Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Long Winter's Nap

While Chicago seems small after visiting New York, we still have many places to explore.

Yesterday, Dave had to take some paperwork downtown, so we hopped on the el together. Our destination was the Thompson Center.

The Thompson Center was amazing ... on the inside. Another beautiful building to add to Dave's architectural tour. We did not have time to eat lunch downtown. Sadly, no new additions to Dave's food tour. (come visit us for either of these interesting/yummy tours)

By the time we got home, I hit an unusual wall of tiredness. I brought my favorite pillow to the couch, turned on the television and slept through two episodes of The Waltons. A long two hour winter's nap, indeed. (only in the spring) 

ps. Growing up without television, I had never seen the original showing of The Waltons. When Dave and I got married, (almost 35 years ago) I was teaching first grade. Arriving home from school every day, it was always just in time to watch The Waltons. I watched the whole series that year, just before cooking dinner. (a fond memory)

Do you have a favorite television series?  

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  1. I've been reading a book, and the setting is Chicago...I'd love to visit one day.

  2. Glenda,

    Hope you are doing better... getting out is a good sign!

    So I LOVE the shows from the sixties plus - Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore, That Girl... good wholesome stories! Although I must admit, the show Frasier makes me laugh.


  3. Yes, The Waltons! I made a reference to the Walton's last year and my DIL didn't know what I was talking about. After a little discussion, I found that she really didn't know who they were. I gave her the original movie and the first season of the show for Christmas. The reruns are on at "tea time" here and I've been known to watch an episode or two (and may have caught 40 winks as well).


  4. I love the Waltons! Still enjoy a re-run once in a while. Of course, we now are planning to be like them....Nana and Pop Pop live with son and his family =) So looking forward to that! (praying that we will soon be able to move forward to that needs to find a buyer)

  5. Hey Glenda! I wish I was there to go exploring with you & Dave but we would HAVE to go to Metropolis if I were there. ;)

    All time favorite shows:
    Gilmore Girls (because it reminds me of college. Jenny introduced me to it.)
    Seinfeld & Mad About You

    Current Favorites:
    New Girl & Parenthood

  6. I haven't had television reception (no cable, etc.) for the past six years so I don't even know the names of the current shows. (I rarely watched it the prior year as I was back in school getting my teaching certificate, trying to keep up on the 250+ pages of reading each week for my classes, and simply didn't have time.) However, I do have an old (non-HD) TV and a DVD player that works fine for watching my small collection of movies, which I enjoy from time to time.

    But back in the day when I did watch TV, one of my favorite shows was M*A*S*H. I loved the music they would play (40's swing, etc.) and the dresses Klinger wore--I love the 50's fashions! Which reminds me of another favorite old show, Leave It to Beaver. Ward was always so patient with the boys, and June's dresses, heals and pearls were always impeccable. Maybe someday I'll be just like her!

    Have a wonderful day, Glenda. I miss you.

  7. What a fun little adventure, Glenda--especially the long nap part. :-)

    I don't watch a lot of TV, but I do have a few favorite shows. "Selling New York" is probably my favorite. And I also like "19 Kids and Counting" and "Seinfeld" reruns.

  8. I don't watch a lot of T.V. but when my first child was born I faithfully watched Dark Shadows every afternoon. I was also a huge fan of Inspector Morse whose series was part of BBC Mystery which aired on public television. They killed him off, but I really looked forward to seeing it. Have a great day, Glenda. Blessings...Mary

  9. I loved watching The Waltons! John Boy was always my favorite.

  10. Yep! I can watch Law & Order over and over!!!

  11. I loved the Waltons and feel as though I grew up with them. I also grew up with Laura Ingalls, The Brady Bunch and My Three Sons. We had a little black and white tv that got 3 channels. 4 kids and my parents would gather around every night and watch together. I never wanted bedtime to come. Those memories are so special...thanks for reminding me.

  12. Hi Glenda:

    I would love to visit Chicago some day. My best friend's daughter graduated from Moody last year.

    I enjoyed watching the Walton's. They just don't make good shows like that anymore.


  13. I don't have much time to watch television now days with working and trying to keep up with life but I always love Little House on the Prarie - I guess I'm just an old fashioned girl! Oh, and your nap sounds quite heavenly, any time of the year!
    Have you checked out Garret's popcorn in Chicago - I'd almost walk all the way from North Carolina for a bag of it!

  14. The Waltons is my favorite television show. Visiting your blog today for the first time. I'm now your newest follower. :)

  15. Hi Glenda,

    Sky King and Penny although I don't believe it's ever been in re-runs.
    Sunday afternoon I took a four hour nap; couldn't believe it but my body was, evidently, totally exhausted.

  16. Chicago is such a lovely city. Do I have favorite TV shows? Hmmm....that is like asking me if I eat? Ha! Wonder what decade I should pick from. If you want to go oldie, I'm going to say Bewitched, Bonanza,

  17. I am a living, breathing episode of "I Love Lucy" waiting to happen at all times.

    Most "Me": "The Chocolate Factory" and also when she bought a whole cow not realizing how much meat that would be and had no where to store it

  18. I really love watching The Waltons. So many good things about that show! I have afternoons where I plop myself in my sewing room and watch three episodes in a row and sew to my heart's content.


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