Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Three weeks off-line (part two) ~ What I Missed

Three weeks is a long time to be off-line. While I am glad that I chose to leave my lime green computer at home, there were things I missed.

     1. I super missed skyping with Christy in England.

     2. I missed catching up with my on-line friends. This sweet community of women that means so much to me. 
          *how are my friends that are grieving?
          *and those beautiful word girls - what have they been writing?
          *and the creative decorators and idea girls - I bet I missed some wonderful things
          *what have the Soli Sisters been up to?
          * what delicious recipes have I missed and gorgeous photos?
          *and those darling daughters of mine - I wonder if they have been blogging?
           *Sandra, Becky, Pam, Bonnie, Susanne, Shelly, Diana, Tiffini, Cherry, Jen, Alicia ... and the list goes on and on ~ I missed you.
          *And finally, what is the darling Sarah wearing these days in snowy England?

I am a relational girl, so I enjoyed being with loads of friends, face to face, in three different states. But I missed you, dear blogging friends and am glad to be back. Thanks for all that you add to my life.

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  1. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that we missed you too, Glenda. You have created such a lovely community here, but we were a little lost without our leader.

    I can't believe you didn't Skype the whole time you were gone. That's some determination for you. Not sure I could have done that!

    And Sarah looks as cute as ever in her 30 outfits. :)

  2. Helloooooooooo,

    I'm so glad you're really and truly back!! I think I might have felt that I'd lost an arm after THREE WEEKS away!!! You will have to build up your typing muscles again!! ;-)

    Your blog feels like such a haven of calm. I really did miss popping in here.


  3. I missed you too! I know how special it is to reconnect with friends and family face-to-face. So glad you got to do that and for an extended period. By the way, we were without the internet this morning. Come to find out, it was a four-state outage but I was sure I was the only one affected. What to do while sipping my first cup of coffee??!! I ended up cleaning out some files and a large desk drawer. It felt good to be productive when not connected.


  4. Glad you had a wonderful break...missed reading your post. Welcome back.

  5. So glad to have you back...your smiling face has been missed!

  6. I am so glad you are back. You are one of my pulse people and I really missed you and your take on the things. I hope you are well and refreshed. Hugs and blessings...Mary

  7. I missed your encouraging blog, Glenda!! Athough getting to squeak a hi and a hug was definitely encouraging!

  8. So glad you are back...I missed you. In response to you question in Part 1 - yes, I have taken a blogging break before. I loved it. But, I also love getting back to it.

  9. Welcome back sweetie, you were missed.

    It's great ya'll had a wonderful time.

    God bless and have an amazin' day!!!

  10. Taking a break is always really makes you appreciate the community that blogging offers! :)

  11. Wow... three states sounds like so much fun! A nice break like that from the computer I'm sure was very refreshing! Welcome back! :)

  12. Horrors! If i was three weeks offline I think I would need rehab! :^) Just kidding! But I surely will miss all my blog friends!!! Patsy from

  13. I love lime green! Read your led to Christ by Elisabeth cool to have had her as a teacher. Blessings!

  14. Wow! Three weeks is a loooong time! We mIssed you too, sweet one :) welcome back!

  15. So happy to have you online again! Missed you!
    Lime green computer.....I like! Mine is red which I like too =)

  16. Again, I don't think I can say this enough -- I am so glad you are back. God speaks through you in such unique ways through your posts.

  17. I have taken a few blogging breaks and honestly it was very refreshing but I missed it at the same time, just like you. It's wonderful that you took the time off but I'm glad you're back!

  18. So glad you're back, Glenda! However, there are times when each of us needs a break to accomplish some other heart needs.

  19. Welcome back, Glenda! Glad that you enjoyed your time off. I look forward to seeing what all you will share with us in your posts to come.

  20. We missed you, too! Glad you're back, honey.

  21. Well I'd say this is turning out to be a nice little Welcome Back party! ;)

    I typically take a few weeks off in December (at the very least) and love every moment, so I totally respect your need to do the same. It's all part of striving for balance, which is not easy in this digital age, but is entirely possibly when we are led by God and use wisdom.

    SO happy you're back, Glenda.

  22. You are so brave! WOW. 3 weeks : ) I don't know if I could do it. I ADORE your sketch person in the blog header. So much fun : )

  23. And we missed you - so glad to have you back online!

  24. we missed YOU
    but I know it is such a gift to put
    the computer away..and just enjoy living
    I don't know if it possible to go back to before
    all of this technology and I find myself lately
    wishing I could..
    longing for days of quiet with rolling hills of blowing
    grass and blue skies..dotted with fluffy clouds and sun
    shining at just the right temperature to walk for miles and
    talk with our Abba..the dialouge being the only thing on my
    glad to have you back..I am busy trying to sort out my business.
    To much busy is not good for me so I am looking and praying for
    what to do ya

  25. Is your computer really green too?
    Welcome back... I bet you did miss those skype call to England. I haven''t been skyping with my daughter in Europe because she is currently home for a bit. YES.

    Well it will be interesting to see what you have up your green sleeve...or do you pull it out of a green scarf?

    How close to me on the Pacific were you by the way?

  26. And this is what
    blogging : )

    Lovely thoughts, all!

    xx Suzanne


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