Thursday, April 19, 2012

When real blogging life and real life collide (part two)

I love my real blogging life ...

*the wonderful friendships
*the chance to write
*learning from others
*turning on my computer to find more comments
*the ministry that happens through blogging
*receiving lovely e.mails from readers, etc.

I love my real life ...

*evening tea with Dave
*the sweet "Saturday Girls" 
*having grown daughters
*Park Community Church
*holding a two month old (my newest neighbor)
*walking to my favorite coffee shop, etc.

How do I know that my real blogging life and my real life are colliding

*the tendinitis in my left wrist starts to act up
*I want to turn on my computer before I have  my quiet time or kiss my husband good morning
*"just a quick peek" turns into hours (a little addictive), etc. 

So what is a blogging girl to do. As I mentioned in part one, I have been thinking and praying about this for a few weeks. 

Here are my current ideas to help me spend less time on the computer:

1.  I will not turn my computer on until I have had my quiet time (reading the Bible, praying and journaling) and (smile) kissing my husband.

2.  I will be posting two times a week. (one less day)

3.  I am going to read the blogs I really enjoy. For me, I need to be hooked in the first three sentences. (Note to self ~ make my first three sentences count.)

4.  I am saying good bye to my signature "fondly, Glenda." (You already know I am fond of you and it will save a lot of typing.)

5. On Sundays, I am going to stay unplugged.

6. My first priority in leaving comments, (I love leaving comments) will be those that leave comments on my blog. Next leaving comments on posts that I really care about. I am trying to leave a bit shorter comments. (And, pretty please, if you can remove the word verification from your site ... my wrist will thank you.)   

Thanks for all your great comments and ideas. I would love to hear more ...     


  1. i've felt withdrawal not being able to comment--as if i'm ignoring friends who mean a lot to me. yet, i'm not always out there for those around me. it is a unique situation that i mayneed to address someday. i'll keep your wise words in mind. whew, one finger typing is tiring.


  2. Good for you, Glenda; good things all. Every spring, blogging becomes a real challenge for much work - gardens, farm, animals, etc. - and I fall behind. Then, with Dave's death, I fell behind even more as grief is such a selfish visitor; there's nothing left over when grief comes to visit and, grief doesn't know to leave, like a good guest, after three days (lol).
    Number 1 has always been my rule or I'd get on the dratted computer and stay there all day; especially now as it helps with the loneliness. I usually give myself until 9, sometimes 9:30 and then the beasties at the barn are screaming for food.
    I'd noticed you'd dropped the "fondly" and, while missed it, knew you had good reason.
    I'm wearing hand support braces on both hands...sewing, knitting, computer, weeding, planting, horse training, sheep fleeces, etc. takes a toll. It's my life and I love it but it does take a physical toll that leaves pain.
    As to word verification, just this morning, I'd decided to drop that but moderate all comments. There's been a huge increase in s.p.a.m. lately; what a bore so I figure moderation will help.
    Bless you and yours; quiet time with God and then with Dave is way more important than a blog. All too soon, Glenda, all too soon and then the memories.
    love and prayers, Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm
    P. S. And, no, next time I won't write a novel; why do you ask? (LOL)

  3. Glenda,
    Thanks for your good words -- plus the blessings of other's comments.
    Although I don't blog,my facebook addiction needs to follow the same rules. No computer until... quiet time, and study. The kissing will follow because I will be in the kitchen when Dave comes down ready for work! :)
    Sue Y.

  4. I found your blog through Diana's list over at Sarah's place. So helpful to me in two ways. I am always struggling with the time balance thing and I have chronic hand pain.

    I'll be back. Bless you.

  5. Thanks Glenda for posting this! I definitely need to be better about not letting the computer take precedence over other areas of my life. Speaking of that I better get off of here and go get some laundry done!
    -Be Blessed,
    Ashley :-)

  6. Wise woman, you are. I've got to work on this, too. But what I've found is that a whole lot of what I do on the computer IS my quiet time. I find myself praying through so much of what I read, for the people I meet, the situations that come up. And I follow several on line devotional sites and have found them so nourishing and encouraging. But I do get the addictive part and need to work on taking more intentional time away. I miss the "fondly, Glenda" but not enough to urge you to go back to it. Your health is paramount and tendonitis is no fun at all. Thanks for these reflections, Glenda. I'm glad to see you whenever you stop by, that's for sure.

  7. Oh, I'm feeling a bit guilty that I hopped on the computer immediately this morning. Okay, it wasn't really immediately. I'd been lying in bed stressing myself out for 90 minutes before that. Ha. I guess some days the computer is the thing that can quiet the mind so that we can do the quiet activities. I loved that you prayed about your blogging activities so thoughtfully. You inspire me so often. I am going to quickly go do my morning rituals then be wise about my computer activities today and going forward.

  8. All good ideas for little cutbacks, Glenda. Somehow, I've never really been addicted to the internet...I get bored after an hour or two, enjoy skipping a day or two. Also, I never feel that I have anything important to say or post about. Often have thoughts about quitting...malaise?

