Happy New Year

  14. I was dreading doing this but you've given me encouragement and a good method! Thanks!
    Oh, and I'm oldish too but have come up with such an orderly system so .......thanks again!!

  15. good tips. this year I only put up wreaths and nativity sets so taking down was easier. I also asked the children to help and they did, almost willingly.

  16. Love this! I'll be doing this tomorrow or Monday. Great tips. I'm going to be stealing some of them. :)


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