Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Noisy Neighbors

We purchased our first tiny home a few weeks before we got married. Since then we have owned four other homes, in four different cities.

Four years ago, just as the market was beginning to tank, we sold our last home.

We became renters for the first time. First it was our adorable little lake house.

Our patio, NOT our boat

And next our wonderful vintage Chicago apartment.

Having little renting experience, we wondered about noise. (We had heard horror stories.)

We have a darling 1 1/2 year old downstairs neighbor. In the morning before work, and in the evening after work, we hear downstairs noise. It is J (the dad) stomping after E (the toddler), followed by her squeals.

Yes, we hear noise ...delightful happy noise, which we love.

J and S (the mom), are super loving and intentional parents. I love seeing that in this generation.

Speaking of intentional, have you read my friend Shelly's amazing series, Intentional Parenting. You will love it.  

Have a great Wednesday and, I hope you have some happy noise in your life.



  1. I thought back over our life together in rentals. Our first apt. was quiet. Next, a small townhouse while our new home was being built. Another townhouse while searching for a home. All were a pleasant experience. Our last rental was here--a furnished house (actually the realtor moved out and let us move in for four months) that had a "spa" room fully furnished with every imaginable bar item including dozens of bottles of liquors. The neighbors completely ignored us. Apparently the house we were in was the neighborhood problem and they thought we were another bunch of relatives to upset the peace and quiet even more.

    So glad you have such a nice family to share your house with.


  2. Oh you are so sweet! Thanks for the plug. Can't wait to see you this morning!

  3. I'm hearing lots of noise this morning....traffic (we live on a fairly busy county road), farm tractor pulling some not so pleasant smelling stuff (it's springtime in the country!), geese honking, birds singing. It's all good. The house is quiet....I like!

    Have a wonderful day, Glenda!

  4. Yes, lots of noise in the neighborhood with windows open! Birds singing, ambulance alarms from the nearby fire station, a horn that got stuck, lawn mowers and trimmers...mostly, just the chirping of birds and the low drone of traffic passing by a few blocks away.

  5. Sweet post Glenda! I love it when my grandchildren visit - the only time the house is clean is for the first fifteen seconds that they arrive then it is a ghetto but I could care less! I love the sounds of those little sweet voices ringing through the house! Oh and I love your apartment - so lovely!

  6. We have a lot of noise here, too, mostly dogs barking and the occasional car going by. People laughing and walking dogs. I love the city but I also love the sounds of nature (and motorboats} at the lake!

    I'm glad you have lovely neighbors. Little kids make me feel young again!


  7. Glenda,

    Once I lived in a more affluent part of my town - it was peaceful but too much so...
    Now I live on a beautiful main street in the same town and enjoy the passers by... I feel much more alive than on the "hill!"

    Noise - I love it as it makes me feel apart of the world!!


  8. That's so sweet! I love hearing happy children noises!

    And I love the intentional parenting series too!


  9. Sounds like happy noise is the best kind of noise!!! :)

  10. Love your beautiful vintage apartment, Glenda. And like you, I adore hearing happy squeals. We've got plenty of them in our neighborhood, too.

  11. Happy noise is good noise ~ there is nothing better than a child's laughter. Love your apartment ~ they have so much character.

  12. Noise? I got noise. R wrestling with G. E throwing balls at A. A chasing the dog, whom I will call C. C barking at E for beating up G after he was finished wrestling with R. When A, E, and G all leave home it will be just R and I. I will miss the noise!


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