Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Perfect Christmas Gift

I have the perfect Christmas present idea. It is good

for anyone


for your neighbors that you hardly know

for your friends that are grieving

for the young couple who just had a baby

for the young couple who just lost their baby

for your college kids

for your wee kids

for your aging parents

for your pastors

for your administrative assistant

even, for your enemies. 

These past few months, I have been re-reading some of my all time favorite books, while I eat lunch and just before I go to sleep. Right now, I am in the middle of Tramp for the Lord, by Corrie Ten Boom.

(If you have not read any of her books before, you will want to start with The Hiding Place, which recounts her families experiences during WWII. They were put in concentration camps for hiding Jews in their home in Holland.)

I am in the middle of her story that takes place after the war. Corrie goes to Germany and buys a former concentration camp and has a home for German refugees of the war.

This morning, Corrie and hymn writer, Fannie Crosby reminded me that the best gift we can give this Christmas is grace, love and kindness

"Down in the human heart, crushed by the tempter,
Feelings lie buried that grace can restore;
Touched by a loving heart, wakened by kindness
Chords that were broken will vibrate once more."

Merry Christmas to you, my dear blogging friends.


  1. Grace, love and kindness...three perfect gifts!

    Merry Christmas to you!

  2. "grace can restore". I love that song. Thanks for giving me a different way of looking at it.

    Looking at it as 3 gifts. My 89 y/o Mom would love this. I'm going to send your post to her.

    Thank you
    Have a blessed Christmas

  3. Merry Christmas to you and your entire family Glenda!! God Bless.

  4. I read The Hiding Place many years ago. It's a book that sticks with you no matter how long it's been since it was read. Many years ago my family sang at a church in town where the special speaker was a lady who worked with Corrie. Talk about interesting, inspiring!!

    Have a very Merry Christmas, my dear Gg!


  5. Merry Christmas to you:)
    Yes...I have been thinking along these lines too
    And it is all free! Jesus is free!
    Praying the watch of His love envelop your home.

  6. Yes, I read her books years ago and loved them. Blessed Merry Christmas to you and your family, Glenda!

  7. So true! Hope you had a great Christmas...and many blessings in 2012!


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