  9. I agree. I'm going to go to twice a week, too. Good thoughts!!

  10. i am making the no computer before quiet time rule too!

  11. Your method of making lists is a great idea, Glenda. You are able to pinpoint where your time is going (or not). I was really falling behind on my household chores and laundry until I streamlined my blogging time. Now I do it when I have coffee (alone) in the morning and then I make sure that I have a couple of things done before I sit down again. I am trying to lose weight, so it's important that I MOVE as much as possible! And that's hard when you get caught up in blogs. Now I am a little more picky about where I comment and I try to keep my comments a little would never know that here! So, I have cut some corners and I will cut more once I get outside to garden in a few weeks.


  12. Sounds about right Glenda ~ I tend to write 2-3 times a week. I do have my daily visits that I go to all the time and then there are those places I go to when I have more time. I have created a balance and like you are planning to do,tend to only comment on those posts where I know people have taken the time to come over to my place to visit and leave a comment. Of course with the nice weather I tend to post less and only get a chance to sit and read on the week-ends. Working full time sure cuts into my time! I always said that when blogging becomes one more thing on my to-do list will be the day that I stop.

  13. Great thoughts! I have tried to be more conscious of my computer time when I just hanging out at home with Judah. Even if he is playing happily, I certainly don't want him to remember his mom with a computer in front of her face. It is a hard balance to strike! I like rule number one the I just have to figure out HOW to wake earlier than my toddler for morning quiet time!

  14. Glenda, I feel honored that you left such a nice comment on my bird nest napkin rings. I just read your post and I too realize that blogging can consume valuable time. I would love to have you stop by when you can and comment if you are interested in my subject. Take care.------- Shannon

  15. I appreciate so much about this. It's an ongoing conversation I have with myself - always checking to make sure I'm not spending too much time here, at the expense of my husband.

    I agree with Diana about this being something akin to quiet time. The community makes me better with their wise posts, encouraging support, and lively banter. So, lately, I've decided to focus on what Seth Godin would call "my tribe." That's where I begin, and sometimes they lead me to others who make me smile, or think, or stretch. And the stretching grows my faith.

  16. Like Sheila, I found you at Sarah's - we are all together on Diana's list. I have struggled with this ever since I began blogging. I think you've come up with a really balanced approach. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  17. I agree about reading blogs-- If I'm not interested in the first three sentences, I'm out! Something that might help you, I write all my blog posts in one night, and then schedule them to post throughout the week. That week, the rest of my week is free to do whatever. If something happens throughout the week that I want to blog about, I just make a little note of it. Good luck!

  18. I feel so happy today I chose to read your blog, after a long time. This is recognizable! I print it out and follow your example. First quiet time with God and kissing my husband ;-) Thank you very much. You are today a blessing for me

  19. ok so i'm feeling a little convicted about doing a lot of "lurking" on your blog right about now. :-/ I get your new posts in my email and read them all, but seldom comment. I know how you's like, blogging is a fun hobby, but shouldn't consume your life. I love your posts and don't want you to go away!! You bullet points and lists. Your advice is so tangible and useful. I love ya, lady! Anyway, I hope your wrists get a good break and I have been bad about leaving comments lately in general...not just with you. So I will try to be better about that :)

    ps: was in chicago the other day at the airport and had a three hour layover. it was crazy busy! but i was thinking about you and how i was in the same city! i keep having people tell me what amazing museums chicago I'm thinking we need to take a trip there someday :)

  20. Hi lovely,

    Did you know that you can add your signature in every post automatically? Give me a mail if you want to know how!! That's what I do.

    But, that aside, what a lovely post...kisses are DEFINITELY more important than blogging!! And quiet times too. I always think that if I spend too much time blogging then I wob't have anything to blog about!!


  21. so full of good stuff
    how is the chalk paint project coming?
    i still am working on balancing it all...i suppose it is ongoing
    and i am using lowercase to save
    i am commenting and your facebook just came!
    love ya to pieces...i am wanting to comment more. since the business i've not made the time and i miss people so!! all in time
    go kiss your dave...

  22. What an interesting blog you have here! I'm going to take some time to explore for sure. Just so you know, you hooked me in less than three sentences!

  23. This is great.
    With the new magazine my hubby is always asking me if I have sent out the latest subs on Sundays and I am always like NO! I am not working on Sundays - my outgoing email tells everyone that!
    I HATE word verification! I just don't have the time to comment on blogs and the word verification makes me nuts!

    Now, I need to read my Bible before reading blogs too.. I don't have much to say on that. Sigh.

    Bon Weekend!
    Parisienne Farmgirl
    Parisienne Farmgirl Magazine

  24. You are so wise and, I'm sure, very disciplined. I have tried to cut back on computer time. I hate wasting precious time.

    It's a gift, I think, to be able to say so much, as you do, in your short comments!!

    So blessed to have found you =)

  25. Thanks for that honest assessment at how to "balance the scales" of real and virtual life. A necessary reminder as my right hand feels a tightness. Either a Sunday reprieve or a quick education in becoming ambidextrous is in order for me :).

