Tuesday, January 3, 2012

30 things to do in January

We have been talking about all the reasons that I love January. I know that for some of us it is a hard month. So I thought you might enjoy a little jump start, thus ...  30 things to do in January. Are you ready?

1. rest

2. sit by the fire and read a fun January magazine

3. organize your junk drawer

4. read a book to learn something new

5. read a book - just for fun

6. explore a new restaurant

7. do a puzzle

8. go to church 15 minutes early and enjoy the quiet

9. invite a neighbor in for tea

10. write a letter (shocking, I know, but people still enjoy receiving a hand written letter)

11. treat yourself to a delicious hot chocolate

12. enjoy a winter walk

13. pay attention to the beautiful winter sky (I just rearranged our furniture to create my morning quiet time spot in front of our huge dining room windows. I love watching the morning sky change from dark, to dark blue, to light.) 

14. pay attention to the sun ... days are already getting longer (an encouragement for us that live in cold climates)

15. meet a friend at a favorite coffee shop

16. build a snowman (My brother Tim and his gang build an igloo every winter. They even hang a string of twinkle lights. This year, they decided that the day they build it, they are going to have pizza delivered ... to the igloo.)

17. memorize a chapter of the Bible

18. enjoy a scented candle

19. fix simple meals, but set the table every night with a tablecloth and a candle

20. buy warm and cozy merino wool socks

21. start a creative project

22. finish a creative project that you began last year

23. hold hands with your honey

24. watch your top 10 favorite movies

25. make soup

26. hang a string of twinkle lights over a bookcase

27. try a new tea (celestial seasonings chai tea is great)   

28. turn the computer off on the weekends

29. go to bed 30 minutes earlier each night

30. write Lamentations 3:23 and 23 on an index card and read it every morning when you first wake up

Have a wonderful month.

What are your favorite January activities? 

image credit: snowman, fireplace, hot chocolate, winter sky, candles, yarn 


  1. What an awesome list, Glenda! And I have to say that your brother is a champ for building an igloo--amazing! I hate to even admit that I kind of like January for the quiet, reflective time of year it is. Of course, my girls still have to get to school . . . like today! :)

  2. Thanks Glenda, for the great ideas! Jan., Feb., & March are my least favorite months here in the northeast, so I also make a list of goals to keep me moving. I plan on taking a workshop and maybe a few classes. And, plan to get together more with friends for some fun activities.
    Have a great week!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE this list! You even inspired me to write a post this morning. Thank you!!

    I am considering the Good Morning Girls bible study, I am going to St. Louis to visit friends for a week, I may take a class at the community college and I go back to work near the end of the month.

    Thanks again!!!


  4. What a great list. I usually tolerate January....maybe this year I will actually enjoy some of it =)Thanks for your encouragement!

  5. Thanks Glenda! This is a wonderful list.
    Tim may have to freeze ice blocks for an igloo this year, but I'm sure he has a plan.
    Sue Y

  6. Thanks Glenda! This is a wonderful list.
    Tim may have to freeze ice blocks for an igloo this year, but I'm sure he has a plan.
    Sue Y

  7. Your list makes me feel so optimistic and motivated, Glenda! So many fun and simple things to do. Now I see why you love January so! Now...where is our snow??! ;-D


  8. Love this list--I hopped over from Mary B's blog.

    Thank you.

  9. You forgot to mention watching your grandchildren for a week! Although that may conflict with number 1.
    Anne :-)

  10. Great list! I especially like #14 (because I am not a January person! Maybe I just need to give myself permission to sit by a fire, read, and work on a puzzle. Happy New Year, Gg!

  11. I have already been some of these...so I enjoyed this list and thanks for more ideas! No snowman here at this time...we will see if any this year

  12. I thought I would share Ella's list... she read the first few of yours and then I challenged her to come up with her own list. So, here's 30 things to do in January if you are six years old:

    30 things to do in January
    1. Rest
    2. Have fun
    3. Be crafty
    4. Be happy
    5. Drink tea/coffee
    6. Enjoy your food
    7. Hang out with friends
    8. Dress up
    9. Go to school/go to work
    10. Be friendly
    11. Do scrap booking
    12. Take pictures
    13. Watch movies
    14. Do puzzles
    15. Play
    16. Make stuff
    17. Play on the computer
    18. Read stories
    19. Sleep on couch
    20. Hang around
    21. Pick berry
    22. Go fishing
    23. Light a candle
    24. Decorate
    25. Cook delicious food
    26. Play with sister
    27. Get ready for school
    28. Do home work
    29. Paint
    30. Take down the Christmas tree

  13. What a great list!! I have already accomplished a couple of things on your list and I am going to jot down a few more....

  14. Hey Girl! Sorry I took the month of December off. I love the idea of 30 things to do in January. There is not much I love about January unfortunately because we are mega busy at work (I work in the natural gas industry) and I hate cold weather. But I love God and January is the prelude to SUMMER which I love!

  15. well..I just ordered Jesus Creed and am going to read it...I've had lots of hot chocolate lately:) and I LOVE enjoying the winter sky..at all hours of the day...just a few
    popping in to say HI:)

  16. i love your list, glenda, and all your tools for staying happy during a somewhat dreary month...although it's been gorgeous here! i love this because it's doable. thanks, friend!

  17. Guess what!!? The book you recommended (the right one this time!) finally arrived...a couple of days after Christmas!! But I think it's actually good as it gives me the whole year to read it properly. It looks FAB - thank you!

    Happy New Year, my lovely friend.


  18. I'm loving your list! It sounds so much more fun than mine. Hope you enjoy each and every one :)

  19. Hi Glenda,

    Thanks for all those wonderful suggestions. January is not such a bad month after all! :)

  20. I love these ideas especially rest and try a new restaurant.

    Congrats on your weight loss. Yes, not exercising like I should, and blogging instead, did put about five pounds back on me this year. My body actually likes the weight I'm at right now...It's within my range, but on the heavier side of my range. It was my first pre-pregnancy weight, but after having children, I lost to almost "college small again". I prefer my weight and the way my clothes fit six pounds lighter.

  21. Hi Glenda,

    I love January, too (always look forward to it!) and love your suggestions, especially #'s 25, 26, and number 1. (Actually, I like all your ideas.)

    After enjoying one of your Christmas ideas (sit by the tree each night with your spouse and just enjoy it), we are going to purchase a ficus tree and put twinkle lights on it. We just can't bear the empty spot where the Christmas tree was.

    Happy January to you!

  22. Thanks, Glenda! I love this list of things to do in January. Sounds like just the kind of January we need this year.

  23. Really great ideas. This list is really useful cause this weekend with the cold weather we just vegged infront of the tv, next weekend we will try a few things from your list instead!



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