Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Drink, Pray, Love

Tea is a big deal at our house ... a very big deal. It makes us happy and reminds us of our many travels to Scotland, Ireland and England. Tea reminds us of our friends there, who taught us how to make a proper cup of tea.

Dave brings me a cup of tea every morning while I am still in bed. (I know, so sweet.) And he makes us tea every night after dinner. (I know, I am super spoiled.) If you popped in for a visit at our house, you would not be here long, before Dave would offer you ... tea.

(Excuse me a minute, as I go put the tea kettle on. One should not write a post about tea ... without drinking some, right?)

In recent weeks, Dave has had some changes at work (good changes) that are keeping him super busy (and happy),
but on the road even more. So we have been talking about ways to be intentional about staying connected.

So, we have changed our evening tea routine. Do not worry. Dave still prepares it. But with our tea, we are setting aside time ... a chunk of time ... to DRINK, PRAY, LOVE.

DRINK ... yes, tea.

PRAY ... for each other, our daughters and Dave's co.workers.

LOVE ... a long cozy chat to catch up with each other.

DRINK, PRAY, LOVE. I recommend it.

ps. I have a friend who started a group called Knit, Pray, Love. That sounds great, too.

How do you stay connected to those you love?

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  1. Glenda, I love this post. It reminds me of the time I spent in your cozy apartment this summer & our day at Bake drinking coffee (which is great too).

    Jenny's going to call on her lunch break in an hour... I can't wait to catch up!

  2. We drink coffee and tea around here. Coffee is our drink of choice. Yes, with caffeine and after dinner. It seems to have a pradoxical effect on us thus making us sleep better. Tea is more of a lovely ritual. Our cupboard contains stashes of good coffee (no flavor) and many teas from around the world. We take our coffee with only half and half and our tea we take differently. I like a splash of milk. The Baker likes lemon.


  3. Hi Glenda - great post, mainly because my tea is a day maker as well. I love how relationship is formed around such simple and enjoyable things such as tea :)
    God bless

  4. Fantastic! I love this. A great reminder about being intentional about relationships, and a very tasty, cozy way to do it.

  5. I must admit that I stay connected with my kids through the wonders of technology. Emails, texts, etc. I can "talk" to them several times a day without interrupting their normal routine. It's wonderful. When I need to hear their voice I call them. My husband will never be known as the great communicator. It's a struggle sometimes but after 30 years I am used to it. I guess the important thing is that I haven't given up trying yet. :o)

  6. Oh, this is perfect:} & I am so privileged to have first hand experience of you 'teaspitality' and there is so much in this little practice.

    Jared and I definitely need a 'drink, pray, love' equivalent...as always, you have such wisdom:}

  7. Well, when you come to my house (sooner or later it *must* happen!!) I know I can offer you tea without you giving me a funny look!!

    I love it that you still make time to have special moments together - so romantic!! I hope we're just like you when our children are grown up.


  8. Also post..and a continued challenge in our family with seven day work schedules and kids schedules...but it must be done to continue to have a good marriage and family

  9. Great post. And ... ik like tea.

  10. I just wrote a long comment and lost it!! Main thing is: It's so sweet that you and Dave have such a great connection. My husband and I share coffee together and catch up as well. It's a busy world and we need time for simple pleasures like this. Sorry I lost the first comment, I expressed myself much better!


  11. You are super spoiled and I love it! We connect every night at the supper table and take some time right after we get into bed most nights. It is so important to connect that way ~ keeps everything fresh.

  12. So sweet...sounds like you have a good man too:) I love this..drink..pray...love...so important to stay connected...blessings to you...enjoy the tea:)

  13. Love this sweet note. And I love tea, too. Though I must now drink caffeine free. So I've moved to herbal almost 100% and Tazo decaf chai is near the top of my list.

  14. Hi there Glenda, I wanted to stop by and say HI and thank you for paying me a visit:) I don't drink tea but I can't start my day without coffee and before that PRAYER and LOVE!

    Enjoy your day and thanks again for your visit! HUGS! Theresa

  15. this is so sweet. i love tea. i love coffee too. there's something about an afternoon cup of tea that is just splendid! i love your idea of your new nighttime tea routine. that's so great!

  16. My husband is working harder and longer these days (also a good and happy thing) and like you, we are making efforts to stay connected. Tea helps us as well! The best evenings are when we both have a cup of hot tea once the boys are in bed and we can talk and relax. I need to insert "pray" in there as well - thanks for the idea.

  17. Glenda, this is such a sweet post, you are truly blessed! I have always said that a good husband is worth way more than the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! No matter how good a relationship is though it's so easy, with the cares of life, to take each other for granted. Thanks for this wonderful reminder to take time! I think I'm going to go fix a cup of tea and take time with the Lord!

  18. Okay, I want to be an official, card-carrying member of Drink, Pray, Love! :-) I adore tea (always decaf!) and drink it every day. {Yum!}

    Sweet Glenda, I would love to sip a cup of tea with you. I guess I SORT OF do, when I sip and read your blog...

    Side note: one of my favorite things to when I visit my sister (who lives far away) is go have afternoon tea at a lovely place nearby. It's always SUCH a treat to sip, eat, and talk together. And it's ALWAYS a treat to visit your blog.

  19. I have never fully committed to tea, but your description of how the ritual is enjoyed in your how has me re-thinking that. We usually reconnect at dinner time. I'm so glad you enjoyed the dessert. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  20. For years I was the
    only tea lover in the
    house, but now we
    all drink it, even my
    13 year old son, who
    likes green tea! My
    hubby and I usually
    have coffee in the
    morning, but switch
    to tea in the afternoons
    if he is working at
    home, and always a
    tea after dinner : )

    Love your precious
    ritual with Dave. When
    Eric is out of town, we
    tend to text a lot about
    small things....makes
    us feel like he is down
    the hall in his office!

    Happy Wednesday,
    xx Suzanne

  21. Your post has motivated me to go make some non-caffeinated tea! It is such a calming experience (I feel closer to God. Relaxed. Content.) I brought back a Chinese tea set when I traveled to Xiamen, China... and it is a constant memory of adventure, fun and relaxation all at the same time.

    As far as what we do to stay connected and in love: My husband is in the army. On "normal" (HA!) days he is a drill sergeant. Right now he is away at Ranger School... So I stay connect by writing to him. We also pray for each other and on the rare occasions that we are actually together, we pray as a couple. The closer we are to God, the closer we are to each other.

    Thanks for this great reminder, Glenda! Now, if you will excuse me-- I gotta drink my tea and write my hubby a letter :-) Blessings!

  22. what a nice thought!!
    Wishing you an relaxing evening enjoying tea!

  23. That sounds like a lovely way to stay connected!! My husband makes my tea in the evenings too. :)

  24. What a sweet husband you have, and what a wonderful way to stay connected! My husband and I have regular date nights; this has been a great help to our relationship. Thanks so much for sharing!

  25. Love it! So sweet. Being intentional will rewards...

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