  26. Wonderful ideas all! I spend way too much time reading other peoples blogs (and usually end up feeling a bit discontent with my life and envious of theirs), too much time snooping into the lives of others on Face Book and now WAAAAAAAAAY too much time on Pinterest!!! I am going to follow your lead and take Sunday off. Hopefully it will lead to more~ fewer blogs (excluding yours of course) and giving up face Book all together. And yes even less time pinning away the precious hours I've been given. I thought at one time I wanted to have a blog and even came up with a title and published a first paragraph. Then common sense kicked in and I thought "what the heck are you thinking"?!?! Blogs take a LOT of work and time and what do I have to blog about that anyone would be interested in anyhoo? So THANK YOU Friend for your wonderful blog and I will continue to follow you here (and on Pinterest for a while at least). Blessings.

  27. It's hard to strike a balance isn't it? Especially when you truly love blogging. I feel like I'm walking that fine line all the time. Best of luck to you and I'm sure your husband will love the kisses in the morning. :-)

  28. Oh, I so identify with what you said! My one word for the year is "discipline" and I have had to apply it to my laptop.
    I love blogland just like you, because of all the friendships I have made and faithful prayer warriors God has sent my way. But discipline makes us stronger, right?
    I will pray for that ol' tendinitus to go away!

  29. Thank you for posting this. It’s exactly what I was looking for!

  30. So happy I was able to read this. I have to step back a bit from my blog the last month or so. Writing assignments help keep food on the table--so the blog has been neglected. It is part of my ministry so I do want to spend quality time on it. Your changes will help me in developing my own. I always learn from your wisdom.

  31. Very good. Great ideas for the rest of us.

    The verification thing gets to me also.

    Keep up the good work and I will continue to follow your posts. Do not feel obligated to respond to my comments or posts.

  32. this is such practical, wise advice!
    it's JUST what i have been working on myself.
    a 'quick check' turning into an hour! ugh! that is so me.
    i'm so glad i hopped over here today to read this.
    i really needed it.
    God is so good to do that! :)

  33. Glenda--you put in print a lot of what I've been struggling with, too, as the internet/blogosphere widens.

    My first love affair is to be with my Father and his Word, secondly, my husband. They come first.

    This was good reminder.
    One solution I found was to cut my 'Friends' list on FB in half.
    I found I had way too much useless information when I was logging on for status updates.
    I do want to make the most of the time.

  34. Glenda:

    I too have been pondering the fact that I have spent too much time blogging (and social media in general). I don't visit and comment as much as I once did - it's not that I don't care, but like you, I was letting it interfere with quiet time and other priorities.

    The past nine weeks I was leading a Bible study, and I didn't have as much time to visit. At any rate, I plan to read the blogs I subscribe to in my google reader (and I like the idea you had about the first 2-3 sentences capturing my attention). Then, if I feel led to comment, I can go to the blog.

    Well, sorry for such a long comment, but thank you for your post. It helped me to put some things in perspective.

    And a big YES to turning off the word verification!

  35. Good ideas here, I agree about the word verification! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I'm following you back. I hope you have a great week!

  36. I so agree with everything you said here. I've almost quit blogging several times, but found that the dear friends I've made here were VERY important and played a big role in my Christian walk and were very much a part of my "support group" as were the "real" people in my life. I think it is easier to set boundaries when we are dealing with our concrete, real, what we can see lives. This computer-internet thing is a hard thing to set boundaries with -- it doesn't answer back, it's already in the house, and it's one-sided with the boundary setting (all up to US!) I find it hard. Your goals here are good ones, and I may just follow all your suggestions. Instead of posting so many times, posting fewer times and making them REALLY good, important ones. And I second the suggestion: TURN OFF THE WORD VERIFICATION!

  37. Dear Glenda, Blogging is such a wonderful experience. The world opens. I couldn't imagine when I began blogging how positive an enjoyable it would be. Blessings dear. Catherine xo

  38. Great ideas, all!
    I have implemented
    a few of those already,
    even though they were
    not conscious "rules,"
    albeit, self-imposed rules.
    Less posting, connecting
    first with those who most
    obviously want to connect
    with me...

    I had to chuckle about
    shortening your greeting.
    Precious seconds, and
    seconds become minutes,
    then hours, right?

  39. Oops...hit publish
    before I could leave
    you with an xo!


  40. I know how hard it is to balance the real life and blogging. It sounds like you have a great plan! I hope you are able to stick with it.

  41. These are great ideas! I especially like #1. I have fallen into staying up late to blog and thus have begun getting up later. The result is no goodbye kiss before hubby goes to work. I have felt bad about it this week and you just gave me the kick in the pants I needed. Thank you!

  42. this was convicting in all the best ways....
    It is all soooo time consuming.
    I've had to cut back the amount of posts and the amount of flittering around I do to other has all become too much in this season.

    I needed this gentle reminder to make sure I'm spending more time with the my family than I am on blogging.

    thanks, Glenda!!


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