Monday, April 16, 2012

When real life and real blogging collide (part one)

I really love blogging. But sometimes my real life just gets in the way. I know this happens to you, too.

First, it was the lovely Suzanne at Privet & Holly, who wrote a beautiful thought provoking post "The Eyes Have It"

Developing eye strain made Suzanne wonder if she was ready for a little blogging break. (For me, it is tendinitis in my left wrist.)

 If that was not enough, the lovely Shelly at Life on the Wild Side wrote an intriguing post "Digitally Distracted."

For Shelly, it began at the campus where she teaches, with students tweeting during chapel. Then she applied it to her own life.

Thanks, Suzanne and Shelly. Really! I have been mulling and thinking and praying over these same issues.

My real blogging life has been colliding with my real life. And, this is good news for me, since it means I am finally creating a real life, eighteen months into my move from Seattle to Chicago. (yeah)

How do I now find balance? Come back Thursday and I will share my solutions ... at least for now, for me. You are welcome to join in this important discussion. We can learn from each other.

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  1. It's all hard to balance but pacing myself with blogging has worked for me. Rather than sit down for an hour or two, I snatch a half hour here and there throughout the day. I was experiencing some eye strain, too, switching from the computer to books to closed caption on the TV {I am hearing impaired}. It's a lot of reading in one day!

    Looking forward to your next post!


  2. My reasons are of the burnt out variety.

    Looking forward to your take though.


  3. Count me in...can't wait to read your insights. You always have such wise words to share!

  4. Hi Glenda, nice to meet you! Thank you for your visit to my blog & nice comment on my IA challenge piece. I'll be visiting again to read more of your interesting posts.

  5. Great post...I think I have found my balance, after being off balanced in the blog world...and I have watched others find theirs least for the ones where it isn't there business. I also think God allowed it for a while because there was some things He wanted to teach me through blogging. Well I will watch for Thursday

  6. Hi, Glenda. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. I look forward to reading yours as well!

  7. I am excited to read on Thursday!! I end up making all these rules for myself and then end up breaking them. I feel like I need a more global way of thinking about this.

  8. Awwww, you are so sweet. I'm glad to pass along all my bloggy angst to you--ha! It's something I constantly struggle with, so I'll be glad to read your thoughts on Thursday. xoxo

  9. My eyes totally tell me I'm on the computer too much. :) Sometimes doesn't it sound lovely to dump all the technology and go back to letters & rotary telephones and visiting your neighbor over the fence? Thanks for the inspiration to think about my technology use more closely.

  10. My eyes have been telling me the same as you all, which is why I'm trying to lay off a bit, but it's so much fun.

  11. Forgot to mention that I hopped over from UBP. Thank you for stopping by Inspirations by D, I enjoyed having you over. Happy Monday!

  12. This is so very true. When do ya know enough is enough??? I find myself settin' a timer like you would with a youngen at a video game so I won't get too carried away.

    I so enjoy my online blogsisters and was quite surprised at the marvelous outreach tool the blogs are but it can soooo eat up ones precious time. I'm lookin' forward to seein' your solutions!

    God bless ya sweetie and have a glorious week!! :o)

  13. I find that if I don't have a real life then I have nothing to blog about. When we lived in Russia my time online was limited to two hours a day. But now my evenings can get entirely swallowed up with internet time. I have found myself stepping back and that is a good thing.

  14. Looking forward to hearing your solutions. I've been working to find a better balance for blogging and other writing that I do (and all of regular life as well:).

  15. It really is about finding that right balance. Looking forward to hearing how you are finding it! :)

  16. I absolutely love the caricature in the white it.


  17. Great topic! I'm going to come back on Thursday!

  18. Randomly came across your blog and had to say hi- what a wonderful feel this site of yours has! Happy to have found you and can't wait to read more... off to check out some previous posts! Have a wonderful week, sugar! xo

  19. Glenda,

    I don't write a blog--who wants to read about life in your 50's, post-divorce? But I still find it difficult to balance my life with work, church (including Celebrate Recovery), health issues, hobbies, and family. That's even more difficult now that they're all on their own, even just keeping in touch--thank God for Facebook!

    I find I have SO MANY things I WANT to do, but I often don't have the energy when I have the time. And of course, the opposite is true as well--enough energy but no time. And now I have one more thing to try to fit in the mix: being an active Grandma to my new grandson! But as in all things, I know God will make a way.

