Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sweet Bonnie

Have you had a chance to meet any blogging friends?

Right before my oral surgery and Thanksgiving . . . I tucked in a wonderful treat for myself. I met the lovely Bonnie, of From a Writers Kitchen, for lunch at Whole Foods.

I do not know how you are . . . but I always feels super excited and a little nervous to meet an online friend. But I highly recommend it. Each time that I have had the opportunity . . . it has been WONDERFUL.

Bonnie and I chatted for a couple of hours . . . and I had the feeling we could have gone on all afternoon. While I already knew some things about Bonnie (like we both love Nicolas Mosse pottery from Ireland), there is always more fun things to learn.

My favorite was that Bonnie put in a few years working at the Pentagon. I asked her what September 11 was like for her, since she could picture the building from personal experience.

Thanks, Bonnie, woman extraordinaire, for a wonderful visit. (Sorry for no photo . . . I forgot my camera.)


  1. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet some blogging friends in real life!! Wonderful experiences...all of the them. I would love to meet you someday!


  2. Wonderful! I have not met any blog friends yet other than my sister whom I've, all my life =)

    Since I don't do a lot of traveling, my bloggy friends would have to visit beautiful Lancaster County, PA for me to meet them. Hummmm, now that would be a good time. Let me know when you plan to come, Glenda!


  3. That was such a special meeting--like two old friends running into each other at the grocery store and catching up!! I feel warm and cozy remembering.


  4. I have met several blog friends too and what fun....Bonnie sounds wonderful

  5. Blogging Friends? I didn't realize that you become blogging friends. I read a few blogs (2) of people I've never met. While I love what they write and am interested in their opinion, I feel like I'm looking in the window of their living room. Checking it all out, but they don't notice I'm there.

    What did Bonnie say about September 11th? I think her perspective would be very unique!


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