Monday, April 2, 2012

Are you a desk-setter?

Some people speak
and others write.

These are the DESK - SETTERS.

The style they use is what makes them

Where they write is as individual
as what they write.

What they write is as private or
as public as they choose.

How they write tells you everything,
right down to their soul.

Are you a DESK - SETTER?

I am.
(words from A Life of Style by Rebecca Moses)

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  1. I guess I am not a desk setter! but I love all those pictures!!
    happy Monday!

  2. I am not a desk setter. Although I do have an office with a desk and computer.

  3. Count me in your ranks! I need to work on turning by area into something as nice as those in your photos.


  4. I am and now I am thinking I would love a white desk chair one of these days!

    Art by Karena

  5. I am! I have four desks and use them all for different purposes. We call them Desk 1, 2, 3 and four. When home I sit and do various projects about 3 hours a day. Yes, a desk setter.
    Connie Mac

  6. Glenda, now you got me inspired to change up my office, I must say it's a bit boring compared to these lovely pictues! I didn't know I was a desk-setter till I started this crazy blogging thing!

  7. Yes, I am a desk setter! Fun to see the photos of different desk areas!

  8. Minimally, yes. I make it as functional and orderly as possible while it fits into the overall decor...I despise office clutter.

  9. Glenda,

    Yes, I am a desk setter... love my cozy nook.

    My favorite desk setting is in the movie "Something got to give."

    Happy Easter!

  10. If you could see
    where I blog, you
    would really laugh.
    It's a closet! The writing
    is done in spurts and
    fits, on receipts and
    in a little notebook that
    I carry, but the crafting
    pod posts takes place in
    my little nook. Someday
    I will show it on my blog : )

    Happy Easter,
    xx Suzanne

  11. I meant "blog posts!"
    Time to shut down the
    computer : ) Hugs....

  12. I'm a wanna be desk setter. I have a desk and it is MESS:)
    back after a long week of work and looking forward to catching
    Happy Easter my Chicago friend:)

  13. I suspect I am one too, though I work in some might strange places. Have a wonderful Easter. Blessings...Mary


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