  20. Just stopping by from Blog Hop today! I love your blog! It is so cute! My blog

  21. Ohh I will be back Thursday... at times I struggle to figure out what my place is and how I want to do this whole blog thing. :)

  22. Would love to hear more on balancing blogging and real life! :) I will have to stop back & see. Happy to hear you are developing a new real life after such a big move! That can be tough.

  23. I have found it so hard to find the right balance between real life and blogging life. I know they intersect (and they should), but that perfect balance lined is elusive to catch. And as soon as I find it, it shifts. :-)

  24. Stopping by from the Monday Meet-Up! So eloquently written and true!

    Thanks for posting!


  25. I sometimes like the colliding, but other times I'm too strained at trying to pull either way.

    But I prefer living, but then live people are in the computer :)

    Thanks for visiting with me.

  26. Hello Glenda, I think I'll join you with that cuppa... hot tea, milk and sugar. I love Blogging also and all the wonderful friends I have made. Many are so far away in other lands yet so close to the heart through this unique world... Hugs

  27. "My real blogging life has been colliding with my real life." I love when things collide and compliment one another. Don't really like when they collide and crash. :)

  28. Such a fun discussion...I've been thinking lately about what seems to be a malaise in blogging...posting is down, comments are fewer, energy has gone out of it. People seem to be distracted by other social media, paying less attention to their blogs. Oops, here comes another "blog break", ducking out for whatever reason. ...they were having a huge discussion about it over at KLUDGYMOM...

  29. I have been wrestling with the same thing
    Working on finding a balance that works for me
    Can't wait to hear yours
    At least in the hospital I have some down time to visit;)
    Thank you for loving on us

  30. What? What? Don't leave us hanging like this Glenda!

  31. My Mother taught me wisely;
    "everything in moderation"
    "practice makes perfect"
    "don't put of tomorrow what you can do today"
    I think all of the above and setting a time limit really help.....
    Getting out with nature also makes me so happy!

  32. Glenda, thanks for this post. I was also convicted about this just yesterday in my quiet time. The attribute of God I most desire is balance! I appreciate being able to come here and glean wisdom from someone who has walked ahead of me just a little bit. Thank you for who you are & what you write.

  33. I think we've been thinking along the same lines! :)

  34. Glenda, I CANNOT
    wait to see what
    words of wisdom
    you will impart later
    in the week. Having
    stepped away for spring
    break and then for my
    birthday week, for the
    most part, I can see that
    balance is in order. And,
    I finally have my eye doc
    appointment, tomorrow!!
    We'll see how he weighs
    in on things.....


  35. I look forward to reading your thoughts! I do most of my blogging early in the morning or after the children go to bed, while my husband takes the dog for a walk. It doesn't always work out perfectly. I also try to preschedule posts.

    The thing that gets me is responding to comments and visiting other blogs. I realize that not everyone does both. When it comes to comments, I feel like if I'm going to invite you into my home, I should enjoy some conversation with you. Besides, I just think you're all so nice. I want to tell you so! What's a girl to do?

  36. Great thought Glenda - I love blogging so much and blogging and my real life do collide. It is all about balance at the end of the day. Great post
    God bless

  37. Glenda, you're so right, blogging can end up consuming so much time and also becoming an idol. God is teaching me to discipline my time, always putting him first and also my family. Sometimes that makes my sleep a bit short so I have to somehow work that one in to the equation also :).

  38. I go back and forth on the whole blogging conundrum. Can't quite seem to pull myself away from it completely but I've scaled back - especially this year when I've gone back to school as a middle aged college student. I'm happy to see my life outside blogging developing the same way that you mention. I think it is much healthier in the long run...

  39. Hi, Glenda......can't wait to read your next post. Sounds like a lot of us are being stirred with this same issue!

  40. I have wrist strain from my new ipad. I didn't realize I was holding it a slightly awkward way until my wrist went: youch!

  41. I've had the same concerns and due to some distressing events in my life I took a leave from blogging for about 3 months.

    I decided at the end of 2011 that I watched too much TV. Too much Facebook. Too much texting. Too much e-mailing.

    So since the beginning of January 2012, I've read at least 30 books and am reading the Bible through. This does not count the books on blogging and writing that I've read.

    I've learned so much with my readings. I think it will help my blogging. I no longer feel that I need to blog several times a week. Maybe once a week or every other week.

    I'm looking forward to see what you are planning. Maybe it will make me change my mind.

  42. ok, that's it.
    i have total eye strain and i am only 33 years old.
    it HAS to be from the computer.
    wow! God is totally using this to teach me something.
    thank you so much.

  43. Ive been forced to take a break due to a grueling baseball schedule - am learning to love drowning... in REAL LIFE!


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