Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Solving Problems at ... The Container Store

The day before Christy flew back to England, we made a quick dash into The Container Store, for something she needed. I have driven by that store so many times and was rather afraid to go in ... I love organizational things and did not want to get sucked in.

But this day was perfect ... we were in a big hurry and I had only 10 minutes to do a quick browse. I was not looking for anything in particular, but for under ten dollars, I solved two problems that had been bugging me for ages

Dave likes to keep his keys here 
Our keys now have a happy home here ... which we both like.

Happy home on fridge
My delicious sea salt from Penzeys Spices came in a zip lock bag and it would not zip shut anymore. (Spices were really important and added lots of flavor on my recent diet.) I found an adorable mini canning jar ... perfect.

tiny cuteness
 I wish that all of my issues could be solved for ten dollars at The Container Store.

Do you have a favorite organizational store near you?


  1. "The Container Store" - sure sounds like a fun place! I love little organizing helps. Glad you found some things in even a short visit!

  2. There is a Container Store nearby and I, like you Glenda, have pretty much stayed away! That is because I need quite a bit of storage solutions ( like 3 stacking pull out bins, etc)

    You found a couple of terrific solutions!

    All the Best!

    Art by Karena

  3. I try to keep away from The Container Store because I too love all things organizational. Plus, IKEA is closer and they have lots of fun things!!

  4. I'm a Container Store "groupie"! My first visit to one was in Atlanta. Remind me to tell you of that "adventure" when we next see each other. It is a doozie!


  5. I have only been to the Container Store online and it's ironic, I just ordered a hamper for hubs. I'm sure I could have a field day in there. I love the little salt jar, it's perfect for that little pinch you need. The key holder is very smart!


  6. There are a few problems in life that can only be solved at the container store. :)

  7. We finally got a Container
    Store here about three years's the best!

    xx Suzanne

  8. I love The Container Store. It makes the nerdy organized person in me very happy. Probably too happy. :)

  9. no we dont
    not that i know of
    i could sure use some organization
    right about now ;)

  10. We have a shop called Lakeland in the UK that sells every wonderful thing you can imagine to organise your home - one of those shops where you don't realise what you need until you step right inside!!!


  11. That's great for your keys. I like The Container Store also and go to the one by Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg.

  12. I've heard great things about this store. :) I always learn such helpful tips here. Love this place!


  13. um, yeah. that would be wal-mart -grin-.

  14. Ikea was mine...waaaaa:( Oh well Tjmaxx works too.

  15. we used to live near a container store in California...I miss that place!!

  16. Indianapolis just opened a Container store. I plan on checking it out Friday. I have a list though -- I can get in trouble without a list!


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