Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pillow Talk

My love language is ... TALK. And I love to get in bed at night for a long cozy talk with my husband. Dave likes to talk too, but he falls asleep the second his head hits the pillow.

A few weeks ago we had this conversation, as I was in bed reading and he was falling asleep.

Sleepy Dave to wide awake Glenda: " Hey babe, I keep forgetting to tell you something. Remind me in the morning to tell you about this book I am reading. It is about  ... pruning and our dating life."

Wide awake Glenda to now almost asleep Dave: "Really Dave, now you have me super curious ... pruning and our dating life? At least give me a little hint."

Dave: "Good night, babe."

PS. Issues with blogger. I have heard from several of you that you have been having problems leaving comments on my blog. I have also been having problems with spacing ... my draft looks perfect ... then when I post it ... blogger changes the spacing and I can not fix it. Come on blogger ... help us out here. (pretty please!)


  1. I am sorry that you have been having problems leaving comments on my blog ... I am hoping that blogger fixes this soon. I miss hearing from you.


  2. Hahaha, it's the other way with us. I can sleep fast, he.... talks while I'm asleep. Let's see if I can post this comment.

  3. Well.... what was the book about? You did to us... ha ha... what Dave did to you... left us hanging. Curious minds would like to know

  4. I am the big sleeper and hubby likes to talk...or aggravate me, one or the other. Did you ever find out what Dave was talking about?

    I have been having problems commenting on a few blogs...I think the problem lies with the particular blog. No other problems on this end.


  5. is the same way with us! My love language is talking before bed. But he falls asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow....I am so curious about what the book is!

  6. I wouldn't have been able to sleep for the rest of the night - or I would have gotten up and rummaged around to find what he'd been reading.

  7. The spacing problem will probably be fixed if you use Google Chrome as your browser. Internet Explorer or Firefox don't work too well with Blogger. Could I ask who did the sketch of you that's in your header? It's adorable.

  8. it depends on the night for me.
    sometimes I am asleep right when my head
    hits the pillow...other night...I talk to God
    for a very long time.
    Good thing about that is He doesn't mind and doesn't
    fall asleep;)
    this made me laugh..loved it
    love YOU

  9. I had a terrible time trying to post when I had very limited time to do so and it has reduced my posts mightily...sort of waiting for the interface problems to go away.

    It is a lovely thing to be able to fall right asleep...and it was a cute way you communicated here the sweet frustration.

  10. I think I might have had to a little pruning of my own to get him to tell me RIGHT THERE THAT SECOND!!

    How could you be so patient?!!



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